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[variety] Heroine 6 여걸6

Guest silverwingz

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Guest vanessa95

Hi everybody I need your help !!!!!!!!

Episode 60 & 61

Guests: Micky, Uknow, MC Mong, Tei, Kim Jong Gook & Kim Jong Min

Part 1 (051225)


http://www.megaupload.com/de/?d=R2O6R43I (HQ Subs; Translations: carolinexp; Timer: debbii)

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RBNFVWRX (LQ Subs; Resyncher: BLurBLur)

Part 2 (060101)

No Link Available!

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=H4EFP2GS (HQ Subs; Translations: luckyyou; Timer: debbii)

Does someone have the second part ? Please can you upload the second part, I really need it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kisssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Guest makemyday

^ vanessa95: i have this. i'm uploading it for you right now :)

dear silverwingz, (haha this fun. its like the loveletter thread)

HEROINE 6: JAN 08th, 2006 - screenactors episode


i have a ton more missing episodes so i'll be continually uploading :)


HEROINE 6: JAN 01st, 2006 - yunho/micky episode


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Does anyone have these episodes in MQ or HQ pretty, pretty, pretty please?

Episode 48 & 49

Guests: Kim Jong Kook, Lee Min Woo, Ho Bum (OneTwo), Jo Bin (Norazo) & Kim Sung Soo

Episode 50 & 51

Guests: Jang Woo Hyuk, Moon Hee Jun, MC Mong, Tablo, Kim Jong Min & Ho Bum

I can’t find them anywhere, except on YouTube and the picture is unbearable!

They can be found in this Clubbox http://www.asian-hq.com/iyagi/index.php?cat=79 but alas I cannot DL from CB! :tears: . . .

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Guest vanessa95

Waouh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Guest faridsar_sensei

hello everyone!!!first and foremost...thx and congrats in organizing in this thread....

i would like to ask a ques..i know it may sound stupid...but i would really appreciate it if someone helps me abt it. izzit possible for us to make the subs go faster to suit the video with GOM player like u can do with bs player if press ctrl+ the arrows? i just started using GOmplayer cz ppl told me tht bs player gt an increased risk of spyware and im not really familiar with this player yet...so i would really appreciate it someone can help me..thx in advance :(

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Guest devylann

i finally had a chance to watch da DBSK...freakin hilarious!!! LOL wished micky would have substituted for that girl....hahaha....

funnie when yunho missed a key....hahaha... happens to everyone!!!

DBSK looked real hot!!! omg!!! :D

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Guest silverwingz

YamaPi <3, my immortality, vic_taebin & siaoramen03: Thank you guys so much for helping me upload the missing episodes! Really appreciate it. And thanks for offering to upload more of the missing episodes! :) What would I do without u..

my immortality: I'm a HUGE FAN OF YUNHO TOO! hehe.. I know this is old news... but i still can't believe what happened to him during the filming of the DBSK Special.. :angry:

stereo_sushi: there weren't any previews for this week's episode.. so we don't know whose gonna be on this week. we'll find out on Sunday!

I'm hoping I'm not asking for too much.. but I'll be starting up a song list for Heroine 6 soon. So if anyone is able to help out.. i'll be really :D ! I've got no time to start it now.. maybe tomorrow.. I've got a few songs already.. which were gathered by steam.boy and thanks to lovebin there's a new one! hehe.. So yeah.. I'll organise that soon.

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Guest prettydarkloner

so cool..thread for heroine 6..jus wondering..does these episodes have english subs?? like the ep 7 & 8 wid shinhwa..do those episodes have eng subs??

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silverwingz, hope this helps.. :) These are the songs I know from the DBSK episode (episode 103-104):

Free hugs segment:

Hotline by Ciara -the one Hye Ryun and Hye Bin danced to

Hey Girl by DBSK - the one Lee Soo Yeon and Shin Jung Hwan danced to

Couple Choosing:

Hot in Here by Nelly - the one Changmin danced to

I’m Good by Blaque - the one Xiah danced to

Shy guy by Diana King - the one Jaejoong danced to

Dirty Pop by N’sync - the one Yunho danced to


You only love by DBSK - the one DBSK sung to Bin

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nine guests? O.O..wow..the classroom looks so crowded..lmao..guest list? i see...kim jong min, chung myung hoon, shin hwan, lee jung, ho young, lee seung ki, lee jae hoon(that's what his nametag thing says..buh i think the name he goes by is eru..(?)), loo hyun cho (sp?)..the name flashed too fast for me..lmao, and chin young hoon (i think that's the spelling)..

the two people who dance together in the beginning..::cough cough::..that was really hot..x]. bring'n sexy back indeed....lmaooo

nd guyz showing pecs? :ph34r: . haha..


wait..where did seung ki go? he totally disappeared

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