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LOONA Members: Your Ultimate Guide

Hana Min

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Hello, young friends! Today, we're going to learn about a fantastic K-Pop group known as LOONA members. They are a group of 11 talented individuals from South Korea who sing and dance beautifully. Let's dive in and discover more about them!


Who are the LOONA Members?
LOONA members consist of 11 amazing individuals. Each one of them is unique and special. Here are their names:

- Haseul
- JinSoul
- Vivi
- Hyunjin
- Yves
- Heejin
- Kim Lip
- Gowon
- Choerry
- Hyeju
- Yeojin

Isn't that a lot of members? They all work together to create awesome music and dance routines.


When Did LOONA Members Debut?
LOONA members made their debut on a special day, August 19, 2018. This is when they first introduced their music to the world. They had a song called "Hi High," which was super catchy!


Why is it Called LOONA?
Now, here's a fun fact! The name "LOONA" is like a puzzle. It comes from the first letters of their Korean name, 이달의 소녀, which sounds like "Idarui Sonyeo." When you take the first sounds of each word (이, 달, 의, 소, 녀), and rearrange them, you get "LOONA" in English letters (ㄴㅇㅇㄷㅅ). It's like a secret code!


LOONA members are an incredible K-Pop group with 11 talented individuals. They create beautiful music, and their name is like a cool puzzle. The next time you listen to their songs, you'll know a little more about them. Keep dancing to LOONA members' music, and who knows, maybe one day, you'll become a K-Pop star too!

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