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Official Miura Haruma ♥ 三浦春馬 Thread

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Tell me please what is the religion of Haruma-san? and if you can show the link please. I look for the information but I have a doubt is it true.

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Guest xxesmyxx

does anyone know where can i download kimi ni todoke?

You can download it here: http://kiminitodokelove.tumblr.com/

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Guest _Gigi_

I Saw Him In 14 Years Old Mother.....then i Watch Bloody Monday...and I couldn't reconize him at all....O_O it was like 2-3 years away from "14 Years Old Mother"...He's Like 5 Years Older than me...I Saw Him on Gokusen 3 too he was awesome. He's an pretty good actor. 

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Guest blackvelvetfever

This thread is so dead :|

It's been a very long while since I've been back here xD

Btw, for those who don't know, Haruma's new movie Tokyo Park (東京公園) will be out this Saturday 18th June! :)

| Tokyo Park official website



& here is the synopsis (taken from renixtoJPA@youtube.com)

Based on a novel by Yukiya Shoji, the film stars Haruma Miura as a college student and aspiring photographer named Koji. One day, while Koji is taking pictures of families in a Tokyo park, a man (Hiroshi Takahashi) suddenly appears within his camera's view and interrupts his shot. However, he's later contacted by the man with an odd request. Without revealing the purpose of the job, he asks Koji to take photographs of a woman (Haruka Igawa) who walks through the park with her young daughter. Koji agrees, but the strange task leads to changes in the relationships he has with the women in his life.

Those women include a longtime friend that Koji can talk to about anything (Nana Eikura) and his step-sister (Manami Konishi), who offers both kindness and firm encouragement when he needs it. As Koji photographs the new third woman in his life, he feels as if she reminds him of someone from a distant memory.

Showgate will be releasing "Tokyo Koen" in Japan on June 18, 2011.

plot by nipponcinema


Here's also another article that you may like to read about the movie/Haruma himself.



On June 2nd, actor Miura Haruma appeared at a press conference to announce that the filming of upcoming movie “Tokyo Kouen” had been completed.

The movie is a love story that weaves together the lives of several acquaintances, and Miura plays the main character who stares at co-stars Eikura Nana, Konishi Manami, and Igawa Ayaka through a camera lens.

When asked what he thought of his co-stars, he laughed shyly and said, “I’m not good at answering this type of question…”. Looking for help from director Aoyama Shinji, he blushed and added, “I wasn’t able to look them in the eye…“.

The movie is based on author Shoji Yukiya’s novel of the same title, and was made into a movie by director Aoyama Shinji, who is an award-winning author himself.

Main character Koji (Miura) is an aspiring cameraman, after the influence of his mother who died when he was young. One day he is approached by a man who says, “I want you to follow my girlfriend and take pictures of her”. After accepting the offer, he is forced to face his true self, as well as the women in his life.

About the creation of his character, Miura explained, “Out of all the characters I’ve played so far, this one is the closest to my own personality. He’s a social person, but he does it at his own pace. I found this character interesting and wanted to play him because I thought he might have some dark secrets of his own.”

Konishi, who plays Koji’s step-sister Misaki, said happily, “I don’t have a younger brother, so I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to speak naturally with him, but it actually turned out well. I was surprised.”

Miura had been “very anxious” about acting under the direction of Director Aoyama. “There was such a good mood at the set that I continually put off memorizing the script. On the last day, there was a scene where I had a lot of lines. We were able to film it in one take, and Mr. Aoyama said, ‘That was great!’. He had never complimented me before, so I really took his words to heart. It boosted my confidence.”

Eikura plays Koji’s childhood friend Tominaga, and Igawa plays Yurika, a woman who reminds Koji of a person from his past.

“Tokyo Kouen” opens nationwide on June 18th.


I can't wait to see the movie, even though the synopsis isn't doing much for me... I only want to see Haruchan! xD

Also he'll be starring in:

  • A sequel of the 2007 film Unfair the movie, called Unfair the answer.
    Apparently the filming has already finished on April 21st and is setting for a release on September 17th 2011. (source)
  • An upcoming TV Asahi (and to-date untitled) drama in July.
    For more info + a brief outline of the drama & Haruchan's character, click here

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Guest monkeyshinobi

omg i love him! I first saw 14 Sai No Haha, and wow he's really cute with Shida Mirai! XD Bloody Monday was just awesome~ Gokusen 3 was good, and Taisetsu (insert rest of title) was a more mature role for him, his character was kinda...annoying and indecisive though, but he portrayed his character well. Koizora...omg so sad. T__T

Definitely Bloody Monday and 14 Sai No Haha were my favorites out of all his dramas. I realllyyyy want to watch the Kimi Ni Todoke movie, I love the manga for that XD

ahhh can't wait for his newer projects!

