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[Upcoming Movie 2022] She Died, 그녀가 죽었다 - Shin Hye Sun & Byun Yo Han - Premieres in September 2022


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She Died

그녀가 죽었다





English Title: She Died

Korean Title: 그녀가 죽었다

Genre: Thriller, Horror, Crime

Release Date: September 2022


Produced by: N/A

Screenplay: N/A

Distributed by:



About what happens after a man secretly enters the home of a social media influencer and discovers that she’s died. It features a suspenseful story and deals with the psychology of the characters in detail.



Shin Hae Sun as TBA

Byun Yo Han as TBA

Lee El as TBA




Teasers / Trailers




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  • gm4queen changed the title to [Upcoming Movie 2022] She Died, 그녀가 죽었다 - Shin Hye Sun & Byun Yo Han - Premieres in September 2022




Byun Yo Han and Shin Hye Sun may be starring in a new thriller!


On September 16, their agencies both confirmed to Newsen that they have received offers for the film “She Died” (literal title) and are in talks.


The movie is reportedly about what happens after a man secretly enters the home of a social media influencer and discovers that she’s died. It features a suspenseful story and deals with the psychology of the characters in detail.


If Shin Hye Sun and Byun Yo Han both take the roles, then they’ll be reuniting three years after acting in the film “A Day” together in 2017.


yun Yo Han first acted in the film “Working on Saturday” before building up his filmography by appearing in over 30 short films. The 2014 drama “Incomplete Life” (Misaeng) was his big break, and he solidified his fame through tvN’s “Mr. Sunshine” in 2018. Currently, his films “Voice” and “Ja San Eo Bo” (working titles) are slated for release soon and he’s filming the movie “Hansan: Rise of the Dragon” (working title).


Shin Hye Sun debuted in the drama “School 2013” and later rose to fame through her performance in the 2016 weekend drama “Five Enough.” She’s gone on to star in many projects including “The Legend of the Blue Sea,” “Forest of Secrets,” “My Golden Life,” “30 but 17,” and “Angel’s Last Mission: Love.” Shin Hye Sun took her first leading role in a film earlier this year when she starred in “Innocence,” and she was recently confirmed for a starring role in the historical fusion drama “Queen Cheorin” (literal title).


Filming for the new thriller movie will reportedly kick off this year.




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On Oct 23rd, 2020, Byun Yo Han confirmed to appear in movie "She Died" during meeting with the audiences in Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).




변요한은 영화 ‘그녀가 죽었다’ 출연 여부 질문에 “예 출연 합니다”고 답해 관객의 탄성을 자아냈다.


Byun Yo-han, who was asked whether or not to appear in the movie 'She Died', answered, "Yes, I will appear", arousing the audience's excitement.






Actress Lee El confirmed her appearance in the movie 'She Died'









Lee El takes on the role of Oh Young-joo, a meticulous and persistent detective in the play. Oh Young-joo is a character with a strong charm that does not back down in front of the incident, and EL is planning to add a sense of immersion to the story by drawing the character Oh Young-joo with unique charisma.




Investment and distribution company Contents Nanda Ginda (CEO Choi Hyun-mook) has unveiled its 2022 release lineup.




The movie 'She Died' starring Byun Yo Han and Shin Hae Sun is scheduled to be released on September 7th (2022). It depicts what happens after a man who sneaks into the house of a female influencer on social networking service (SNS) finds out about her death.






First still cut, synopsis of [She Died] starring Byun Yo Han and Shin Hae Sun




(google translate)

Real estate agent Jeong-tae (Byun Yo Han)'s hobby is to sneak into strangers' houses and peek into their lives.


One day, Instagram influencer So-ra (Shin Hae Sun) comes to Jeong-tae. So-ra leaves the house keys with Jeong-tae's office, and Jeong-tae visits her house whenever he has spare time. Jeong-tae went to her house again like usual. But it was Sora who had become a cold corpse to greet him. Jung-tae leaves the house in shock without even reporting to the police, and after a few hours, Jeong-tae visits the house again, but in the meantime, the body disappears like hell!


A few days after the incident, Jeong-tae receives a note said, 'You did it, right?' , and to make matters worse, all the evidences point to Jeong-tae as the culprit.


Will Jeong-tae be able to find the real culprit and get rid of the accusation?





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