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Guest babossagaji

Fantasy GenreI just read the preview from Tokyo Pop Manga..but I think it was from 2003? Can't really remember but I've read that they're still working on Vol. 4 only and it's by two American mangkas.


Megan Amano, the book’s main character, is a "typical Los Angeles girl, attending college and spending a good time of her afternoons in therapy." But right on the first page of ShutterBox, you see something darker is happening in this story. A mysterious boy drowns himself, and Megan goes places in her dreams. She sees dead people. No, really. She goes to Merridiah University, the afterlife’s best college. Usually only the dead get to study there, but Megan’s an exception. She’s a ShutterBox exchange student, and she gets to study the same things all Merridiah students learn—how to become a muse. Laced in with Megan’s journey through the real world and that of Merridiah are fantastical, supernatural images and the occasional theological discussion. The students, clad in Victorian dress, are eerily familiar to those voices you hear in your head, and the therapist definitely reminds me of some of my own sessions...And all the hidden imagery keeps me twitchy and discovering new things with each reading. Don’t worry, though--the clever puns and fun illustrations keep this manga light, although with some dark overtones. All in all, ShutterBox reminds you of the power of suggestion and imagination, and will leave you clamoring to know more. Why does Megan need her camera, and what is the spirit that possesses it? Who is the mysterious boy, and why did he kill himself?

*credits to http://www.tokidokijournal.com/manga/shutterbox/

Volumes: 6 (Ongoing) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=20961Published by: Tokyopop
I can't find a place to dl the manga...or maybe I should just buy it. It's so intersting!

Here you can find previews and pictures of it.

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Guest Demllequ

wow nobody has replied yet for this thread and its been 2 years...

anyway i saw this ad in one of tokyopop's translated manga's hmm i will check it out

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Guest xdeathberry

Don't think you can d/l it anywhere.

It's by Americans, so really, no translation = no d/ls

But it's a good manga though.

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