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Min Hyo Rin Opens Up About Big Bang′s Taeyang

Min Hyo Rin has shared that she has been dating Big Bang’s Taeyang for a while, but that they have broken up once during their relationship.

During the May 11 episode of MBC’s Radio Star, Min Hyo Rin opened up about her relationship with Big Bang member Taeyang.


Min Hyo Rin appeared on the May 11 episode of Radio Star and the MCs took the opportunity to ask about her relationship. When MC Kyuhyun asked how far into the relationship they were in when the dating rumors appeared, Min Hyo Rin truthfully replied, “It had been a while,” and also stated, ”We broke up once in the middle.”

The actress also shared about contacting YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk in regards to Taeyang and her relationship.

Meanwhile, Min Hyo Rin and Taeyang have been dating openly since they confirmed their relationship in the summer of 2015.


Kim Gu Ra disses J.Y. Park on 'Radio Star,' saying they wanted Suzy

Kim Gu Ra was relentless against J.Y. Park from the start of MBC's 'Radio Star' on May 11!

On this day, J.Y. Park stated, "Since returning home, G.Soul only did the music that matched his color and was not greatly exposed.  Now there's only a year left before he goes to the military.  I thought that this was a shame, so I personally requested to the production crew to let him appear [on the show], and was told he had to be on standby for a month.  But I was told that if I appear with him, tweaking their schedule was possible, so I appeared."  What a subtle boast.  Also, wonder how that makes G.Soul sitting there feel.


Kim Gu Ra dissed him, correcting him with, "The person we wanted was Suzy [not you]. Then we would even listen to three songs by G.Soul," causing laughter.


Jo Kwon reveals which JYP artist used to have a crush on Min Hyo Rin

On the May 11 airing of MBC's 'Radio Star,' Jo Kwon dropped a bomb on a poor, unsuspecting member of the JYP family as is the duty of a brother.  A mischievous brother.

Jo Kwon said, "In the past, G.Soul liked Min Hyo Rin," then even revealed text messages that Min Hyo Rin had sent to G.Soul in the past.  



G.Soul denied this, saying that he could not recall this.  However, there were multiple texts exchanged between the two that Jo Kwon was exposing, so he finally acknowledged this with, "I like all pretty girls.  I remember everything," causing laughter.

Way to sell a brother out on public TV with Min Hyo Rin sitting right there.



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Guest adikkeluangman

Min Hyo Rin jokes that she can't be a singer because of Suzy

Min Hyo Rin reminisced about her debut as a singer during her appearance on the May 11 broadcast of 'Radio Star'!

On this day, she revealed, "I debuted as a ballad singer nine years ago.  At the time, there weren't a lot of people active as both a singer and actor.  I didn't do well as a singer, so the agency asked me if I wanted to try acting properly," revealing how she ended up being primarily active as an actress.


She added, "I still have the [desire to be a singer].  I want to be a singer, but it can't happen unless it is profitable [or advantageous] for Suzy, right?" and laughed.  The MCs asked jokingly if she dissed Suzy and she, giggling, admitted to it like the cutie that she is.




Did J.Y. Park know about Min Hyo Rin's relationship with Taeyang from the very beginning?

J.Y. Park and Min Hyo Rin were two of the guests on the May 11 episode of 'Radio Star,' where they talked in great detail about the latter's romantic relationship with Big Bang's Taeyang. 

Min Hyo Rin admitted that she was quite surprised when news articles first publicized her relationship with Taeyang, despite claiming to know that the articles on her relationship would be published. She spilled to the MC panel, "I was surprised when I saw the articles. At the time, [Taeyang and I] met quite often. We split up once but reconnected and it was at that time the pictures [of us] were published. I actually had an inkling that the articles would go out the day before they came out." 



J.Y. Park added his two cents, saying, "After the articles were out, I spoke with Yang Hyun Suk on the phone. Since [Taeyang and Min Hyo Rin] were meeting well, we decided to publicly acknowledge their relationship. When relationship rumors start, companies talk amongst themselves. It would have been disappointing if we acknowledged [the relationship] but the other party didn't." 

