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Jang Nara ♥ 장나라 ♥ チャンナラ| Drama 2021 : Sell Your Haunted House, 대박부동산


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rainrainy said: @emme85. Agree—Respect. Despite she loves money, she was more concerned about catching an innocent man. It was also hilarious at the end that she kept checking herself up at the mirror.

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Guest ChaYangSoon

K-drama Stars Whose Parents Were Also Actors | December 17 2014

an actor for a mother or father does not necessarily mean you will follow in their footsteps. While talent does run in families, becoming a successful actor also requires an interest in acting, liking the spotlight and having the drive to succeed. And if your mother or father is successful as an actor, it can be intimidating. A rookie actor may find it hard to live up to an acting parent's reputation.

A few successful k-drama actors survived having successful actors as parents. While they may have found the connection helps an actor to land a first role, these actors had enough talent to succeed on their own.Singer-actress Jang Nara is one of the actors who learned the craft from a parent. Her father Ju Ho Sang was a theater and film actor as well as a producer.To read the article, visit kdramastars.com. 

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Guest OreoVampire

@Everyone.. are you sleeping? HAHA Thread is so silent. Peaceful. With Nara ssii now I'm listening to her song playing a clip made by ^hankitae42 Chingu. Lovely. Check it out he posted his hand made video on page 189 It's awesome and Nara ssii gonna love it when she knows about the clip. He's going to make more. ;)

So tomorrow is Dec 29th. We are going to have MBC Drama Awards on 30th. I'm excited for it, because Nara ssii is attending the event. We are going to see her again. Fantastic! Let's watch together kachi kachikalayeo! Fighting!

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장나라, '장혁vs신하균' 누구와 케미가 더 좋았나
Jang Nara, 'Jang Hyuk vs Shin Ha-kyun' who does she have better chemistry with?


1. [+4368, -105] One vote for Jang Hyuk ㅋWuhehhehheh... (Lee Geon signature laughter)
2. [+3774, -95] Even so Jang Nara is with Jang Hyuk...

3. [+3664, -80] It's me~~ Geonie~~~

(You have to admit this is a good pun. :)) )
4. [+3230, -74] No one else can match Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk's chemistry. (They) really look like lovers.

5. [+2740, -69] Jang Hyuk is fun and (they) match well.
6. [+464, -17] Jang Nara has good chemistry with whomever she acts with but this year it's Jang Hyuk.
(Well, the emphasis on this year suggests that there are still BFB shippers around, or even Wedding perhaps.)
7. [+468, -22] Shin Ha-kyun is good too, but since The Successful Story of a Bright Girl it's been Jang Hyuk.
8. [+414, -16] Honestly, in short, she's more compatible with Jang Hyuk and the two of them gave a Daesang worthy performance in FTLY. Acting is good and all but after all it's the viewers' votes that count and Jang Bori had really high ratings. Yeon Min-jung's (Lee Yoori) acting was very good and it seems like she'll be getting the Daesang.. I really hope that Jang Nara ssi gets it.. After watching the drama I cried so long because of Jang Nara's acting.
(This is the comment I really want to translate. That's why this translation is long :))
9. [+380, -10] I rather not make comparisons... After all she acted with Jang Hyuk in SSoaBG.. but Shin Ha-kyun is also daebak.!!
10. [+374, -11] Don't you think that the chemistry was fantastic with the snail couple and with Geon!? Wumhehhehhehheh...
Cr. OSEN, Naver
Source: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=shm&sid1=106&oid=109&aid=0002961130
I must clarify that I choose articles with the highest number of comments, not because I support their opinions or anything. This is a bit of a landslide, but I can't help it. There's still one more article, but I took a quick glance and the comments has more to do with NR than her on-screen partners.
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장나라, 올 한해 '케미 여왕' 등극할까
Jang Nara, crowned 'Chemistry Queen' of the year


