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Happy Birthday To Hwanhee!

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Oh my! i didn't know this thread was open for hwanhee's birthday and it makes me :tears: because i didn't post my greeting's to him. thanks shinhwaholic for creating this thread. so i'll just greet hwanhee a belated one. it's better late than never.LOL


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HWAN HEEEE! aaaah i'm so late but anyways..HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNNIE <33333 my first kpop crush XD hope u had an awesme day! can't wait to see u back on stage singing w/ ur super POWERFUL voice

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Guest .WaKoGirL*


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY MOST BELOVED HWANHEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope it was the greatest for him .

my love for him is like omgsh. OVER THE RAINBOW. lol

take care and hope to hear from him soon! =)

i love hwanhee forever and ever. as long as there is a flytothesky everythings alright .

lovelovelovelovelove .

HWANHEE hwanhee HWANHEE hwanhee .

forever and ever and ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peace .

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