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LOL we havent had one of these in like a year or so .. but basically its kinda like iron chef, where blacksnow .. aka demi and i provide the pics .. and then we have a timed battle .. usually like 10 - 19 people join .. big convo .. and we just do a blend/collage on the spot with the pics .. its kinda hectic, but its worth it .. and its really fun ..

umm i havent introduced this to the people at soompi yet, but we've had plenty of them ..

so if you would like to join

msn me at dorkileilafan@Hotmail.com

its seriously fun and it helps tone/improve your graphics skills ..

early entries are admitted .. are planning on started at :

time zones ..

10 pm est

9 pm central

7 pm pst

gmt = 3 am

so please join us .. the pictures will be released after you join the battle or msn me .. remember early entries are admited :) ..if you are still confuse just post in this thread or msn me ..

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