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Removing cigarette smell out of your hair without washing it

Polka Dot

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Hi guys,


I'm looking for a product that removes cigarette smell/food smell out of your hair without washing it. Whenever I have a stroll in my neighborhood (I live in Paris, France), my hair picks up all kind of unpleasant odors (cigarette smell from smokers, food smell from the restaurants, maybe pollution smell too lol).


I wash my hair twice a week and don't want to wash it more often. I tried dry shampoo (batiste classic), applying vodka, blow drying cold air, but none of this is really effective. I'm not into diy stuff like applying baking soda/baby powder or essential oils, and looking for a product that gets rid of the unpleasant smells, without masking it (so, not a hair perfume),  and ideally with a discrete or no fragrance.


Thanks a lot if you have any suggestions :)

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