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Guest BEBixAMY

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Guest enthral

NAME: Andy

AGE: 19



FAVORITE GENRES: emo / soft rock / acoustic / punk rock / rnb

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: dishwalla, howie day, gavin degraw, jason mraz,

WHAT IS MUSIC? the stuff you hear on the radio

FUTURE PLANS: log off my computer and go to bed.

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Guest orange&kiwie;

NAME: Lisa

AGE: 15

GENDER: Female

AREA: Canada . Mtl

LINKS: SoundClick




WHAT IS MUSIC? : music is life <3 no music, no life

FUTURE PLANS: i really don't know O.o ..

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Guest drummakidd

NAME: Jonathan Chun (J-Chun, J, Jon)

AGE: 19


AREA: Bay Area, CA, USA


AIM: Drummer JChun

MSN: dragn_007@hotmail.com

Y!m: drummakidd@yahoo.com


J-Chun's Soundclick

J-Chun's Purevolume

FAVORITE GENRES: alternative rock, kpop, some jpop, and I'll usually listen to anything.

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: Anyone and everyone I've listened which includes but doesn't exclude others: Collective Soul, BoA, Utada Hikaru, Loveholic, Best Interest, Matchbook Romance, Switchfoot, etc...

WHAT IS MUSIC? Music is a form of expression. As an amateur musician I believe it is a way of saying things artistically and in an enjoyable way. Also this message reaches out to others.

FUTURE PLANS: right now: finish college get a job at record company as a graphic designer and later on...(hopefully soon) start my own band and play drums and maybe be back-up vocals. Using lyrics that reach out to millions talking about various things from spiritual to worldy problems.

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Guest Celestial Child

NAME: Satu

AGE: 17

GENDER: Female



LINKS: Mai Soundclick

FAVORITE GENRES: Industrial, Punk, J-pop, Goth.

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: Dead Can Dance, Enya, Sowelu, Ayumi Hamasaki, The Cruxshadow, Skinny Puppy, Criss Angel, Tsunami Bomb, Corvus Corax.

WHAT IS MUSIC? Music is art. It's the art of sound, the art of creating something so magical that makes others feel with it.

FUTURE PLANS: I plan on majoring in Japanese and I hope to study in bussiness + art.

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Guest siumeimei1023


AGE: not too old and not too young

GENDER: what u think?

AREA: best place in the world... lOl.. jk... davis, ca

CONTACTS: xiaomei1023 @ aim

LINKS: www.soundclick.com/ahmay

FAVORITE GENRES: I am a very big ballad person... love pop and hip hop too but I dont sing much of those

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: losta HK artists... and I LOVE utada

WHAT IS MUSIC? music is a way to communicate what cant be just simply said with spoken words

FUTURE PLANS: haha... finish college... if only I can improve in singing, I will join some contest... (not likely gonna happen.. lOl)

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NAME: Robbie A

AGE: 21


AREA: Canada

CONTACTS: pinoypanda@hotmail.com ( iknow...i've had it since grade 7 lol )

LINKS: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pageartist.cfm?bandID=450649 my soundclick...

FAVORITE GENRES: r&b, pop, and oldies..

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: stevie wonder...brian mcknight, whitney...lol..alicia keys..she's awsome..christina aguilera..umm..boys 2 men...awsome..people..and so many more...

WHAT IS MUSIC? music...well i guess to me music is passion, determination and inspiration...i mean you gotta love music in order to be good at it..seriously i would have never thought in a million years that i would be a singer..i wanted to be a doctor or a scientist..lol..but then life threw me a curve ball and bham here i am singing and doing all these things...lol...you just gotta take what life gives you and have passion for it...

FUTURE PLANS: As of now i am going to finish school and hopefully open a business but on my spare time I try to practice my singing...so i can improve more in the feature...

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Guest .ladys0uL.

NAME: Rose

AGE: 14

GENDER: female

AREA: richmond

CONTACTS: exxquisite___@hotmail.com

LINKS: ask me ^ ^

FAVORITE GENRES: r&b, hiphop, soul, jazz, pop, dance music

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: dongbangshingi! <33

WHAT IS MUSIC? music is my heart & soul.

FUTURE PLANS: into designing, singing & photography

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Guest boajjangseiji

NAME: Eiji

AGE: 19

GENDER: male

AREA: Belgium, Europe

CONTACTS: wellwisher_elf@msn.com [e-mail/MSN]

LINKS: Soundclick

FAVORITE GENRES: J-Rock, J-Pop, K-Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, JaZz

INSTRUMENTS: Piano and drums. I've been playing piano for more than 13 years now, on a classical basis. I also have been playing Jazz piano for 2 years, although this one I'm still learning on my own. I actually wanted to continue studying piano in a conservatory schools but I got more important priorities.

