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Guest uknowyunho


Karam's new teacher, Mr. Lee, is also her mother's new boarder. Why does he seem so interested in Karam, and why does she feel some strange connection to him? This is a story of past and present lives, love, jealousy, sacrifice, and salvation

Volumes: 3 (complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=369




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Do anyone know anything about this manga...I wonder where I can get more info on this story..Thanks.

i think it's available at www.manganut.com =)

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Guest Acoustic

Post #262.

I've read this manga. I forgot where I got it from, but if I ever find the link, I'll provide it for you.

I personally thought it was worth reading, especially since it was so short. I recommend it. :)

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Guest Q_Park

I just finished reading this manhwa and the ending was really sad to me!

i can't believe that Karam left Naru then when to HyunSoo and sacrificed herself so that the next time she could love HyunSoo first!

I think that this manhwa needs a sequel because I just wasn't satisfied with the ending!

I really want to know what happens next and how everybody feels when they learn what has happened to Karam.

And I want to know that happy ending!

- Kyu

PS. You can read the whole manhwa at onemanga.

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Guest Wammie<3

I don't get the ending.

The drawings were nice but the story was poop. (no offense to those who like this manhwa)

Did she die or just forgotten everything?

Beside even if she did love him first won't she DIE again or whatever?

Cause she place the curse that his lovers will die?

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Guest mAdNeSs~

I remember reading this manhwa.

This was one of my first manhwas.

I thought it was sad but i liked the story.

However, I find it's too short.

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