When the MCs questioned him how long he's known about Min Hyo Rin and Taeyang's relationship, J.Y. Park responded, "There are no secrets between us. I knew since the very beginning." Naturally, the MCs were curious about whether Yang Hyun Suk also knew about the relationship from the start. Min Hyo Rin answered vaguely, "From what I understand, he knew about [the relationship]." 


Min Hyo Rin criticized for showing too much skin on 'Radio Star'

Viewers have expressed discomfort toward Min Hyo Rin's sexy outfit on 'Radio Star'. 

On May 11, Min Hyo Rin appeared on the MBC talk show along with fellow JYP artists J.Y. Park, Jo Kwon, and G.Soul. She received great attention for her honest talk, including about her relationship with Big Bang's Taeyang, past JYP trainee days, and more. 


However, not all the attention proved to be positive. Min Hyo Rin is being criticized for the top she wore on the show. Her off-shoulder top greatly exposed her shoulders, at times making it look like she was not wearing anything when the captions on the bottom of the screen covered her top. 

Viewers commented, "She should be more thoughtful about her outfits and the occasion for it. This isn't the red carpet", "It was uncomfortable to watch. It looked like it was about to slip off", "Was it really necessary to dress like that for a talk show..?", and more. 

Min Hyo Rin does look very sexy and beautiful in her off-shoulder top, but maybe it wasn't completely appropriate for 'Radio Star'. 


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Guest adikkeluangman

Why did Taeyang recommend Min Hyo Rin for his '1AM' MV?

It seems like Big Bang's Taeyang was first to show interest in Min Hyo Rin!

Many fans are already aware that the celebrity couple first met through Taeyang's "1AM" MV back in 2014. Min Hyo Rin elaborated more on her first encounter with Taeyang on the recent episode of 'Radio Star' aired on May 11. 


Min Hyo Rin said, "I didn't know him at all but I was offered a role for his MV." To this, Kim Gu Ra asked, "Did he recommend that they cast you for the female lead?" She then explained the reason for Taeyang's recommendation and said, "He said he was impressed by my role in the movie 'Sunny'." 

Min Hyo Rin's extremely pretty character Young Soo Ji in 'Sunny' must have stolen Taeyang's heart, and everyone else's!


JYP Reveals G.Soul Was Supposed To Play Kim Soo Hyun’s Role In “Dream High”

Park Jin Young reveals that he initially envisioned G.Soul as the male lead of hit drama series “Dream High.”

On the May 11 broadcast of MBC “Radio Star,” G.Soul explains why he ended up spending 15 years in the United States instead of debuting. He says that up until the U.S. financial crisis in 2008, Korean artists were being well-received in the United States. After the economy plummeted, a lot of production companies called it quits.


Park Jin Young shares, “I was worried about G.Soul, and that’s how I came to write a portion of a drama storyline. It became ‘Dream High.’ I thought that if we made G.Soul the lead and then sent him back to America, his probability of success would be high.”

However, G.Soul declined the offer. Jo Kwon also chimes in, “I also got a call, but I was at the time not interested in acting or dramas.” The role would ultimately be filled by Kim Soo Hyun.

“In the end, Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy took the roles. Kim Soo Hyun played G.Soul’s role,” Park Jin Young says.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Park Jin Young highly compliments Min Hyo Lin for her sense of humor

Park Jin Young highly complimented Min Hyo Lin for her sense of humor.

On May 11th, Park Jin Young and Min Hyo Lin appeared on channel MBC's 'Radio Star' as special guests with G.SOUL and Jo Kwon.


Regarding Min Hyo Lin, Park Jin Young said, "Hyo Lin is one of the most hilarious people around me. However, she would never appear on any variety programs if she does not know everyone in person."

Park Jin Young also said, "I just hope that she would show the true side of her on this program at least once today. I am predicting that she should start getting better as she starts appearing on more and more variety shows. Everyone will be able to see how hilarious she can get after about a year."

Min Hyo Lin said, "Park Jin Young recently asked the production team of one other variety show to not cut me out for one year at least."

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon told that G.SOUL's personality has changed a lot after studying in the U.S.


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