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Lagoon Engine

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Guest ~fantasygurl~

The two main protagonists of the manga are named Yen (also pronounced "En") and Jin. Their surname is Ragun. When put in a certain order (Ragun Yen Jin) it sounds like 'Lagoon Engine'.
Yen and Jin appear in a brief cameo in Volume 9 of D.N. Angel, another manga by Yukiru Sugisaki.(Stage 3. Part 4)

Lagoon Engine is a manga by Yukiru Sugisaki, which is a supposedly pre-story of Lagoon Engine Einsatz.

It features two main characters: 12 year old Yen Ragun, and his little 11 year old brother - Jin Ragun. While Yen Ragun is intelligent, calm, and thinks tactically, Jin is hotheaded and rushes into battle.

The Ragun family is dedicated to defeating ghosts, evil spirits, etc. - all known as 'Maga' Yen and Jin just happen to the successors of the family, and they have to fight Maga too. In short: Yen and Jin are Gakushi.

Both Yen and Jin have Maga - though not evil maga. Yen's Maga is called Koga, while Jin's maga is named Sora. Koga is good with gathering information, analyzing, and remembering things, though he's extremely bad at attacking. On the other hand, Sora has NO intellectual power whatsoever, but his attack power is painstakingly high.


The Gakushi of the Ragun family fight off maga (as they are Gakushi) - or evil spirits, ghosts, etc. In a battle, it all comes down to finding out the name of the opponent. Doing so will give you yuusei - or superiority in battle.

How Gakushi-Maga battles work

When Gakushi fight maga, they must create a barrier. Within the barrier, the two opposing beings cannot see each other, and they don't know each other's names. When they guess the opponent's name correctly, they can clearly 'see' the maga. Their attack power will be at 100 percent, and the other side's attacks are ineffective. This is what yuusei is.

As a result, each side must keep their names from the other as much as possible.

Gakushi have their own names too - not names that their parents gave to them, but their own names. They never give any clues about their names. This is called an Omi name. No one but themselves know their omi name.

Yen and Jin basically get tasks from their father to complete which usually involve fighting maga.

Kamen Kugutsushi

The enemy of the gakushi. Gakushi cause maga to calm down to become their allies instead of causing chaos and destruction. The Kamen Kugutsushi are just the opposite. They stir up the maga, causing them to become angry and cause uproar. They have stolen nineteen of the books that maga have been sealed in. So far in the series, one has been destroyed, so there are eighteen left. Will Yen and Jin find them?


Yen Ragun (等軍焔, Yen Ragun?) is one of the main protagonists in the show. He's intelligent, and good with making inferences, as is his maga. He's a good gakushi and often teams up with his brother while fighting maga. As a perception type, he can understand Maga. As shown in the second book, he hates slimy things, so he hates natto (fermented soybeans).

Jin Ragun (等軍陣, Jin Ragun?) is the other main protagonist in the show. He is the younger brother of Yen Ragun, and is almost the complete opposite of the former! He's hotheaded and rash - and seemingly not very bright either. However, he's still loyal to his brother, and loves him very much. He is also almost never quiet. He hates peppers.

Ayato Housui (峰水綾と, Ayato Housui?) is related to the Ragun brothers. He, apparently, is the son of the Ragun brothers' mother's sister (Therefore, he is their cousin). He knows of the Ragun brothers being Gakushi, and doesn't seem to be bothered by it very much at all. He's rather quiet and polite. One of his more frequent nicknames is "Aya-chan".

Miki Kirishima... is a girl in Yen's class who has not attended school for two years because of a deadly disease that causes her to be confined to a hospital. Her dead dog, Tom, was lead back to her by Yen and Jin, and is slowly becoming a maga. Yen thinks that she will become a Gakushi.

Erei Moribayashi... is a friend of the Ragun brothers. She's loud, and rather hotheaded. She doesn't seem to know of the Ragun brothers being Gakushi. She seems to have taken a liking to Ayato.

Shintaro Nagasaku... he's twenty-eight, single, and works as an editor for Yen and Jin's mother. He seems to live at the household, and is rather strange. In fact, he likes to wear skirts.

Akane Ragun (Mari)... is a very popular author. Her works never meet the deadline, but the books still end up being ridiculously popular. Although her true name is 'Akane Ragun', it seems that her penname is 'Akane Mari'. She's the mother of Yen and Jin.

Hideaki Ragun... is the husband of Akane Mari and the father of the Ragun brothers. He's a very experienced Gakushi, and extremely powerful.

Suguru Mikami... is a gakushi of the Mikami. The Mikami is a 'branch' of the Ragun. He may appear to be the silent type at first - appearing strong, cool and collective - but that's not all that there is to him. He hates being called a branch and hates Jin for calling him that. Besides that, it is very possible for Suguru to be nerve-wracked.

Koga (Maga) is Yen's maga companion. Koga cares for Yen very much, and reflects on Yen: Koga is intelligent, and makes a good team with Sora - Jin's maga. However, Koga lacks in attacking.

Sora (Maga) is Jin's maga, and also seems to have as much energy as Jin. Sora has NO intellectual power whatsoever, but his attack power is ridiculously high.

Shinno Zai... is assumed to be a Kamen Kugutsushi, which is the enemy of the Gakushi. He attends the same school as Ayato, although Ayato has no idea that Shinno is Yen and Jin's enemy. Not much is known about Shinno.

Hodou... is assumed to be Shinno's servant. He calls Shinno master and does his bidding. He attends the same school as Ayato as well. Not much his known about Hodou, either.

Lagoon Engine was made by Yukiru Sugisaki, the successful creator of several other successful anime/manga. Sugisaku is probably most well known for D.N.Angel and Candidate for Goddess.

Retrieved from "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagoon_Engine" <--credits to them ^^


that was a LONG summary blah blah...hahaha i was too lazy to make the summary image
i got interested in this manga who know how old it is now and to tell the truth i haven't even read the manga yet and why am i making this topic u are wondering......caz i couldn't find this anywhere i look in soompi!! image

Volumes: 7 (Hiatus) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=4508Published by: Tokyopop (up to 6 vol)



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