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Park Min Young 박민영 - Upcoming drama: Cruel Office Romance (2022)

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Just want to share  http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MjM5NzY0MzEyNg==&mid=208187439&idx=1&sn=0394960a8acbf2062057df985361b167#rd "Pu Minying , although she was a Korean girl, but so far, ma

15.10.06  instagram

I'll go to there again.. as today missing #phuket mom and me, sunset which is like a picture Minah+Steven my only one sister wedding! Bless this two, two rainbows floating in the sky kya April, 2015 #

@OO1230 dongsaeng everyone misses u, especially @Eileen531 unnie hehehe.


Park Min-yeong looks radiant in traditional clothing

Park Min-yeong showed off her elegant look in traditional clothing.

On July 9th, Park Min-yeong posted a photo of herself on her personal Instagram, saying "I laughed hard".

In the revealed photo, Park Min-yeong dressed in the brilliantly colorful hanbok is smiling beautifully. Park Min-yeong also showed off her adorable innocent beauty.

Meanwhile, Park Min-yeong will star in Chinese drama, "Braveness of the Ming".

Source: Hancinema


This is a chinese article which is translated from hangul [to chinese]. Just translated minyoung's part by g-trans [some trans are missing but it's better than korean version] hehehe so @PiyuMiUmesha feel free to check it. :P

"Historical Drama is the trend," dressed in Chinese clothes actresses"

"Historical Drama is the trend," dressed in Chinese clothes actresses
The original title of the article headline, in order to ensure the same meaning, without making changes, if wrong, hope of understanding
 Source [TVREPORT] 2015-07-09 17:30


In China with high awareness and acting pride proud Korean actress who is one of the two screens toward China and development. It is worth mentioning that the Korean star has become a close look to attract everyone's attention by Chinese ancient pre-theater and local fans.

Pu Minying make even visual drama fantasy history have become gorgeous

Pu Minying starred in the TV series based on the Ming Dynasty as the background, about the hero Xia Xun (Han played) assistant Zhu Di, the achievements of Albert generation. Pu Minying portrays as Xia Xun's wife (Xie Yu Fei).
Shooting Pu Minying in China in the form of stills of public drama of the subject image is formed. Pretty face forehead and eyebrows, coupled with the ancient tradition of gorgeous costumes complete yet adorable pink dress, grabbed people's attention. "Silk Night" to the end of the production run for the goal being.

Korean network news commentary below:
This part of the Korean netizen comments under the news, regardless of the K-Day views

It does not represent the point of view of domestic users

1. [+ 4247-162] Three people how it all so beautiful ...
2. [+ 4135-255] wow two people have been very beautiful, and Kim Tae-hee really beautiful
3. [+ 3335-166] Kim Tae Yun Pu Minying children and three are the United States
4. [+ 3113-159] Kim Tae Hee beautiful to see ...
5. [+ 1992-94] it's beautiful .. more money back to it ..
6. [+ 398-22] three are really good US to promote national prestige beauty ah ah. Let them fast misunderstanding Korean women are so beautiful long bar
7. [+ 395-64] Kim Tae Hee honest really foul .. how can the United States do so
8. [+ 368-65] Three people are better than the United States and Kim Tae-hee so hard



Kkuljaem has translated the k-netizen comments:

"Sageuks are the trend" Actresses in Chinese costumes

1. [+9,892, -342] Why are these 3 so pretty?...

2. [+10,000, -574] Wow. The other 2 are pretty but Kim Tae Hee's really beautiful

3. [+7,451, -332] Just look at Kim Tae Hee

4. [+4,558, -199] Lovely ladies.. ^^ Earn lots of money there.. .

5. [+200, -30] I've been curious of what Park Min Young has been up to lately. Turns out she's filming a drama in China~ She is gorgeous in that costume. Please do a sageuk in Korea too!

6. [+197, -65] Kim Tae Hee's a wall

7. [+74, -12] They all look like fairies ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

8. [+59, -2] China must really like sageuks more than modern dramas

9. [+66, -25] Park Min Young's the best actress out of the 3


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@dandelionjd unnie really?? @Eileen531 unnie~ :D I missed everyone too but I couldn't greet you all as soon as I was back  ㅜㅜ  Yet I was lurking and liking some posts if you notice.. Now, I'll officially greet you all, hellooo~~ :lol:

wahhh, till now it seems pmy is not aging and gets more beautiful~ :wub:


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Guest Eileen531

Thanks again @OksanaS for bringing us more lovely bts pictures from BOtM......looks like they had a nice day there filming and no rain. Not that I've been keeping up with the weather forecast mind you but I've read some of Minyoungie's posts and she mentions it. 