1. [+827, -35] Jang Nara is leading, especially since she defended the average ratings for the weekdays Wed-Thurs slot well ㅋㅋ Both of them had great responses and were daebak topics. It's gonna be Jang Naraㅋ
2. [+586, -28] Baby-faced beauty Jang Nara. Pretty and cute ㅜㅜ it's a pity that the drama ended..
(This is the feeling of a fan :()
3. [+559, -27] Why does Jang Nara not age... She seems to get prettier.
4. [+423, -26] Jang Nara is cute ♡♡♡
5. [+103, -15] Jang Nara (please) also appear in TOTOGA ㅠㅠㅋ
(From what I know, she didn't. So this comment is probably trying to say that he/she hopes that JNR will go on it. I don't think she counts as a 90s star that's why, even though she did belong to that generation of idols who were invited.)
Cr. news1, Naver
Source: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=shm&sid1=106&oid=421&aid=0001188252
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Good morning @everyone ~  (:| Sorry, I slept again inside this thread, I will just fix the bed here~ Let's drink milk~bQc1Br7.gif
gif cr: DC InsideI actually just took a nap, and finished this third Mister Back fan video.  Please watch, enjoy, and cry.This time, I edited the MB scenes in such a way that it shows how Eun Ha Soo loses her Choi Shin Hyung, and eventually gets him back at the end,and starts all over again.Nara-ssi's song I used is entitled "Say Goodbye".

I cried while I was editing it and watching it.  These are the scenes that left me teary-eyed~ :((rzvmMg7.gif
gif cr: DC Inside
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Guest ChaYangSoon

Shin Ha Kyun and Jang Nara Comment

on Completing “ Mr. Baek ”

The two leading actors of the recently completed

drama “ Mr. Baek ” commented on their

experiences shooting it.

On December 26, MBC released a brief video

of actors Shin Ha Kyun and Jang Nara speaking

about their thoughts on completing their drama.

Shin Ha Kyun said, “There were many difficult

moments, but also great memories. I’m glad, but

at the same time I’m sad that it’s over.” He also

added, “I got so much positive energy from Jang

Nara while acting. If there’s an opportunity, I’d

like to work with her once again.”

Jang Nara commented, “I also had my difficult

moments, but I think Shin Ha Kyun had it harder.

But among all that, there were so many episodes

while we were filming.”

MBC’s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “ Kill

Me Heal Me” will start airing on January 7.

cr: Soompi

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@AnnaS i spotted one though it;s not identical ,they are both beads and they wore it at the same event. I'm not stirring up anything and i asked a ? previously. this is just what i noticed.and i have to say she had a similar bracelet then w/ Choi Daniel .I think everybody knows where's my ship's at but's it got lost in the Bermuda Triangle, he he!!10409509_761238170621412_116920356277500
EDIT// i have to say @hankitae42 is jack of all traits, master of none. ha ha!!! NarraJjangs are talented people (me not included)
@jeslyn1996 ha ha i don't have a baidu accnt for i don't know Chinese. i don't remember how i stumbled upon your B account but i just look at your photos there and got to see Kyorean's works.

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hankitae42 said:


said: @emme85. Agree—Respect. Despite she loves money, she was more concerned about catching an innocent man. It was also hilarious at the end that she kept checking herself up at the mirror.

Edit: @hankitae42‌ just notice that many of your image links, from page 173-177 are broken.

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Guest OreoVampire

@Hankitae42 As someone who is also sharing the same passion in art =)) *feeling* and we are now almost as the same level as Nara ssii *LOL* May I say that the videos are a good work from you. Very detailed stories. But the third video demonstrate that you are going further in the industry. My vocabulary is weak. So I'm going to stop here *lol lol* But don't forget, it's not easy to please @everyone. People like us we must work with open mind and always open to suggestion and eggs and mineral bottles HAHA :)) I mean if they don't like your work they are going to do that to you Jack! LOL Overall I'm loving it :x Please make more. I found none of JNR's fan made videos that have good quality on youtube and all over the network. But you make an effort for adjustment. I will do the same like you. We SPAM ! =)) Nara ssii she's Happy.

This is our good luck piece. Fighting!

P/S : I wonder what dress Nara ssii will wear tomorrow for the award. Really want to see Milky Way in beautiful dress. See you tomorrow ;)

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You know guys, in the same article above about JH vs SHK, it is mentioned that JNR is going to be the presenter for the Best Couple award? Maybe someone else can confirm that? But I also read somewhere else that she's going to present the Best Scriptwriter award instead.
I was going to say that the thing about her presenting the Best Couple award means that she either presents it to herself or to another couple. Then I realise that's like obvious even if she wasn't the presenter, since she's either gonna get it or not gonna get it. I'm thinking she's not? Since voting ended on the 24th it is more than likely that MBC knows who the winners are. Then again, if there's a change in arrangements it may also imply that MBC intend for her to present the award to herself, which is all sorts of awkward. LOL. We'll see. The award ceremony's tomorrow anyway.

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