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❤ Park Shin Hye 박신혜 ❤ | Current Drama: Doctor Slump - Sat & Sun @10:30 PM [Upcoming Drama 2024: Judge From Hell]


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Guest suejinners

although she isn't the lead im happy shes in the drama.

shes an amazing actress. at such a young age shes shown that she really does have a bright future ahead of her ^___^

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Guest mizzlinhie

Oh.. Can I ask? Isn't she the one in MNIKSS also? Hmm.. And what's her role in Stairway to Heaven?

No, she's not the one in MNIKSS. Park Shin Hye's role in Stairway to Heaven was the little Juhsung. And she's also the main lead (Hana) in Tree of Heaven with Lee Wan :)

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Guest limecrafted

even if the lead somewhat looks like kim tae, i sooooo badly like PARK SHIN-HYE to be the lead too!!! wahhh!!!! she's got the talent and is cute too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest VitaDolce*

Hi! New fan.

I can't believe she is not the lead in Goong2.

Did the producers or director seen the Heaven's Tree?

She is like amazing in that series.

How can she be the 2nd lead?!?!?!

hahaha. I'm being crazy now.


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Guest vanjuve

she really pretty and a good actor too...

and she's just my age, well she's a bit older but she has achieve so much.

i loved her in STH, and now she's doing Goong 2? she's gonna go far.

go girl!!!!!!!....

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Guest simply_dream

i am thinking... watch this thread start growing like crazy when goong 2 starts XD

but anyways, hope there's some updates about her filming soon!!!

i was thinking, i rmb reading some news about how she couldnt kiss on national TV because she's underage

hence the no kissing in heaven's tree with lee wan

but when she is going to be filming goong, she's gonna turn 17 *or 18 in korea*

WHICH MAKES HER LEGAL! haha... her b-day is on feb, and i am confident that filming will be on till then


*cross our fingers guys* i mean in goong, joo ji hoon kissed both female leads


i must stop imagining and start

here are some pics =D i hope it's not been posted before

credits: yahoo korea





MY FAVORITE SET! she's so pretty =) i love the 1 with fake bangs haha she's so cute XP

tho i DO NOT hope she get bangs, she looks fine just the way she is

I LOVE the last pic she took with that girl =D her hair likes that is awesome


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