So nice to see you again @OO1230, I've missed you a lot but understand from @dandelionjd she explained you had school and had to concentrate and put your focus towards your studies........very wise and I'm sure it was hard to break away from the threads to stick with it. lol.  I did see you liking a few posts and figured you would post once you were all caught up, and glad you are here now.  Do you have a long break is the semester over?  Hope you are around when the DvD comes in the mail? Anyway it will be nice having you back on the threads. :)

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Guest 1L2S2M_33

@Eileen531 Yes, I love watching her IVs and how she answer questions in every situation with wit and elegance. I find it so amusing to see her laugh her heart out at some point, it's so addictive that you find yourself laughing with her. Her smile is so unique,I believe because it reflects through her eyes, her every laughter and smile you can see real emotions in her eyes. It's how I feel and see as I back read this thread and saw her IVs and photos. Maybe it's what drawn me to her, it's been ages since I had this attachment to an actor/actress. It's strange really on my part, since I always fell in love with stories, plots, characters and can remember it for years but not so much for the actors/actress. It's her unique traits that made me her fan, I guess;)

Anyways, thanks again for the warm welcome and for always updating this thread. RL sure is eating my time so this is the only place where I can see PMY.

@PiyuMiUmesha thank you, glad to be here. What a hearty welcome from PMY;) LOL her laugh so adorable.

Take care everyone;)

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When the DVD comes of course I want to be around and I hope nothing would prevent me to. Few days ago I couldn't access soompi forum at all for a day and it said something like server busy(?) I forgot what it said exactly *facepalm*
In addition I've part time job so sometime it gets me busy that I'd barely here ㅜㅜ. However I'll try for sure ^^

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Guest Eileen531

@OO1230, soompi was having problems this whole weekend and something I saw was maintenance........so it a crap shoot as to when this platform will be totally fixed.....But i did see several people remark they couldn't access it. Frustrating for sure. :(  A part-time jobe sounds exciting and gets you out and about plus experience.  I hope you like it.  I love that gif of Minyoung, she is so proud of herself there and it cracks me up.  Miss her and can't wait to see her in another drama.  We are still wracking our brains here to figure out what her drama will be that she said she will do once she returns from China........CITT seems a little sketchy from the articles i read.  Makes you think the production team is playing games with actresses saying they were sent the script then the actresses deny it.  Oh brother.  So the Dr. Frankenstein one is possible but who really knows, right?


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@OO1230 those painting arts are lovely, keep it coming :wub:

@Eileen531 unnie, yes CITT is zero hope hehehe, DF is the most possible one. But as u said who knows :D


[SCREENCAPS] 15.07.10 #ParkMinYoung and #ZhangHan interview for #BravenessOfTheMing cre: as tagged Photos are blurry via she1090.


[CHINESE TV REPORT] 20150710 Braveness Of The Ming Studio Visit #HansZhang #ParkMinYoung. (cr.Xaveriechan)











@OksanaS finally we can see HZ with minyoung .She does not just have fun with JJ and SW but with HZ too, have a good time there dear ;)


Braveness Of The Ming merchandise cre: BOTM Official page


Phone case with signature




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Finally we see PMY and HZ together! :wub: i love them and I think we'll see a love trigle there SW,PMY,ZH (sorry, I didn't know the characters names) but we all knows who will be the winner))

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This pic was taken in March w/ ChaHong Ardor Beauty House's president/director when PMY was shooting for LEADERS ads


Caption (roughtrans): Angel on set. A pretty nice Minyoung with a warm heart like an angel ~ #shooting #ChaHongArdor

cr.tirah_mocha twitter

Wah she likes mangosteen, if she comes to Indonesia i'll give her mangosteen or rambutan even durian kkkkkk. As always pretty ....


Just reading Jin Yi Han's thought about minyoung during Dr.Jin:

Jin Yi Han on Park Min Young - About working with Min Young, who was his sister in Dr. Jin, he said that he has been wanting to work with her again. Accidentally he got to see one of her crying scenes in Dr. Jin and felt that it was very real and beautiful and said to himself that Korea has actors who cry so beautifully. (cr.mimi26 twitter)



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@Ahpheng sure u can hehehe. Love the colour and like the convo the most :D



An excerpt from Min Young's interview for Glory Jae In on Hot Chili Paper

Park Min Young has been acting continuously in "Sungkyunkwan Scandal", "City Hunter". "Dr. JIN" and other works. Because of your busy schedule, it won't be too much to say (you won't be making an excessive demand if you say) “hope to have time to sleep all day long” but I heard that you probably will take advantage of the valuable rest time to repeatedly watch your previous works.

Answer: Because I will feel embarrassed, I like taking a personal look at my dramas. But I hide my head under the blanket and sneak a look. If my mother comes into my room then, I quickly cut off the power supply (laughs). Even so, it is important that I review my acting skills, otherwise there is nothing I can do to improve myself next time (in her next works).

Translation and pic by Park Min Young International Fans United via mimi26 on pmy thread.


Lol how cute she is, just imagine she hid under the blanket and sneaked a look :sweatingbullets:. If SSK, CH and DJ, she will hide and sneak, how about healer with mostly-red-lovey dovey panda 36



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ATTENTION!! This is only my prediction guys, so don't take it seriously hehehehe:

It seems minyoung has come back to SK cause her stylists posted something about departure and saying good bye. Maybe she spent her holiday in sk.


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