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King Of Hell

Guest mp.ARK

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Guest mp.ARK

Korean manwha 마제 - image

Hell's worst inmates have escaped and fled to Earth. Seeking recently-deceased bodies to host their bitter souls, these malevolent master fighters are part of an evil scheme that could have dire consequences for both This World and the Next World.


Majeh (마제)

A feared warrior in life, now a collector of souls for the King of Hell. Majeh has recently been returne d to his human form in order to carry out the mission of destroying escaped evil spirits upon the earth. There are two catches, however:

1. Majeh's full powers are restrained by a mystical seal.

2. His physical form is that of a teenage boy.

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Guest theanonymousafro

Great series. One of my favorite manga/manhwa. Has anyone read it in Korean and English? I always wonder when I'm reading stuff converted to english if I'm missing something.

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