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[Web Drama 2017] Last Minute Romance, 막판로맨스


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Last minute romance

Resultado de imagen para 막판로맨스



  • Hangul: 막판로맨스

  • Type:  Drama

  • Episodes:  10

  • Airs:  Oct 23 to nov 3 2017

  • Network:  jTBC

  • Duration:  15 min.



It tells the story of a woman named Baek Se. Other than being obsessed with top star celebrities, she lives a relatively normal life, until she receives a diagnosis of a terminal illness. Shen then gets involved in a contract romance with a man named Dong Joon.


Lee Seo Won

Han Seung Yeon


source: mydramalist







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It just aired and it looks really cute! We're going to be recapping this one over on Bah+Doo. Not sure if we can do it everyday (new episodes every day), but I already did the first one so I'll try and post it tomorrow!


The second episode is already out on NaverTV so we'll try and do that one asap as well!

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Here is episodes 2 recap! I will put the text here, I took the images out to save on upload speed. But you can check out the text with images at the link.




Dong-joon is at his audition and is jumping around like a fool on stage and screaming something. The few people in the audience do not look impressed. The director asks for something different and when DJ does it, the director asks for something totally different. So then DJ starts to act completely different then the director tells him that this is an audition for Romeo and Juliet, not something strange. He sends a Juliet actor to the stage and asks DJ to pull his hair back to show his forehead. The director thinks he looks better that way.

Cut to DJ looking absolutely ridiculous with his hair tied on top of his head, lol. Juliet is doing a good job acting as Juliet, but DJ is absolutely horrible as Romeo. He is super super duper horrible as a Romeo. He is stuttering and jerky and moving in an awkward way. He is just bad bad bad.


DJ wears a black mask and walks up to the bus stop that has JSW all over it. He looks at JSW and sighs. Then he sits down. Flashback to his talk with the director. The director says it’s okay, it can happen. Dj says he can do everything except melodrama acting. The director tells him that it is okay, he doesn’t have to be good at Melo’s but he has his own secret weapon. The director sees big potential in DJ because when he pulled his hair back he looked just like JSW. But instead of making DJ happy, it made him uncomfortable. The director wants to put DJ face on the poster so all of JSW’s fans will be hooked and come to the screening. The director thinks the play will be a smashing success if they do that.

Cut back to DJ at the bus stop looking annoyed. He rips one of the posters of JSW and says, “Why do I look like this!” while holding his face in his hands.

It is the aftermath of the audition and the monk and Baek-sae are both sitting there looking exhausted. The monk says that a lot of strange people live in this world and she hopes they all go to Heaven. Baek is sorry that the monk missed her Buddhist service to come to the interview event. It looks like they didn’t find anyone, maybe? She feels sad that she made a monk do a crazy thing like that. But her friend says it’s okay because she enjoyed it. Then she invites her friend for a tour of the country. But Baek said that is okay because she has a night shift tonight.

Her friend wonders when she will quit since her health is bad and the friend says she will see.

It will be $30,000 for DJ to get plastic surgery in order to look just a little different from JSW. The surgeon says it is not easy. he already looks like JSW so how can he make him look better? DJ said he is not trying to be more handsome, just different. Whatever look is okay with him. The doctor is all like, um, plastic surgery isn’t like playing with PlayDo. He can’t just make him uglier, it’s against his ethics.

Someone is drawing a cartoon with a comment bubble that says, “Special love.” his name is Ga-young. I think this is DJ’s friend possibly. The friend finishes and gets up and starts shadow boxing. DJ comes back and plops on the couch. He looks at the doctor’s report and says that it costs $30,000 to get this surgery. His friend snatches the doctor’s report/estimate away and says, “Wow, you even got an estimate. You are crazy.”

DJ – Hyung, I envy you.
GY – Why, do you want me to fix your nose?
DJ – Stop it, I’m serious, just knock it off.
GY – Hey, don’t try to change your face, just go easy. Your face is made for melodrama’s so just do Melo’s only.
DJ – JSW is doing all the melodramas, we look the same, should I copy what he is doing also?
GY – In Korea, if you don’t do melodramas you are nothing.

Then his friend hops on him and starts smooshing his face in a play fighting kind of way. Aw, they look like really good friends.

It is kind of spooky and late at night. This scene feels so Halloween-ish. The monk goes into the temple and looks around. She has something in her arms, a JSW poster perhaps? She gets to business and pulls out several objects. A statue of JSW, a sitting pillow, a match & candle, and a banner that says, “I want a different person, but the same face.” She prays all night to Buddha, she is almost fainted she prays so much. Then something starts shaking and DJ wakes up.

DJ goes to the bridge by himself with the black face mask on. He is happy at first, but then he sees a huge billboard of JSW and is all like, come on man, seriously? He sees the hotline phone and kicks it. But then he puts the ringer back and as he puts it back he reads the telephone. It says, “Are you having a hard time? I will listen to your story.”

Baek-sae is kissing JSW tiny picture at work (lol for days) and then the phone rings.

BS – Hello this is Lifeline, what can I do for you?
DJ – Ah, well, actually, is it okay to call you if I have some hardships in my life?
BS – Yes sir, I’m sorry, but I can’t hear you so well, can you speak up a little
DJ – Ah, because my mind is heavy with worries so I called you
BS – Yes sir, it is okay, you can tell me comfortably
DJ – No, not that, it is just because I really hate my face
(She starts writing what she thinks of him, 20-year-old male, negative about his looks)
BS – not everyone can be satisfied with their looks. Someone like JSW, who is perfect, may have an unsatisfied part of his face
(He looks so angry)
BS – More important than your loo~
(Oh my gosh, he looses his ever loving mind)
DJ – JSW, JSW, JSW! It’s always because of JSW! It said when I have a hard time to call this number! DO I EVEN HAVE TO HEAR ABOUT JSW ON THIS PHONE! ARGHHH!
BS – I am sorry that you feel upset
DJ – Ah, I’m JSW, my life is so hard because I look like JSW
(her eyes get super big)
BS – what? Look-alike? JSW look-alike?
DJ – Because I look so much like him, my life is so hard.
BS – So you hate your face because it looks just like JSW, that’s what you said?

DJ – Yes, that’s true. I’m sorry. Goodbye.

She looks at the CCTV, but can’t really see what he looks like too well. So homegirl takes off running to the bridge, lol. She thinks she is crazy, why is she doing this, he shouldn’t really look like JSW. But as she gets closer and closer to him, she realizes that he looks exactly like JSW. She even imagines that he turns in slow motion toward her with a sexy smile. She is so happy. He thinks she is a bit crazy and tells her to knock it off/go away.

But then, he sees that her name tag is from the Lifeline Hotline.


End of Episode

Her – We both have what we want from each other, so this is win-win
Him – Uh~
Her – I will wait for you to look just like JSW.
He tries to look exactly like JSW with a birthmark under his eye and everything. His Hyung even thinks he is just like JSW, it is perfect.
Him – I will sign the contract.

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