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Kim Min Jong 김민종

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cine3.jpgPROFILE Name : Kim Min Jong 김민종 Date of Birth : March 23, 1971 Constellation : Aries Birthplace : Seoul, Korea Education : Graduated from "Seoul Art College" Body size : 179cm, 65kg Blood type : O type (Universal donor) Family : Parents, One older brother, Two older sisters Nickname : Big Eyes Religion : Buddhism Hobby : Exercise Favorite Exercise : Squash, Skiing and so on. Favorite Foods : "Dduk Bbok Ki (spicy rice cakes)" and Beanpaste Pot Stew Favorite Drinks : Coffee and Milk Dislike Foods : Western foods Favorite Color : Black Playing Instrument : Guitar Favorite Phrase : "Do well!" The Things Most Loved : Parents, My albums, movies and dramas The Most Impressed Film : Al Pacino 's The Godfather Favorite Animal : Puppy Dislike Animal : Snake When He Have No Schedule : Doing exercise, Meeting friends Dislike Thing : Complex situation, Traffic congestion Wish : I'd like to be healthy and happy forever and get fan's love forever. AWARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS: 2001 The Good Actor Prize in SBS Drama Special 2001 Top Ten Popular Star Prize in SBS Drama Award 2001 The Pop Ballad Prize SBS Song Festival 2000 The Big Star Prize in SBS Drama Award 1999 The Singer Of The Year Prize in KBS Song Festival 1998 The Singer Of The Year Prize in KBS Song Festival 1996 Most Popular Actor Prize in 17th "Blue Dragon Film Award FILMOGRAPHY: DRAMA: 2006 Hyena 2005 Our Stance Towards Separation 2004 Island Village Teacher 2002-2003 Pearl Necklace 2001 Guardian Angel 2000 Secret What About Me? (TV Special) Winter Rainbow (TV Special) 1999 Are You In Love? 1999 Ghost 1998 Mr. Q 1997 Wedding Dress 1996-1997 A Far And Away Nation 1996 Legend and Defiance (Mini-Drama) 1996 Apartment 1994-1995 Son's Lover 1994 Feeling/Neukkim 느낌 1993 Passion Years *Jojo's drama reviews: [X]|[X] MOVIES: 2005 The Windmill Palm Grove 2003 Romantic Assassins 2003 Mr. Butterfly 2002 Family 2001 The Beauty In Dream 2001 This Is Law 2000 Pisces 1998 2 P.M. Saturday 1997 The Last Defence Cop 1997 The Trio 1997 Holiday in Seoul 1997 Change 1996 The Gate of Destiny 1995 Returned Hero Hong Kil-Dong 1995 An Afternoon of the Doggish Day 1995 A Hot Roof 1994 Coffee, Copy, Copi 1993 Orange Country 1992 A Watchman of Heart 1992 An Autumn Journey 1991 Resistance of Teenagers 1991 To You Once Again 1990 Just Because You Are A Woman 1990 Young-Shimyi 1990 Well, It's A Secret DISCOGRAPHY: credits Queenie Leo @ soompi 2005 OST - Movie 'Windmill Palm Grove' 2003 8th album - Like A Fool 2002 OST - Movie 'Family' 2001 7th album - You Are My Life 2000 6th album - WHY 1999 OST - KBS Drama 'Do You Love?' 1999 5th album - Destiny 1998 4th album - Love 1996 3rd album - The Sad Path to Return to Heaven 1993 2nd album - Under the Sky 1992 1st album - Love and Forever Story FAN-SITES: likeneverbefore.gif Beka's kmj3mjnet

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^ I cannot agree more ^_^

I just looOOoooove his voice too.... :wub:

Here's some photos & pictures ^_^




credit : minjong.net

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Guest melpbecky2

Hi. The island teacher village has been shown in Vietnam. I love KMJ so much in this drama. When I though he died in the last episode, I cried. It' so great that this drama has a happy ending.