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: GACKT, Jamie Cullum, Michael Bublé, BoA*

WHAT IS MUSIC?: Music is simply my life. I can't live without it and I really enjoy both listening to and playing music. I listen to music at almost all occasions, studying, eating, chatting, playing on the computer, etc.

FUTURE PLANS: Starting a business of my own or partnership.

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NAME: Daphne (or u can call me Daphy?)

AGE: 17 (turning 18 in Nov)

GENDER: Feemaalle

AREA: Uh.. Msia~*

CONTACTS: MSN; daphne_kueh@hotmail.com

LINKS: sounddclicckk

FAVORITE GENRES: Jpop, Kpop, Cpop, anything actually~

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: DBSK!, Koda Kumi, BoA, Ayumi Hamasaki, lots more~~

WHAT IS MUSIC? Music is LOVE... I sing to cheer myself... I sing everywhere I go *thoughisoundbad* I listen to music everywhere I go too, my mp3 player is essential >_>

FUTURE PLANS: Have vocal lessons? Master Japanese and Korean, be a Vet or a singer IF possible that is~

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Guest alicechan

NAME: Jenny

AGE: 11 (Turning 13 in 4 months LMAO)

GENDER: Female

AREA: Tijuana,Mexico (although my location is Seoul, Korea)

CONTACTS: Rather PM me about it instead shouting my msn addy out. -_-

LINKS: Sounclick

FAVORITE GENRES: K-pop,Hip-pop,J-pop,J-rock


WHAT IS MUSIC?: Music is everything..

FUTURE PLANS: Vocal Lessons, and becoming a singer (belive me or not, i will become one.)

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Guest babohyungjin

Name: Chris

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Area: socal

Link: soundclick

Fav Genres: mm i pretty much like all genres of music

Influential Artists: FTTS, brian mcknight, boys2men..ahh so many, cant list them all

What is Music?: music is... cool =]

Future Plans: mm.. get better and have fun

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NAME: Jane

AGE: 17 (18 in August)

GENDER: female

AREA: Rowland Heights, CA, USA

CONTACTS: just PM me ^^

LINKS: I don't have the confidence to release anything yet... but here are some other irreletant links

Live Journal : crabwalkingpoo

Myspace: janenoh

FAVORITE GENRES: Everything as long as it's worthy of being called music...

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: Incubus, A.F.I., Fly to the Sky, TVXQ, IVY

WHAT IS MUSIC? Music is my life... Everything I do in life is centered around music.


for the recent future: continue with my involvement in musicals and showcases and not give up on my dream, also to get more confidence in my abilities to allow me to grow

for the distant future: Either to become a singer/performer (hopefully in Korea even though I've lived my whole life in CA... go back to my roots) or to do management or something of that sort in the entertainment business in asia

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NAME: mofo

AGE: 22

GENDER: male, i think

AREA: canada

CONTACTS: just PM me ^^


FAVORITE GENRES: hip hop, classical, pop, world music,

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: jake shimakuburo, leslie feist, sarah slean, dean martin

WHAT IS MUSIC? music is whatever you want it to be. It can be your friend, your enemy, or in some extreme cases, your life.

FUTURE PLANS: be discovered by someone famous and become their assistant

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Guest ki*mochi

NAME: Jaski

AGE: 18

GENDER: Female

AREA: Singapore

CONTACTS: jas@leadsaikou.tk/PM me. XD

LINKS: http://jaski.dmusic.com

FAVORITE GENRES: pop/rock/jazz


WHAT IS MUSIC? something that i can destress with XD

FUTURE PLANS: i hope i can be a...songwriter? XD

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NAME: Talia

AGE: 17

GENDER: Female


CONTACTS: AIM: strawberriluvxx


FAVORITE GENRES: Rock, Classical, Japanese Rock/Pop, Korean Pop, Some R&B and gospel.

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: Gackt, Cecelia Bartoli, Puccini, Feist...ect.

WHAT IS MUSIC? Music is the most important thing to me. A way to be someone I'm not, to tell someone elses story AND to tell my own most personal feelings.

FUTURE PLANS: Opera Singer/Performer and Visual Artist.

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Guest brianjooboi 012

NAME: Manley

AGE: 18

GENDER: male

AREA: Indianapolis,IN

CONTACTS: AIM - kor3anmix1 MSN - hollywoodstar69@msn.com

LINKS: www.xanga.com/kor3anmix1 myspace - www.myspace.com/kor3anmix1

no soundclick at the moment, working on it...

FAVORITE GENRES: American & Korean R&B/Pop , hip-hop

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: NauL , Brian Mcknight, Boyz II Men, Stevie Wonder, mariah carey, Ftts

WHAT IS MUSIC? Music's the medicine of the mind.

FUTURE PLANS: creating my own major business/entertainment business


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