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Official Miura Haruma ♥ 三浦春馬 Thread

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update: Shiseido Uno ad, new fall drama!Name: 三浦春馬


Name (romaji): Miura Haruma
Profession: Actor and singer
Birthdate: 1990-Apr-05
Birthplace: Ibaraki, Japan
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Star sign: Aries
Blood type: AB
Talent agency: Amuse (http://www.amuse.co.jp)
Offical Site || Offical Profile

- [NHK] Agri あぐり as Shoutarou

- [TV Asahi] Doyo Wide Gekijo - 土曜ワイド劇場 Saturday Night at the Theater as Ichitaro Wakui

- [TBS] Sleep in the Rain - 雨に眠れ as Keita Nakahara
- [TBS] Manatsu no Merry Christmas - 真夏のメリークリスマス (Merry Christmas in Summer) as Young Ryo Kinomini coopera

- [NHK] Musashi 武蔵 as Jotaro

- [Fuji TV] Division 1 Aozora Koi Hoshi (Stage 11) - ディビジョン1 青空恋星 (Division 1 Blue Sky Love Star) as Keita Ishikawa
- [NHK] Fight ファイト as Kiyoshi Okabe
- [TBS] Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu - いま、会いにゆきます (I'm Coming to See You) as Akihiro Kudou

- [Fuji TV] Unfair アンフェア as Yutaka Saitō
- [NHK] Komyo ga Tsuji - 功名が辻 - (Tsuji is Lucky)
- [WOWOW Children] チルドレン as Shirou Kihara
- [NTV] 14 Sai no Haha 14才の母 (14-year-old Mother) as Satoshi Kirino

- [NTV] Binbō Danshi - 貧乏男子 (Poor Boy) as Ryo Shiraishi
- [NTV] Gokusen 3 - ごくせん 3 as Ren Kazama
- [Fuji] TV Galileo SP ガリレオΦ(エピソードゼロ) (Galileo: Episode Zero) as Young Manabu
- [TBS] Bloody Monday ブラッディ・マンデイ as Fujimaru Takagi

- [NTV] Gokusen 3 Special - ごくせん 3 as Ren Kazama


Nile ナイル (Nairu) as Umi Nishiyama
Jubaku Spellbound 金融腐食列島~呪縛~ Kinyuu Fushoku Rettou ~Jubaku~ as Kouichi Kitano

Thousand Years of Love: The Tale of Shining Genji 千年の恋~ひかる源氏物語~ (Sennen no Koi ~Hikaru Genji Monogatari~)

The School in the Woods 森の学校 (Mori no Gakkō) as Masao Kawai

Catch A Wave キャッチ ア ウェーブ (Kyachi A Wēbu) as Taiyou Sasaki
Akihabara@DEEP アキハバラ@DEEP (Akihabara Atto Dīpu) as Izumu

Sky of Love 恋空 (Koizora) as Hiroki Sakurai, "Hiro"
Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge ネガティブハッピー・チェーンソーエッヂ (Negatibu Happii Chēnsō) as Ejji Noto

Naoko 奈緒子 (Naoko) as Yusuke Iki

Crows ZERO II クローズzero II (Kurōzu Zero) as Tsu Tatsuya Mito
Gokusen: The Movie ごくせん The Movie (Gokusen: The Movie) as Ren Kazama

Hoshi No Daichi Ni Furu Namida (星の大地に降る涙?) (2009)

* Ito En:

|| 2
* Facial Contact Lenses:

* Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank 1 || 2
* Pucchi Arubaito 1 || 2 || 3

☆ Trivia
* Graduated Horikoshi High School in Nakano, Tokyo on February 19, 2009
* Part of the JPOP group Brash Brats
* Friends with Takeu Sato
* Featured in Yuzu's Video: うまく言えない (Umaku Ienai)
* Has Two Photobooks: Letters (2008) & Tabun (2007)
* Sung Konjou Nashi ♪ for Negative Happy Chainsaw Edge
* Likes Guitar, surfing, soccer, snowboarding
* Nicknamed Harumacchi
* Likes Green, Blue & White