By the way, jojo - have you been around? I don't know your new username but it's me - vu thuy hoa from Vietnam. Let me know when you come to this thread, will you?

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Guest Queenie Leo

Hello to all

Oh dear...didn't come in here for one day...and KMJ's thread had gone.

Nevermind let us start to post again...

Thank so much to ay_link for starting a thread for Kim Min Jong...

glad to see !!

OK...let us work together and start a NEW thread for our Min Jong shii !!

Keep posting....Ajah !! ...Fighting !!

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Guest Queenie Leo

Kim Min Jong is a good singer too !!

He had released eight individual album...

three OST album...and some group album.


*source from skylove

1st album - Love and Forever Story (1992)

2nd album - Under the Sky (1993)

3rd album - The Sad path to return to Heaven (1996)

4th album - Love (1998)

5th album - Destiny (1999)

6th album - WHY (2000)

7th album - You Are My Life (2001)

8th album - Babochorom/Like A Fool (2003)

Ost - KBS Drama 'Do You Love' (1999)

Ost - Movie 'Family' (2002)

Ost - Movie 'Windmill Palm Grove' (2005)

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Guest Queenie Leo

Re-post an article...to know more on Min Jong shii !!

The Story of Kim Min Jong

PART 1...

What the MEN said about Min Jong

**According to Shin Seung Hoon (Korean male singer)

Min Jong is my best friend and a brother whom I can trust and depend on. (Min Jong acted in his 9th album music video for no money.)

**According to Kang Ta (At his birthday party with fans.....)

I love Min Jong more than my own brother. He was always beside me when I had a hard time. I'd like to be alike Min Jong and Shin Seoung Hoon. In case of Min Jong, I like his character ....feel,manly and purity."

**According to Ryu Si Won (Acted in drama “Secret(Bimil)”)

He has known Min Jong for more than 10 years. He said: “Min Jong is my brother forever and I love him. His problem is my problem.

**According to Kim Sa Hyun (Producer of drama "Secret(Bimil)")

It is hard to find an actor like Min Jong. He is that good.

**According to Kim Bo Sung(acted as 500won in Guardian Angel)is planning to establish his poem book.

He wrote poem for Min Jong which title is "Kim Min Jong" to thank Min Jong’s friendship and what a great friend he has been to him. It's hot issue in korea and people envy their relationship.

**According to Yun Da Hoon(acted in Guardian Angel)

One of best things that happen in my life is knowing Min Jong. When I’m hurt, Min Jong shares my hurt.

**According to Park Su Hong (A comedian)

Min Jong is really a man who can share each other's inmost heart.

**According to Lim Hyun Jae(A singer and actor in Hong Kong)

Min Jong is handsome and sings well too.

**According to Shin Hyun Joon (Who acted with Min Jong in drama "Wedding Dress")

Min Jong is so kind to everyone. It is usually an advantage for him. However, it can be a disadvantage sometimes……

**According to Duk Hwa Yu (When Min Jong appeared as guest singer for his concert...)

I never seen a handsome person like Min Jong.

**According to Taiwan Reporter (Who interviewed Min Jong)

Most entertainers' real faces are not handsome or pretty as much as on the screen. However, Min Jong is a different case. He is even more handsome in real world than on screen. His color of face is almost white and the line of his face is delicacy.

Those things give an exotic attractiveness to him. His deep and big eyes are his best attractive part of his face.

He also has the best physical structure for Asian people.

**According to Hae Huw Kwon (Who is an actor...), (In Some Entertainment Show..)

I had many chances to meet Min Jong and every time I see him, I realize that he always makes people feel happy and comfortable and he is a very healthy guy physically and mentally too.

