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[drama Jp/kr 2007] 木蓮の花 목련꽃 Magnolia Flower

Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Actor Lee Wan has been cast for a leading role in a Japanese drama. The Japanese press reported that Lee had already concluded an agreement with Fuji TV to appear in the melodrama "Magnolia".

A love story between a Korean man and a Japanese woman studying in the U.S., the drama will begin shooting in New York next March.

Anne Suzuki will play Lee's opposite. Suzuki, who began her acting career when she was a little girl, has appeared in a number of TV shows and films, including "Hana and Alice", "The Blue Light", "Start Line, and "Stand Up".

Lee has enjoyed growing popularity in the island country since the Korean drama "Trees in Heaven" was aired on Fuji TV in April. He held a fan meeting in Tokyo and Osaka on Nov. 10 and 12, which some 2,000 fans attended.

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where in new york! im in new york!

where in the city? central park?!

where!!! *goes stalker mode*

hehehehe j/k

but it seems interesting... i liked her in stand up~

its an odd pairing to me... but i should first watch an episode before i could reallly judge anything~

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Guest bloopy_babo

Lee Wan is too good for Suzuki Anne. She annoys the crap out of me. I hated her in Initial D and she was annoying in Stand up.

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Guest Nathassia


1. it's Ami Suzuki, no Anne Suzuki (more info)

2. Current name: マグノリアの花の下で (Magnolia no Hana no Shita de)

3. Apparently, the drama's recording ended weeks ago.

4. Kang Jung Woo, better known as Attack, bassist of Korean rock band TRAX, also have participated in this drama. Attack will be a good friend of Korean foreign exchange student (Lee Wan's role)

Ami Suzuki and Attack have posted in their respective blogs, some advanced about drama's recording.

Ami Suzuki

TRAX (Attack)

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Guest Nathassia

an lee wan drama...want to watch it too so when is it going to come out?

June 2007, according to Ami Suzuki Official HP



Ami Suzuki starring decision, a matter of concern?

On March 14th at 10 am, at the press center of Seoul, a production concert was held for the upcoming drama. The director and producter attended. Ami Suzuki was also present.

Concerning the concept of this drama, the producer mentions "It's a love story set in New York of a South Korean man who learns how to play a violin on the stage and a Japanese woman who dreams to be a journalist." These young actors have being doing their best in New York.

Director Mori who takes charge of production told the journalists "since it has a story which anyone can sympathize with. It's about describing a future dream when being young, please look forward to completion."

The release will be both in Japanese and Korean. "Under the Magnolia flower" is due to be released through a small scale-theather, via DVD, Internet, ect in Japan. In South Korea it will be aired on television and released in DVD. They are also currently negotiating to release this drama in the U.S cable network with the Asia system.



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Guest FiEnDmAkEr

This is exactly the same as Virgin Snow with Aoi Miyazaki and Lee Jun Ki, isn't it?

Ah well. I love the casts of both movies so I will probably just watch both ^^

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Guest sl33p1n6b34uty

lee wan sure likes to act in those korean/japanese joint dramas eh lol

can't wait!

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Guest YeeKrfan

Lee Wan...I missed him since Heaven's Tree and he is sooo awesome there, incredible acting and he cried so beautifully. Definitely wanted to watch him in another melodrama seems like he is very good in them. Recently watched "Let's Go to the Beach" and "Snow White", as well as the first few episodes of STH, and his chemistry with PSH is still the BEST and their acting are simply superb!! :wub:

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Guest mangkuk

i already dl this movie at naynay clubbox..

but i dont have the soft sub..

anyone who have it, can u please upload it..

i'm really excited to watch dis movie..

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If you want Lee Wan movie Veronika Decides To Die, I have it with english subtitles (Out of topic :P) Here it is.... :phew:ベロニカは死ぬことにした


& ベロニカは死ぬことにした


Enjoy the movie....!!!!

Im not sure why but the file is there but the button shows "Download with Premium". R these "premium" downloads? :( i dont mean to sound like an idiot but any other possible ways to d/l or a chance for a re-upload? pretty please? x)

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