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❤Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤ Upcoming Movie Alone will start shooting 2019❤️

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10 hours ago, nistymaj10 said:


Chinggu please don't get your hopes up. I was only speculating LOL but yes also crossing my finger here. I'm trying to find the tweet as it must have been buried already as she is a prolific twitter. It could be that they were just having a casual meal as former colleagues. You know how our girl maintains friendships. 

I can only hope that your 'speculation' may come true! Crossing fingers here. It's not that I get tired of re-watching You're Beautiful-Heartstring-The Heirs-FBND-Pinocchio-Doctors-MOA  but a new PSH drama from will absolutely pleased many fans who missed her dearly. I may be too much of a fangirl to say this, but kdrama world is not the same without her :weary:

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She rocked in doctors, and her fight scenes came as shocking to me. She proved to everyone that she can be a badass!! No wonder she wants to try action drama or movie.

And I have a strong feeling that her next drama will have action scenes. 

Also I feel very soon we will hear some news.. Just feeling :wub:

I really want her to do a action movie, but I am worried that she needs to work a lot for that both physically and mentally! Let her try when ever she's ready! But soon please :D

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