**According to Lee Chang Hoon (Who acted with Min Jong in drama "Faraway Nation")

I have been known Min Jong for more than 10years. We started our entertainment life with CF and we also gained popularity at similar time, and Min Jong became a singer too. Everytime I see him, I realized that he still remains a good person, because I saw a lot of people who changed their mind or personality after they got popularity. However, Min Jong is always the same. He is always kind, gentle, and he always tries to be the best person in all parts of his life. That's why everyone call him an all around entertainer.

**According to An Jae Mo (An actor...)

I am really sad that I don’t have any chance to meet Min Jong and have a drink with him because he is my idol. He is also a senior of my high school(AnYang High School). He is always my idol in my life. I always watched his movie and drama and I also sing

his songs all the time when I go to karaoke.

**According to Park Yong Ha(Actor in Winter Sonata), (In some talk show which called "Saturday Star Club")

Sim Hae Jin(MC): When I first heard the song in "Guardian Angel", I thought it is Min Jong because your voice and singing style is so similar with Min Jong.

Lee Sung Mi(MC): Yeah, I also thought it is Min Jong especially in first part of the song. However, I started to think again when the song went to climax part because the voice isn’t really Min Jong's, so I was curious about the singer.

Park Yong Ha: Oh, the similar voice and singing style may happened because I really like Min Jong's voice and his singing style. When I was in the 7th grade, Min Jong's first album came out. I usually like to sing "For Another Begining" or "To You" a lot. And I still enjoy singing his songs when I go to karaoke. Therefore, I just follow his singing style in the song.

Sim Hae Jin(MC): I think that Min Jong usually sings his drama's title song, so I think he may be angry about this time that you took his job.

Did he show any anger about that?"

Park Yong Ha: At first time, it was a total secret. Everyone didn't know about that even Min Jong. I am sure he will not be angry about that, but I still felt sorry about it. Therefore, I told him that the singer of the song is actually me. As I expected, he didn't show any anger. He told me that it is ok and he encouraged me to work harder from now.

Ji Suk Jin(MC): Do you have intimate relationship with Min Jong?

Park Yong Ha: In my perspective, the answer is yes, but I don't really know about Min Jong's mind. I liked him so much. Basically, I was his fan and after I became an actor, I met a reporter and he asked me who is my favorite actor, then I said it is Min Jong.

**According to Lee Moon Sae(Who is a singer and MC), (At his talk show.....)

Lee Moon Sae: Today's first guest of the show is a person who is so kind and good person and i feel it will be a great time with him on this stage.

He is also an actor, singer, and CF star, but i think he sings so well, and i want to introduce him as a great singer. Ladies and Gentlemen~!

Today's star~! Kim Min Jong~!

Lee Moon Sae: There is a special reason why I like him as a great singer and a great person. Most people try to be kind and gentle all the time, but i know that it is so hard to do it. As much as they try, they also get criticism from media or other people a little bit. However, Min Jong never get any kinds of criticism from others. I know there is a important reason about this. What do you think about this?(looking to Min Jong for an answer)

Kim Min Jong: I am not that kind or good person. (with his shy lovely smile...^^)

Lee Moon Sae: He is an actor, singer, and CF star, and he is really a perfect all-around entertainer but i still think and believe that he is a good singer because I never seen any actor who can sing so well.

**According to a reporter (At Lotte World for interview of Min Jong)

While I was waiting Min Jong for interview, I had time to talk to a security guard and he said a good thing about Min Jong. He said that there are so many actors who came here to take pictures/movies, but he never seen a person like Min Jong. He said that Min Jong is always kind and gentle to everyone. The guard added that his daughter is Min Jong's fan so he asked to have Min Jong's signature and Min Jong didn't show any hesitation and gave a signature immediately to him. He said: “Please say my thanks to Min Jong” (And so the reporter published this news on the newspapers).

**According to Choi Sung Guk (Comedy male actor, acting with Min Jong in movie “Romantic Assassin”)

The first time when I met Min Jong, I didn’t have any particular good impression. But now, we are great friends. Min Jong is a real man. He is big-hearted and treats everyone with sincerity. I had a great time acting with him.

