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My sister and I share one but this info is about me. Because it's all about me. :vicx: No, I'm just joking. :lol:

Name: Samty

Age: Teens

Gender: Female

Location: Another planet :ph34r:

Links: Hit It!

Contact: flying_wings07@hotmail.com OR Myspace OR you could always click on the PM button. :rolleyes:

Favorite Genres: R&B, Hip-hop, Pop, Ballad... Basically anything.

Influential Artists: Big Bang, Se7en, Shinhwa, Gummy, YG Family, BoA, Younha

What it music? Music is my hobby. No -- I'm its hobby. B)

Future Plans: To improve myself until I am the very best. And to be able to sing & dance as an recognized artist.

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NAME: Sally

AGE: 14

GENDER: Female

AREA: Long Island, New York

CONTACTS: ixsalliee@hotmail.com -> MSN/E-MAIL



^no music currently

FAVORITE GENRES:hip hop [kpop, jpop, cpop], r&b



FUTURE PLANS: To become a known artist around the world :P

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NAME: Anna

AGE: 17

GENDER: Female

AREA: Perth, Australia

CONTACTS: baebii_antz@hotmail.com

LINKS: http://cyworld.com/antzsu_

FAVORITE GENRES: R&B, R&B/Soul, Hip hop, Pop/Rock, Emo <3 In Korean, Chinese, japanese, english.. whatever ^^

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: CSJH, Jang Ri In and Kim Ji Eun, definitely.. Lim Jeong Hee, Wheesung.. any that have strong voices.

WHAT IS MUSIC? Music, to me, is a way for me to express myself. It's my life and everything. I let out every part of myself when I sing... when I write songs, I can express how I feel into music, which is just awesome. And it's great, because maybe someone relates to it, too. Music is the universal language. <3

FUTURE PLANS: HOPEFULLY singing for YG.. but i really don't know. I'd give up a lot to sing.. i really want to be a singer. but i think my chances are far from it right now. i'm scared to take chances.

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NAME: Jackie

AGE: 15

GENDER: Female

AREA: Canada

CONTACTS: pm me for that ^^

LINKS: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=667999

FAVORITE GENRES: R&B, jazz, some pop.. some hip hop.. some little things here and there...

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: Christina Aguilera, TVXQ, Evanescence...

WHAT IS MUSIC? Expressions and ya....

FUTURE PLANS: Just to audition for something.. to get out of my "shell".. but I don't have what it takes to be in the showbiz.. so ya..

Everyone please go to my soundclick and give me some constructive criticism!!!!!

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NAME: Ashley

AGE: 23

GENDER: Female

AREA: San Diego

CONTACTS: pm or msn - ichibankawaii@hotmail.com

LINKS: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=349896

FAVORITE GENRES: Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, some rock

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: DBSK, BoA, Namie Amuro, Christina Aguilera

WHAT IS MUSIC? Many people have already said, but for me as well music to me is pretty much my life. Hehe.

FUTURE PLANS: I'm too old to become a professional singer I think, since most artists are in their teens. So for now I'm just happy to have it as a hobby.

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AREA:Virginia Beach,Virginia



FAVORITE GENRES:Pop, R&B and OPM's (Original Pilipino Music)



FUTURE PLANS:I don't have any future plans if we're talkin' about a singing career. I Love music and singing, but i don't see myself having that as a career, Singing is pretty much just a BIG HOBBY for me.


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NAME: Kimberley

AGE: 18

GENDER: female

AREA: singapore&melbourne


LINKS: http://www.soundclick.com/updateband/songI...m?bandID=676804

FAVORITE GENRES: punk/alternative, jazz, r&b, oldies (the beatles, deep purple, frank sinatra, etc) and a little pop and hiphop

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: the beatles, ok go, dbsk

WHAT IS MUSIC? singing in the shower (:

FUTURE PLANS: first to practice more with the mic and then more auditions

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NAME: Yuki

AGE: 17

GENDER: Female

AREA: Toronto, Canada


LINKS: My Soundclick (this is actualy made to post collabs done by me and my friend, but up till now I've only posted my solos)

FAVORITE GENRES: Mostly Pop, Ballads, R&B, occasionally HipHop, Rock and instrumental pieces. Also depends on my mood~

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: DBSK, Lena Park, Younha, ayaka, YUI

WHAT IS MUSIC? A form of art that can be heard

FUTURE PLANS: if some amazing miracle ever dawns upon me I'll go audition for SM Entertainment, if not (which is probably the case) I'll just study my richard simmons off and get into Pharmacy.

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NAME: Kels

AGE: 17

GENDER: female yoooo

AREA: Europe


LINKS: soundclicky

FAVORITE GENRES: j-pop, k-pop, pop, anything.

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: utada hikaru, BoA, Mika Nakashima, Yui

WHAT IS MUSIC? life man.

FUTURE PLANS: sing more and get good :D

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NAME:Clara Wong

AGE: 16


AREA:Montreal, Quebec, Canada!!


LINKS: coming soon ^^

hmm i have a question: how to start new threads and if you are from the same area as me, tell me if there are singing contest coming up soon

FAVORITE GENRES: pop, ballad, rock


WHAT IS MUSIC? a way to pass a strong message and to express your feelings

FUTURE PLANS: go to upcoming contests and study in business!

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Name: Icepheer

I feature in the above poster's track! (Check her soundclick: Track on the top - Bring Me To Life) Lol! I love that girl! She's such a natural

Sorry just had to point that out lol

Name: Aliks

Soundclick: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=694958

Check my 411 in my siggy for more details!

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NAME: Jihoon

AGE: 14

GENDER: male

AREA: California

CONTACTS: aim: itsmedude204

LINKS: Soundclick (in sig), Myspace (if you want to add me...im me first)

FAVORITE GENRES: r & b; kpop; hip hop

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: People......dunno who specifically

WHAT IS MUSIC: Expression ^^


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NAME: Connie* [nick name, however if u ask and if i trust u enough, i'll give u my full name]

AGE: 17 turning 18 Dec 6,1989

GENDER: femalia ><:::

Height: 156 cm 5'2''inch I seriously want to grow!!!

Looks: asian

AREA: Santa Clara, CA, USA ><::: some ppl still don't know where that is ....

CONTACTS: sora4790@yahoo.com

LINKS: this is the only place, other places scared me ><::

FAVORITE GENRES: kpop, jpop, eng pop, [Hip-pop] something u can definitely dance too

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: BoA, The Grace, Britney Spears, Ayumi Hamasaki, Beyonce [Destiny's Child], Spice Girls ( OMG; pls don't bash me!!!!)

WHAT IS MUSIC?: music comes from within, the best songs are the ones where there are no words, but u can understand...

FUTURE PLANS: continue singing [self-taught]; learning Korean [self-taught]

BSN Nurse SJSU - - ;; being forced to do so, wanted to be a BFA Sequential art in SCAD < in GA!!! to far; no money


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NAME: Lai ying

AGE: 13

GENDER: female

AREA: manitoba, Canada

CONTACTS: hamasakiheaven@hotmail.com -- msn only.

LINKS: xanga. my space. *in siggy*

FAVORITE GENRES: ballad, pop....SOMETIMES rock.

INFLUENTIAL ARTISTS: Ayumi Hamasaki, BoA, Kumi Koda *except the too sexy stuff*, Utada Hikaru, Ai Otsuka, Se7en, SweetS

WHAT IS MUSIC? Music is everything.

FUTURE PLANS: Try to get into Avex Trax...

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