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I have been watching running man for so long and its so sad to hear it'll be done this year. I just thought it would be cool if the fans of running man made a petition or sent an email to the pds (producers) of running man asking if we could have the last month of running man to include their old games and their old cast like lizzy, song joong ki, and kang Gary with the new cast. I'm sure it would bring tears to all of our eyes. It would be cool to see them chasing team, the hot pants, the heartbeat game, find the guest(or find gary, lizzy, and joong ki), and etc. I'm sure we could all find more games but I hope that we all see this in their episodes. It would make us bawl our eyes out. I know they stopped the games for a reason like injuries and stuff but I'm sure it would be okay to see it one last time since it'll be over soon. Please share this or email them and if you guys made a petition please please put the link down below. Or if they have a social media(I don't use anything besides this and Snapchat and YouTube) please also put that down below so we could notify them. Thanks!

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