**According to Yoo Sang Wook, director of movie "Palm Trees"

When he sees MJ, he finds him a mystery person.

He thought to himself, when I was at his age, what are the things that I care for? And how many people did I care for?

But Min Jong is a beautiful person who "live" to "care" for others.

When all the staff were tired after a day's work, Min Jong prepared the dining place. And then he entertained them with a mini concert.

He has worked with so many stars but till now, he has not discover someone who is like Min Jong. He is always caring for other people.

Min Jong is very often signified by "wueri". Although he now wants to throw away "wueriness", but "wueri" is too deep in him. He can feel that from the light of his eyes.

Min Jong is a man who lives life with true feelings. To this man who always gives his best and never minding whatever the result, he would like to convey to him his sincere thanks.

[Article by Weiting (MJnet)]

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Guest Queenie Leo

PART 2...

What the WOMEN said about Min Jong

**According to ShinYoon Jung (Partner in drama "Passion Age")

Minjong is actually one year younger than me, but sometimes he seems like an older brother to me because of his mature personality. He also has careful and good attitude to acting. However, the best attractiveness of Min Jong is his mysterious atmosphere.

**According to Lee Ji Eun (Partner in drama "Feeling")

I am still appreciative and thankful to Min Jong because when I was acting in "feeling".

it was my first work, so I made many mistakes and I didn’t know where the cameras are. However, Min Jong didn't show any anger and annoyance. Instead, he was always trying to help and give advice to me. His gentle behavior touched me that time, and I am still thankful to him.

**According to Kim Ji Ho (Partner in drama "Apartment")

I know he always works and studies to be a great actor. He always tries to work hard on every role, and it gives a huge impression to me. He also has sharp senses and it really shows when he acts. I believe that it is the reason why he is an all-around entertainer.

**According to Kim Min (Actress in drama "Guardian Angel")

Min Jong is a best actor who cares others so much. He also makes people feel comfortable.

**According to An Yun Hong (An actress)

When I went to Duk Hwa Yu's concert, I saw a man wearing a white shirt and he was so handsome and attractive. I didn't know who he is at that time but I finally found out that he is Min Jong.

**According to Lee Sora(A female singer .)

Min Jong sang a duet “We…again” with Lee Sora. And he refused to accept any money because she is his friend. So, Lee Sora gave him a watch as a present.

She said: “I have two people whom I admire. One is Lee Moon Sae, and the other person is Min Jong.

**According to Su Ki (A Hong Kong actress, in Min Jong’s 6th album Music Video)

Min Jong sings so well and he is kind and gentle.

**According to Song Yoon Ah (Actress who acted in drama "Mr.Q"), (In some talk show...)

Yu Jung Hyun (MC):I heard that this is the first time that you act with Min Jong. Is it right? I know that he is a very funny person, and he always makes staffs to feel comfortable. Am I right?

Song Yoon Ah: Yeah! He also makes his acting partner feel comfortable too. And i think this is why we have a good acting hormony. While I act with him, I realized he is really handsome, funny and kind person.

**According to Song Hae Kyo(Partner in drama “Guardian Angel”)

Acting “Guardian Angel” with Min Jong was the most enjoyable time ever since I made my debut. In the past, I may feel lazy to go to the filming set but this thought never came to my mind during filming of “Guardian Angel”. Instead, I was always looking forward to go to work. Although this is the first time acting with Min Jong, we had a lot of chemistry so much so that I felt as if we had worked with each other many times before. If I have another chance to act with Min Jong again, I hope to act as lovers with him again because Min Jong always give people a comfortable and blessed feeling.

At another interview with Song Hae Kyo:

Reporter: You’ve said many good comments on Min Jong, what do you think of him? Did he care a lot about you when filming Guardian Angel?

Song Hae Kyo: Min Jong cares about everyone. When I’m hungry, he’ll go and buy food for me. When Kim Min feels cold, he’ll lend her his coat. He treats everyone good.

