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[variety] Heroine 6 여걸6

Guest silverwingz

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hm..soo look'n through clubboxes..


has hq episodes..the oldest episode they have is ep. 49

too find the episodes search 해피선데이 for the folder.


is another clubbox with sum old episodes too...i believe ep. 32 is the oldest episode they have..buh they don't have the whole series of old episodes. uhm..to search for them..put happy sunday in the search box.

i'll try to look for more clubboxes..:D


iph newun culd tell me what the korean characters for heroine is..it wuld help...bc i was search'n for it by look'n for happy sunday..nd yea...iph i can search for heroine 6..hopefully i can find more.

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thanks again for organizing the thread, sometimes i like to watch sometimes i don't, depends on the guests and sometimes they do talk too much, lolz

silverwingz, perhaps u could include that in the first or 2nd post, something that soonjap did in the old Heroine 6 thread...

Lost it = No Chut Tah

Yahoo! = Man sei

Cat = Go Yang EE - but everyone has to do the "Meow" sound after it

Zero Mice = Ppang Mari

New Update: Backwards! = Kkuw Kkoo ruh

To play this game in English, try this:

Song: Catch the Mouse, catch the mouse, ji ji ji

Catch the mouse, catch the mouse, ji ji ji

How many? (player says a number)

To catch it, say: Caught it!

To lose it, say: Lost It!

After the appropriate number of mice has been caught, all players yell "Yahoo!"

To insert the "Zero mice" or in Korean, "Ppang Mari", this phrase can only be said after all the mice have been caught. For example, if a player calls out "2 mice", then the next person says, "caught it!" and the next player says "caught it", then all players should yell out "Yahoo!" or in Korean, "Mansei!". It is THEN the next player who can call out "Zero Mice" to which all players have to say "Yahoo or Mansei".

To insert the "Cat", anyone can call out "Cat" at anytime and all players must call out "Meow" immediately following.

To insert the "Backwards", a person is designated as one who can call out "Backwards" for 1 turn. Say player 1 is designated. At any given time during that round, player 1 will call out "Backwards!" and the player next to him/her, (Player 2) must use the reverse motions for "caught it" and "lost it". In other words, the motions for "caught it" and "lost it" are reversed.

Hope this helps.

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Who did Jun Hyebin replace?


*below* ahh, thank you. I kept looking at the banner and trying to figure out who's missing ^^;; lol. I stopped watching it for about a couple of months. And when I came back, Jun Hyebin was in there so I was a bit confused.

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agreed. hopefully this thread will update more often. The other one i always have to look through 3-4 pages to find it.

I dont go here often cause i dont really watch it, only when celebs i like come on, but i'll be coming here often IF i can find it lol

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Guest jojojooo

great job on the new thread for heroine 6 =) and thanks for taking the time to update and manage it! hehe.

so jeon hye bin is gonna be a regular on the show? cool. i thought she was just there while choi yuh jin(?) is just on vacation or something hehe. like bin would be a special guest for a couple of episodes.. oh well. =)

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Guest cherrybaby

thanks for making a new thread for Heroine 6...

it is more organize now...

i watch this show most of the time depending on who are the guest...

i'll come to this thread now...thanks again...

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Guest kaotsun


NEW THREAD!!!!!!!!!


man sae~~~^_^


thank u sooo much for doing this Silverwingz~

i realli lyk the way u org threads..lyk LL as well ^^




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Guest silverwingz

:sweatingbullets: I'm finally able to post a reply!


1. Summary

2. Game Rules

3. Clubbox Links

4. Updated the additional links to episodes

Ok.. the summary I made up.. so it sounds pretty crap. I'm not very good at explaining things, you see... if anyone can come up with a better one.. then please do.. coz yeah.. my one's crap. I also added in games rules.. as coolsmurf suggested, and clubbox links. The problem is.. nowadays, no-one uploads the episodes of Heroine 6 separately from the other Happy Sunday shows.. so all the new episodes are available only with ALL the other shows attached to it in the same file.

leeyee, iRad, NaZza: In terms of a subbing team for this.. I guess I won't mind if there is one.. but as you know.. translators are very hard to get these days.. as for me.. all I can do is time.. however, I've started the Loveletter Subbing team as most of you may know... and also a Goldfish Subbing Team.. these are my two favourite shows (they're sooo funny).. so yeah.. my point is.. a subbing team for Heroine 6 isn't the most important thing to me at the moment, since I'm more interested in the other two shows. However.. if there are any translators willing to help translate Heroine 6, then I'm happy to start up a new team for this show and co-ordinate it. I've got a few great timers from the Loveletter Subbing Team who are willing to time whichever show I start a team for. You guys are great! You know who you are! :)

YamaPi <3 & hun_wun_gal: thanks for those links!! i greatly appreciate it! hopefully there won't be ANY missing episodes.. HAHA.. one day.. it might happen.. altho the chances are very slim.. i know.. but who knows?! Anyway.. thank you.. uploading does take a long time.. so thanks for the time you've put in.

jina_bing_bang & Heather: thanks for telling me about my mistakes! haha!! i'm such a clutz sometimes.. hopefully I won't make stupid mistakes that again.

desertrose281 & judisz: yep.. I made the summary of the show.. but like.. as I said before.. it's crap.. sorry.. but I think you get the gist of it, right??

Rozzy: thanks for offering to upload some of the missing episodes. and trying to find clubbox links.. AND also volunteering to time any of the shows I start a subbing team for. you're the best!

uknow_4ever: these episodes do not include subs in them.. there are softsubs for SOME of the episodes only.. and they are indicated with "(SUBS)" next to them. Episodes 103 and 104 don't have subs for them.. and I haven't seen any translations.. sorry..

ALRIGHTIE.. until next time!! Laterz!! :D

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wow! the new thread looks so neat and organized! thanks for all the hard work silverwingz, steam.boy and khai! ;) you guys are great! kudos to you! i wish there's something i can help with. too bad i don't have any old files that i can share.. :blush: but anyways, congrats for the new and improved thread! :D;)

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Guest siaoramen03

Thanks to silverwingz, steam.boy and khai for re-organising and updating this Heroine 6 thread. It look so neat and organised now.

EDIT : I have some of the old episodes, will try to upload it slowly.

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Guest makemyday

haha ahhh geez this was driving me nuts.

usually when i look for specific threads on soompi

i scroll down only looking at the left side (cause you know how it marks a little white thing if you've replied in the thread or not?)

i know i could just look in officially listed threads but i get too lazy

so anyways, the point of my story is i couldnt find this thread because they made a new one

haha but i did.

ok wow. thats all

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