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Guest blackvelvetfever

^ I agree with you about his character as Shuji in Taisetsu na koto...

He was indeed very indecisive and annoying, and I really disliked his teacher-hair do xD

But I guess it was in the script for his character to be like that.

He really portrays all of his characters really well! :wub:

And you really have to see Kimi ni Todoke. It was so cute, and Haruma was so cute in the movie too *fangirl squeal* LOL

New article from Tokyohive about the Tokyo Park movie, that opened today ^_^

Miura Haruma talks about his long kiss scene with Konishi Manami!


A stage greeting for the movie “Tokyo Koen” was held on June 18th in Shinjuku, and actor Miura Haruma and actresses Eikura Nana, Konishi Manami, and Igawa Haruka appeared on stage with director Aoyama Shinji.

Miura’s role, Koji, is that of a college student who dreams of becoming a photographer. He receives a request to follow a client’s girlfriend (Igawa Haruka), and as a result, Koji’s relationship with his friend’s ex-girlfriend (Eikura Nana) and his step-sister (Konishi Manami) takes an interesting turn.

Regarding his kiss scene with Konishi, Miura said, “I wondered if it was okay to have such a long kiss scene with my sister. When I see my kiss scene on the big screen, I get chills and start sweating. But when I saw it twice, it was just right. It’s Aoyama-san’s magic.

“Tokyo Koen” is now playing on 33 screens nationwide.

Source: Movie Walker

Photo: Eiga

He had a new haircut! Hehehe. It reminds me of Song Joong Ki's haircut xD

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Guest lady_aizawa

haruma new drama- hi wa mata noboru


trailer: trailer 4

Date: From 9.00 p.m., Thursdays, 21 July 2011

Station: TV Asahi

Cast: Sato Koichi, Miura Haruma, Ikematsu Sousuke, Namioka Kazuki,  Takahashi Tsutomu, Minami Keisuke, Tomiura Satoshi, Saito Yuki, Kitamura  Tomohiko, YOU, Rokaku Seiji, ARATA, Ishino Mako, Maya Miki, Hashizume  Isao

Synopsis: Detective Tono Kazuyuki (Sato Koichi) of the Tokyo  Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division resigns to take  responsibility. However, he gets an appointment letter which he is  unprepared for. It is to become an instructor at the police academy! It  is a useless role in the classroom involving armchair theories about the  many violent criminals. Tono, who has thus far used seemingly  unorthodox measures to arrest criminals in investigations he obssessed  over, assesses better than anyone else that he is least suited to be an  instructor .Awaiting him at the police academy he goes to as a new  instructor are the naive young people of today who are attracted by the  stability of being a civil servant and the cool uniform, particularly  the trainee, Miyata Eiji (Miura Haruma), who handles everything  tactfully. He is smart, good at sports and popular with both genders,  but he has neither encountered hardships nor setbacks, and has nimbly  made his way through an innocuous life. In fact, Miyata’s way of life is  far from the qualities of a police officer who protects the lives and  possessions of citizens.

Website: http://www.tv-asahi....hiwamatanoboru/

The drama will start with detective Toono Kazuyuki (played by Sato)  being transferred to a police academy as a teacher. Miura will play  Miyata Eiji, a student at the academy who has led a smart life without  having to face difficulties or failures. The drama will focus on the  interactions between Toono and his young students, as well as an  unsolved case from Toono's detective days.
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Guest hanako64

Just watched Kimi ni Tokode, he was really great. I think his appeal is that he is so darned cute and talented...and of course his characters are chivalrous. His smile appears sincere-always with his eyes, not like some other actors (Yon sama). Anyone agree?

Must admit, he is much younger than me, but I still find him very cute *blush*

I wish him success in his long career.

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The fact that he's played so many roles that are different from each other makes me love him even more! You can tell he takes his acting very seriously, but he has fun at the same time. I always look forward to his next projects!

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Guest haruma_suju15

I'm new to this site but I've been lurking this forum for a while. I completely ADORE this guy!! I bought two of his photobooks last summer (cost me around $60)!! I couldn't find Tabun, though. I guess it's to old...oAo

I've been avidly watching Hi wa Mata Noboru and am anxiously awaiting the subs for episode 07. >///< Also can't wait to see Tokyo Kouen. I heard he has a strange scene with his stepsister. (For those who read the TokyoHive article--you know.)

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Guest HeeChiiyan

I've been his fan since I watched Gokusen3 and that was like the very first drama I've watched that his on. Gosh, I really like him! :)

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