** According to Kim Jung Eun ( Korean actress, partner in movie “Butterfly”(Nabi))

Kim Jung Eun shocked reporters with her outspokenness during an interview about her movie, “Butterfly” when she spoke of her admiration for her acting partner, Kim Min Jong.

“I don’t care about scandals…Kim Min Jong is my ideal type man.” No matter how many new actors coming through…no one can match the acting passion of Min Jong. During a scene when he had to roll on the icy-cold snow under bitter winter, in order to do it better, he did it more than once. Even more admirable is even though it was so hardship acting under the shivering winter, Min Jong did not show any anger/annoyance, he even encouraged and show concern to the staff around, I am very impressed by him.

(Speaking more about Min Jong) He has got great body shape, something which I only know it now(giggling at this point)…and he also has very gentlemanly manners.

**According to Lee Seung Yen (Korean Actress and Ex-girlfriend of Min Jong)

I knew Min Jong for 10 years and we were together for 6 years. Even though we have separated, I have no bad feelings against him and now, he still cares for me as a friend.

**According to his Father (About his youngest son, Min Jong....)

Most youngest child usually behave like a spoilt child and act facetious, but Min Jong is different. He was so mature at young age.

**According to his Mother

Min Jong grew as a good boy. He is the youngest child, but he usually gave most of things to his older brothers and sisters.

In regard to woman (In Vietnam magazine interview)

Min Jong said he’s an easy-going and open-minded person. If he meets a suitable partner, he will also love and protect her like Guardian Angel’s character Ha Tae Wung.

However, he dislikes ostentious women.

Among the women entertainers

Min Jong is known as familiar elder or polite younger.

*credit to MJnet

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Guest Queenie Leo

PART 3...


He likes drinking with friends together and he has many bottle companions. But he is more of a social drinker than a heavy drinker. But he can’t sing the high note if he drinks the day before, so he usually don’t drink when he has singing schedules.

Min Jong sang a song at Song Hae Kyo’s fan meeting session. This is what one Hae Kyo’s fan wrote on Song Hae Kyo’s website:

I saw Min Jong first time in meeting. He was more good-looking(in real person) than I thought and he was so kind. He was not youngest among the guests but he filled drinks for the guests. I was impressed by him.

A message left on Min Jong’s board by Lee Seung Yen’s fan

In the past, I was not Min Jong’s fan. I loved Lee Seung Yen. I like Min Jong only because he loves Lee sincerely. But now, I like Min Jong very much because I realized he’s very talented. I’m very sad that they had separated as lovers. Every time, when I read their love stories in the newspapers, it always brought tears to my eyes. I think they are born for each other.

Newspapers wrote about Min Jong’s movie “Family” preview:

So many stars came to give their support for Kim Min Jong’s movie “Family” preview. The atmosphere is almost similar to attending a star’s wedding. Most stars have no more than 5 guests for such occasions but Min Jong is different. This shows that he has very good relationships with many people.

Min Jong visits Angel orphanage, one volunteer who saw Min Jong there said:” Kim Min Jong is so cool and the teachers there love him more than the children there.”

Min Jong didn't announce about his visit to orphanage in any newspapers.

One volunteer wrote her experience in one board website and one korean fan saw her comment. Most entertainers announce to newspapers about their good job to make good articles. BUT Min Jong didn't do like that.

One camera staff of Guardian Angel got hurt after filming Guardian Angel and Min Jong visited him in hospital. A girl who is at the same time visiting her friend who happened to be in the same ward said: “Kim Min Jong is so nice, he even came to cheer up my friend.”

Min Jong is a faithful Buddhist. When he’s not filming, he will always wear a necklace bearing the design of a Buddhist cross and a wristlet. He believes that he might have received spotlight as both singer and actor because Buddha takes unseen care of him.

