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Guest Rodarte

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Guest Rodarte

tw drama

this drama aired 2006-Sept-18 to 2006-Nov-07~~ i jus recently started and we dont have a thread yet =_= (at least not to my knowledge?)


* Kingone

* Anthony Bao 包小柏

* Dean Fujioka 藤岡靛

* Ma Ru Long 馬如龍

* Li Wei Hao 李偉豪

* Angela Li 李佳豫

* Lin Yan Jun 林彥君

* Chen Wei Xuan 陳瑋萱

* Bao Wei Ming 包偉銘



  原來,鷹眼的雙親一年前離奇死亡,且過程竟與『原田夜舞』網路連載的恐怖小說完全吻合,於是鷹眼化身老師來到黑武中學臥底,誓言找出兇手。『原田夜舞』的真實身分正是黑武中學First Class的資優生,元神武。神的外在,是個有如天使般的男孩,幾乎是個完美的人類,但沒人知道,他無比孤獨的內在,是個充滿魔性的怪物。神祕的日籍轉學生『DEAN』有著謎樣的身世背景,不但頻頻躲過『原田夜舞』致命攻擊,加上神、DEAN與X班同學一毛的曖昧三角關係,嫉妒的惡火已熊熊燃起。


that is the chinese synopsis i willl translate that in a bit it's getting late and i have a headacheee... ><

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Guest ANJEE<3

ooo looks interesting so far.. the guy on the left is cute... lol.. where can i download??

and does it have eng subs or atleast traditional chinese subs??

listening to mandarin without having chinese subs to let me follow along just gives me a headache @_@"

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Guest boatswain

Synopsis from wiki.d-addicts.com:

Hei Wu High School has a rumor that says, "Xie Gui (Evil Ghost) has the Book of Witchcraft and will use it to summon the demons in hell. His evil force will swallow every human. The only person who can stop him is the legendary nightwalker, Huo Lang (Fire Fox)."

Knowing that Xie Gui has infiltrated Hei Wu High, Huo Lang quietly arrives at the school as well, right at a time when the school is experiencing a terror like no other. Series of online horror stories became a frightening reality inside Hei Wu High. According to intel, the author, Yuan Dian Ye Wu, is a student from this school. Is this connected to Xie Gui's dark force?

The school is shrouded in terror until a new teacher, Ying Yan (Eagle Eye), shows up. Ying Yan's parents died a year ago under the exact circumstance as described by one of Yuan Dian Ye Wu's online horror stories. Because of that connection, he applies to be a Hei Wu teacher in order to catch the killer.

Yuan Dian Ye Wu's real identity is Hei Wu High's First Class honor student Yuan Sheng Wu. To others, he is like an angel. But inside, he is an evil monster. The only person who manages to avoid Yuan Dian Ye Wu's fatal attacks is a mysterious Japanese transfer student named Dean. Combined that with a love triangle with X Class's Yi Mao makes Yuan Sheng Wu's fire of jealousy burn out of control.

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i just finish watching^^ i love it^^ dean is so cute... his mandarin xD

if anyone wanna watch.. its in the clubbox under my signature ^^

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Guest iSayOink

wow! it came out last year!!

how come no one talked about it??? > .<

looks interesting though!

a high school drama for once! X]

(most were college or adult based lol)

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