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[ Upcoming Mainland Chinese Movie 2018 ][Catman / Myo Sung In 我爱喵星人 ] Wu qian and Oh sehun

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Chinese -- 我爱喵星人

Name-- Catman 

Directed by -- Park Hee-Gon

Starring -- Wu Qian

                    Oh Sehun

Distributed by-- Boston E&M -Croton Media

Running time : 90 mins

Country : China- South Korea

Language: Mandarin



Wu Qian as Miao Xiao Wan

Oh Sehun as Liang Qu/Catman

Song Wei Long as Miao Xing Ren

Li Xin Liang/Li Rise as Jeff

Ju Jingyi as Molly

Xuke as Momo

Chen Handian

Liu De-kai

Xu Jiaqi as Vivian

Yu Bo

Sun Ning

Roy Liu



The movie is described as a romantic fantasy in which a half cat, half human male and a woman who develops apps live together. The main female character is developing an app to translate cat sounds. The main male character is an animal behaviorist who specializes in felines and has been living as a half cat, half human due to a magic spell. He appears chic and cold but has a unexpected “healing charisma” that “melts wounded hearts.”



Filming began on March 21, 2016 and took place in Seoul and Busan, South Korea. Filming finished on May 9


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Wu qian ❤ Sehun


At first this movie was scheduled to release in winter 2017. But sadly no new update. 

I'm dying to watch this movie. 

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