Besides acting and singing well, Min Jong is also good in taekwando(many film directors commented that Min Jong is good in action films) and boxing and plays guitar. He enjoys squash and snow skiing. He likes speed so he goes for motorcycle and zetski. He also knows racing cars and horse-riding.

Song “Under the sky”

Min Jong likes the sky. So songs like “Under the sky” and “The Blue” were often mentioned when we talk about Kim Min Jong. So does the movie “The sad path to return to heaven”. It is also why his official fan site is named as “Skylove”.

When he has no filming schedules, he likes to travel to the mountains and visit temples, or exercise and visit friends.

The song “Under the sky” was collected in Min Jong’s 2nd album. Many people thought it was a love song because it was so sad and beautiful but it was actually written by Min Jong for his senior who had passed away. This senior came to see Min Jong and died in a car accident on his way home. Min Jong was the last person to see him alive and he was very upset about it. He said: “I can’t forget him”.

The song “The last present”(2nd album) was written by Min Jong after he heard a true story from a buddhist priest. It was a very sad story between a convict who was sentenced to death and his friend and Min Jong was very touched by it.

Love you for all time

Min Jong sang “Love you for all time” with Jessica Folker and this was released in his 6th(one+one) album. Jessica Folker was under Rock Records, same as Min Jong that time. Jessica first heard Min Jong’s 6th album and she said she wanted to sing a duet with him. The recording was done just once and Jessica was very happy with the result.

*credit to MJnet

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Guest Queenie Leo

PART 4...

Young Min Jong

When Min Jong was very young, his family was rich. His father was a film director, however every of his movies flopped, so his father lost a huge fortune in movies. Min Jong’s mother graduated from Seoul University majoring in English Literature but korean women in the olden days, remained as housewives once married. As such, Min Jong’s father was the sole bread-winner to raise a family of 4 kids. To make matters worse, Min Jong’s father was guarantor for a friend’s company. When this friend’s company went bankrupt, Min Jong’s father paid a big fortune on his behalf and their family became very poor. That time, Min Jong was still in middle school.

When Min Jong was very young, he was already a model and CF star. (you can see a young Min Jong in his “Picnic” drink CF, he was such an adorable kid). ^^

From rich to poor, a young Min Jong already experienced them all. So he understands the hardship of being poor, most importantly, he understands the saying “Wealth does not last”, so even though after he became rich and famous, he never forget the days of being poor and he also never forget those poor people who needs people’s help.

So, he often donates his earnings to charities but he does not want to make it known.

According to one entertainment reporter(at a radio program)

This is a secret which I only knew. When Min Jong accumulated good deeds, he never tells anyone and he donates money using his mother’s name and not his name.

Reporters like to research about his good jobs and when they asked Min Jong, Min Jong would say: “I didn’t do that, it’s my mother who did that. Let’s not talk about this anymore.” He don’t want people to know and so his fans knew about his good deeds too late.

A symbol of “Wueri”(loyalty)

After performing on a 1991 movie soundtrack(White Rainy Day), Kim Min Jong began part of a duet called ‘The Blue’ with actor Son Ji-chang. “The Blue” was a highly popular singing duo then and they had a score of hit songs. In 1995, “The Blue” was invited by Sony as the “priority singer in 1995 promotion” on a worldwide commercial campaign. Also invited were world-class singers like Michael Jackson, Michael Bolton and Mariah Carey. They could release album and do promotion at anywhere in the world and they have Sony’s active supporting. But Min Jong gave up this chance that may make him become a world singer. It was because of “wueri(loyalty for friends)”. He couldn’t bear to leave the company whom its manager had helped him through the hard times.

Min Jong’s mother said: “It is reasonable that you take things step by step now. You are young and you will make a profit at any time later.”

Min Jong took her advice and stayed with the old company but Son Ji Chang went on to sign an exclusive contract with Sony. So, “The Blue” was dissolved.

Korean newspapers said: Wueri became a disadvantage for Kim Min Jong in some aspects but it is also this reason why people love his personality because nowadays, hardly any people practice “wueri” anymore.

