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How To Post Images On Soompi?

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Guest jessecue

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How to post images

*images must already be uploaded somewhere before posting*

Click the “Insert other media” button on the bottom right of the editor, and click “Insert image from URL”

 photo 1_zpsf5wi3jer.png



Tip: When posting images from sites like Photobucket, be sure to remove the excess characters after the .jpg or .png before adding it to the post.

Tip: Use the functions in the editor instead of bbcode to get a true preview of your post (once all the color & font issues are resolved :P)


Alternative way to post pictures:

Right click on image, select ‘Copy Image’, and press ‘Ctrl+V’.


Original question:

i know this is a dumb question...im a comp idiot...

hey soz if this topic has already been made or if it's really stupid....

but just wondering...can you actually post images straight from your computer or do you have to enter the URL of an image that is already online? (um i dun really know how to post an image online either....) so can someone please help? Thanks :)~

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test  Edit: Guys, for pictures from your computer/laptop, you need to upload to photobucket. You can resize the images there. The URL you need to copy is the "direct url" at the side of the

Test, does it come up though...?  

Guest crazy4ken

uhm, you have to upload your pictures in an image hosting site. i suggest tinypic.com. get the url that starts from http.

when you reply here in soompi, there's this insert image button right? paste the url there.

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Guest yeongweonhi02stary

hey soompiers!

i tried pressing insert pictures, and i followed and put the link in the box..

but they said smth like the urls can't have %7Boption%7D

help? :D

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Guest loikyish.

Your link has to start with the http:// not with the %7Boption%7D if you use the Insert Image button in the post settings. But you can post the BBCode which looks like this (minus the spaces) [i M G]http://linkhere[ / I M G] directly.

Also, if you are using photobucket copy the URL in the Direct Link box and then paste it after you click the Insert Image button here in soompi post settings. Or copy the URL from the IMG Code box and paste it directly to your post. :)

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Guest kim8983

Hi, i tried to post a picture using the "insert image" button, but it said "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board. A valid format is: http://www.domain.com/picture.gif, an invalid format is: http://www.domain.com/picture.one.gif"

so, I tried looking for pictures that had that format with .gif at the end, but I coudn't find any. If I wanted to post the picture with the URL http://www.flickr.com/photos/tina-dinh/3998861863, how would I do that? Thanks. :)

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^ If you want to post a picture in your post then you don't necessary have to have a gif file. Any picture file will do (as far as I know). The link you posted from flickr doesn't work if you just have the link that way though. You need to have a link that ends with .jpg or .png for example.

Go to your link with the Jaebeom picture and right click on the picture. Click on properties and copy the url. Put the url between these tags: (IMG) and (/IMG) and the picture should show up. -Change ( ) to [ ]-

For example:

(img) your url (/img)

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