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Hare Nochi Gu--manga & Anime Thread.

Guest bluecarrot

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Guest bluecarrot

Hare and Gu.. ultimatelly cuteness in a weird way.254195.jpg
Unlike the manga, which was more focused on the romantic affairs of Weda (mother of Haré), the anime plot emphasises comedy and the "special" relationship between Haré and Guu. The OVAs are mostly a continuation of the TV series, expanding upon it with several new characters, a bigger focus on Weda, and answering unanswered questions.

about the Hare + Gu

Guu (グゥ)
Guu's stomach is a world, filled with buildings, hundred legged cats, and a nice young couple of lovers that have been trapped there for ages (But apparently don't mind their predicament). Other than Haré, no character seems to be aware of Guu's strange nature (or for that matter the bizarre circumstances surrounding everything else in the series). The weird events that occur because of her are only ever acknowledged by Haré. Everyone who is eaten by Guu, only to be spat out later (excluding Haré) dismisses what happened as "sleeping" (occasionally, dreaming about Guu's Stomach world). Haré even dismisses his first time in Guu's Stomach but is quickly proved wrong. There are many other strange things Guu can do, which often defy the laws of physics, logic, and reality, such as (but not limited to) superhuman strength, elongate her bodyparts, breathe underwater, time travel, cause people to switch bodies, read minds, cause disco music to play suddenly, switch her face (from a cute face to a weird face), transform into an older version of herself, transform into a giant kaiju monster version of herself, and incite mental breakdowns in Haré, though the latter is more of a talent than an actual power.

Haré (ハレ)

The usually patient and good-natured Haré (whose name is slang for 'fair weather') is usually troubled by Guu's joy in creating chaos and he is prone to anxious rants or tantrums whenever Guu does something unnatural. This is sometimes accompanied by a sudden downpour of rain. Haré is often used by Guu to tease and by his mother to do household chores. He is also teased by Guu for having an Oedipus complex. This seems to be true, and is often exhibited in his competitive nature trying to keep Dr. Clive away from Weda. He also gets worried about any other male character trying to win over Weda, such as Asio, coming to a boil in an episode where he throws himself into a competition over rights to her for a year, with Dr. Clive, Mari, and Uigher. On the rare occasions that he imbibes alcohol, he becomes what Weda refers to as "a bad drunk": enraged, surly, extremely violent, capable of causing explosions, alternating between violence and high-pitched laughing fits, and more than willing to attack and verbally abuse anybody and anything unfortunate enough to catch his attention (especially Dr. Clive, who Haré severely beats to a pulp before throwing him through a tree).
info creds to wikipedia

i love that anime..(haven't read the manga yet)

gu is so adorable.. i love her character and when she turns into the social her..

hare reminds me of my nephew! hahahah!!

i absolutely love the intro theme song too!! :3

(i looked in the directory and there wasn't a hare and gu thread..unless i missed it..because i did double check unless it wasn't listed.00)

Volumes: 10 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=1240Anime Episodes: 26



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Guest ~fantasygurl~

kind of reminds me of azumanga

almost pointless/plotless story, but really funny and weird

reminds me of that too.....is this by the same manga-ka artist??? :mellow:

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Guest bluecarrot

the creator of azumanga is Kiyohiko Azuma. and the creator of hare+guu is Renjuro Kindaichi. i had to look it up..because it never occurred to me the similarities between the two..

i've always been curious about azumanga though..

but hare+guu is really funny..

there's these pokute.. that they eat..

hare's always playing his playstation..and once..his mother turned it off in the middle of a really hard level.

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Guest disgruntled_ricecooker

I like watching this title. My favorite moment would have to be Hare seeing Guu laugh for the first time...with a deadpan face. :lol: Here's the video of it: Guu laughing. Another video, which I think is one of the best AMV's I've come across: Hare's mom.

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Guest bluecarrot

^oh yeah..like she goes 'ha ha ha ha ha ha ha' and her head bobs..that was cute..

the english voice overs are pretty accurate..one series that i am very content and satisfied with...

because her english voice laughed like that too!!

its up to volume 7 now.. too..but i haven't seen that 3rd volume.

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  • 11 months later...

ah, such a short thread so far! this was my first anime series I really committed myself to watching, just because it was so freaking hilarious. I really love it :D

I just recently got to watching Azumanga too... if you like Hale+Guu, you'll probably like Azumanga. Both are totally random and fun, with very interesting characters :D

BTW does anyone know where I can find the soundtrack songs for the series?


Ah, I answered my own question!

YOU can dl allll the soundtrack here: [good dl site]

And I dl the whole series, from 1st season to FINAL on here: [seasons 1-3]

^The bad thing about the anime dl, is that if you are not a "paid" member, you can only click on a dl link 3x per day. It was kind of a hassle, but when I did it, I was AMAZED by the quality of it T______T I'm so pleased with the results.

But the MUSIC, you can dl all of it on the same day, doesn't matter. You just can't dl it as a "package."

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