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[Drama 2020] Don't Let Go of Your Mind, 놓지마 정신줄


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JTBC Drama

Don't Let Go of Your Mind

놓지마정신줄 hashtag on Twitter

Network: JTBC

Episodes: 10

Genre: sitcom

Airdate: July 31st, 2020 (for SEEZN)

August 6th,2020 (for JTBC)

Airtime: Thursdays @ 18:00 KST




The new sitcom will be based on a popular webtoon of the same name that has been continued for 10 years. The webtoon has been loved for sharing stories from the ordinary lives of families in a fun and engaging way.




Jung Sang Hoon as Jung Gwa Jang


Lee Hyun Yi as Mother


Lee Jin Hyuk as Jung Shin

Lee Jin Hyuk is reported to be considering the role of Jung Shin, a college student who has a great physique but can be a little out of it most of the time. His family never really knows what’s going on in his head but he runs an online broadcast by himself where he shares secrets about his family.


Lee Sun Min as Jung Joo Ri





Press conference:



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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2020] Don't Let Go of Your Mind, 놓지마 정신줄 - Jung Sang Hoon, Lee Hyun Yi & Lee Jin Hyuk

JTBC PLUS | 2020. 05. 21.


Jung Sang Hoon, Lee Jinhyuk confirm presence in new sitcom of Studio Lululala


A funny and "insane" family is about to show up on TV.
Recently, Studio Lululala confirmed their cooperation with Kt Seezn to co-produce the TV sitcom "Don't Let Go Of The Mental Rope" and is in talks to discuss the broadcasting schedule on JTBC channel.
"Don't Let Go Of The Mental Rope" is adapted from a popular long-standing same-name webtoon that attracted 2 billion views in the 10 past years. The sitcom tells about the happy and pleasant daily life of an "insane" family. The main characters that have unusual charms without following typical character stereotypes like the mother who is good at cooking or the hard-working highschool senior promise to bring daily life moments filled with laughter for audiences.
The sitcom is expected to attract growing expectations from the audience as it not only maximizes the popular factor of the original which almost achieved the perfect voting score but also adds intriguing things only found in TV series.
At present, "Don't Let Go Of The Mental Rope" has confirmed the presence of the actors namely Jung Sang Hoon, Lee Hyun Yi, Lee Jinhyuk, Lee Soo Min, Kwon Hyun Bin, and Hong Bi Ra.
All-round actor Jung Sang Hoon and model-TV artist Lee Hyun Yi will take on the role of the father surnamed Jung - a senior section manager with a shy, girly soul hidden in him, owning a personal blog - and the mother who is the head of the family with a mysterious past.
In the sitcom, Lee Jinhyuk plays Jung Shin - the older brother owning a bright look yet a somewhat eccentric personality, while Lee Soo Min takes on the role of Jung Joo Ri - a playful, energetic high school girl and also Jung Shin's sister.
Kwon Hyun Bin will show a new charm when he transforms into Ki Young Sang Do - the leader of the idol group Jibang Five and also Jung Joo Ri's idol. In addition, rookie Hong Bi Ra will play Alice Kim - the innocent, pure tycoon's daughter that always follows Jung Shin.
On the other hand, Studio Lululala is producing and distributing a wide variety of content of boundless genres such as live music shows, dramas, entertainment programs on platforms such as TV, OTT, digital, etc. This unit has created many successful digital contents such as Workman, Wassup Man. Currently, Studio Lululala is under JTBC studios, which includes many film and television production labels such as Drama House, Zium Content, BA Entertainment, Perfect Storm, etc.



Reporter Cho Yeon Gyeong cho.yeongyeong@jtbc.co.kr
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive




JTBC PLUS | 2020. 05. 24.


Kwon Hyunbin plays leader of idol group in new family sitcom


Kwon Hyunbin has been cast in the new family sitcom "Don't Lose Your Mind".

Sitcom "Don't Lose Your Mind" is co-produced by Studio Lululala under JTBC Studio and KTseezn, and is being discussed to air on JTBC.

"Don't Lose Your Mind" is based on the original webtoon series of the same name with 2 billion views throughout the past 10 years. This is a family sitcom revolving around the relatable and comical daily life of a "chaotic" family.

In the drama, Kwon Hyunbin plays Ki Young Sang Do - the leader of idol group G.Vang 5 and the idol of Lee Soo Min (as Jung Joo Ri).

Through this work, not only will Kwon Hyunbin demonstrate the presence that lives up to a reputable idol with pure visuals, but he will also have the opportunity to challenge himself with funny and artful acting.

Previously, Kwon Hyunbin perfectly played a "swaggy" kindergarten teacher in the drama "Borg Mom" (MBC), proving his potential as an actor. Recently, he is working diligently in his acting career when starring in the dramas "Girl's World" and "Café Kilimanjaro"

Kwon Hyunbin has been acknowledged for his excellent rapping ability when participating in the show "Produce 101 season 2" (Mnet) and operating in group JBJ. Therefore, fans are eager to see which character he will play in this sitcom series.


Reporter Hwang So Young /hwang.soyoung@jtbc.co.kr
Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive

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