His Number Ones
* Fruit: Golden Kiwi
* Season: Winter
* Nabe: Chanko Nabe
* Noodle Type: Ramen & Kishimen
* Miso Shiro Ingredient: Daikon
* Condiment: Myouga, Shouga, Negi
* Studio Ghibi Work: Kaze no Tai no Naushika ("Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind)
* Yuzu Piece: Umaku Ienai
* Transportation: Mountain Bike
* Amusement Park Attraction: Roller Coaster
* Flower to Give to A Girl: A sunflower
* The Color He Wants A Girl to Wear: Whatever looks good on her
* Accessory He Wants A Girl to Wear: Necklace
* Car: Black Pajero
* Weather: Clear
* Annual Event: New Year's Eve
* Nail Color: "If the person I like puts on nail polish, anything would be cute!"
* Sport: Football
* Electronic Device: iPod
* Place On The Train: A place to lean on
* Paper when ask for an Autograph: Colored paper
* Smell: Washed Laundry
* House Chore: Cooking
* Character: Disney; Pooh & Piglet. Manga; Main Character in Makunouchi Ippo
* Karaoke Song: Secret.. but it's not Yuzu. (His favorite group)
* Game When He Was A Kid: Keidoro
* Place In His Hometown: His home.
* Posture when Sleeping: Facing sideways. Life side on the bottom.
* Time Slot: Night
* Arubaito to Try: Clerk at a Convenience Store [side job]
* Item Unconsciously Bought From Store: Green Tea
* Facial Feature: Long Eyelashes
* Present Happy To Recieve: Non hand knitted Gloves
* Preferred Function in a Cellphone: Image Quality
* Preferred Place In School: None
* Way to Transmit Feelings To Friends: Phone
* Baby Talk When Talking To Pet Dog: "xxxx dechuka~"
* Phrase That Makes You Happy From A Girl: You're gentle.
* Overstayed Shop: Billiards Saloon
* Musical Instrument: Gutair
* Habit to Fix: Blinking too much
* Country To Visit: Africa & Italy
* Thing to Become #1 In: Acting

☆ Pictures~



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if you would like to claim copyright, please PM I'm a Candy Bar

Free-range conversation/fanart is welcome :3


New Fall Drama

Title: Samurai High School
Date: October 2009, Sat. 9 pm
Station: NTV
Cast: Miura Haruma, Inoue Mao, Hiraoka Yuta, Kanjiya Shihori, Tsuneyoshi Rie, Yoshizawa Ryo

Source: http://jdramas.wordpress.com/2009/08/08/fa...dramas-rumours/

Shiseido Uno Ad/endorsement!!!
L to R: Haruma, Tsumabuki Satoshi, Oguri Shun, Eita

Source: here
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Guest NaRiTa

hey i so like him!!!!

i saw inazuma about 2 years ago....now they're Brash Brats right???


he's dance very Cool!!!!

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^Of course of course~

hey i so like him!!!!

i saw inazuma about 2 years ago....now they're Brash Brats right???


he's dance very Cool!!!!

Yep! He was so CUTE looking back then! I mean he still is, but he has grown ;D cute AND hot!






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Guest qysi

oh yeah....him and kanata hongo top my gulit pleasure list....i feel so guilty when i look at them and think that they're cute when they're like...some years younger than me

but i didnt know he sings hehe

thanks for pics!

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Guest azngal422

i think he's really cute

and after finding out that he was born in 1990...

i feel really guilty....for discovering the pedo side of me

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Guest 三日のモリっ&#

ooh i remember him from 14 sai no haha.

hmm he's cute <3 i like his side profile, very beautiful HAHA

his young pictures are so cuuttte.

he looks pretty good with dyed hair

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Guest july-eighth

MIURAAAAA! I liked him a lot in 14sai no Haha! ... I wasn't planning on watching the Akihabara@DEEP movie [because they didn't have the same awesome cast in the drama] but maybe I'll check it out after my exams!

It feel so weird because I feel a lot younger than 17 even though I was born in the year after him.

Oh, I actually prefer him with black hair or maybe a dark brown. But I still like him!

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^Aw, yay! But I know eh <_< the dorama of Akihabara@DEEP was much better!

He's born 1 year before me xD oh ho. I agree with you about the hair. The newest diary picture doesn't look that great <<;

Gaaah I'm trying to eMule Catch A Wave! It's sooo slooow

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Guest 三日のモリっ&#

hey! he looks so mature now hahahaa

i want to watch koizora where he has blonde hair (o u o )

& he's in binbo danshi? ahh , i haven't watch the first ep. yet (is it out?)

can't believe, he's only 1 year older.,,.

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