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Online Virtual Girl Group Audition (KPop and Vocaloid Inspired)


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Hello everyone, my name is Venus and I manage an online virtual girl group called VReality. We are searching for just one more (maybe 2 if it's the right fit or if you and a friend want to join) member(s) who can sing.


My role in the group is to manage them, book gigs, mix and write the music. I also am in charge of the creation and the movements of the avatars. Bonus points if you can write music but not required. Also bonus points if you know Korean and/or Japanese but also not required! The group is completely virtual using avatars who dance and perform as the faces of the group. (Think Vocaloids without the autotune voices). We are looking for people comfortable with their voices and can hit high notes.


The group is just for fun currently, releasing K-pop and English covers of songs. We just released our first mini album this month. But we are planning on releasing a full-length original album soon. If you are interested, please message me here or send an audition to hellovenusnaomi@gmail.com with your name, stage name, and an audio clip of you singing (at least 1 minute).


If you wanna check us out first please view our IG and Youtube


IG: https://www.instagram.com/vrealitygroup

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