When Min Jong meets his fans, his fans likes to shout “weuri”. So, Min Jong has to say “weuri” in response and so “Weuri” became a fan slogan between Min Jong and his fans.

In Korea, Min Jong’s wueri is so famous that even kids run after him and yell wueri.

*credit to MJnet

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Guest Queenie Leo

PART 5...

His singing career took one twist after another

After “The Blue” was dissolved, Kim Min Jong started his solo singing career. His 3rd individual album was released and it gained a cyclonic popularity. His song sweeps over the top place of all ranking charts and stayed at No. 1 for several weeks, it seems that nobody can beat him. Then a terrible thing happened. The composer of Min Jong’s 3rd album, Suh Yeong Jin was found to have copied part Japanese melody and applied in Min Jong’s song. At first time, Min Jong had no idea of it until a fan told Min Jong. The composer refused to take responsibility for it. This matter received harsh critics from the media and the public because this was regarded as a dishonourable thing. Min Jong felt that he needed to give an answer to the incensed media and public so he made a very serious decision, a decision which was so harsh to himself…he announced that he shall stop singing. At the age of 25 and at the top of his singing career, this was a terrible blow to him and one of the most painful moments of his life.

Min Jong’s decision shocked the the whole korea entertainment scene. Everyone said it’s not Min Jong’s fault, why he has to take responsibility for someone’s wrong. But because taking responsibility is such a tough thing to do, until now, people still remember him as a brave and honest man.

However, many people wanted to see him back singing. Many composers wrote songs for Min Jong and then they sent to his agent over 100 songs and they said the songs were written especially for Min Jong,. Min Jong was very impressed and touched, so he made his comeback in 1998 with his 4th album, that time, the pop market was not good and many singers sold little albums, many people wonder whether Min Jong can make a good comeback, but his 4th album was a sensational hit when released. In later time, the producer of his comeback album got married, when they opened Min Jong’s packet, they were so shocked, Min Jong gave him a gratuity of US$10,000! Most people will give about US$50-100 only. Min Jong never forget people who have helped him before.

PS: The film director of “White Rainy Day” introduced Min Jong to Suh Yeong Jin, producer in-charge of the OST and from then Min Jong started his career as a singer. Ironically, the person who groomed him as a singer is also the same person who almost wreck his singing career.

During his Sweetheart 2000 concert, he couldn’t fight back his tears while singing “Gui Chun Do Ae”(the theme song of his controversial 3rd album) as he recalled the painful experience that he went through.

The making of 8th album saw Min Jong and Suh Yeong Jin working together again. Min Jong does not like to bear grudges against other people. He doesn’t blame Suh for what has happened. Because of Min Jong’s kind personality, he has good working relationships with everyone.

Kim Min Jong (At 1998 Concert celebrating the success of his comeback album)

I’m easy on stage. In my senior year at school festival, I will get on stage and sing with a guitar on my shoulder even though my friends are falling down with laughter.

Having a nice figure with strapping height of 180cm, pure-white skin and clear-cut features, he seems like a prince on a white horse.

But that day, he has a fever and cold. His health condition was so bad that he needed to take an injection of Ringer’s solution. In spite of that, he still got on the stage.

It was a good feature of a very professional singer who will get on stage even if he is not in good condition. Even if he’s too sick, he will sing on the stage till he falls down. He wants to do his best for the fans who came to his concert.

Guest Interview

**Son Ji Chang(Former singer “The Blue” and korean actor)

I went to the waiting room and I saw minjong taking ringer’s solution. I worried about him but I’m proud to see him doing his best on stage. I like this friend very, very much.

**Park Jin Young(Korean singer)

Minjong is good at singing and acting but most of all he is the man of purity. For that reason, I like him. Come on, Cheer up, Do your best till the end.

**You Yeul(Korean Singer)

He brought cake with 5 candles for minjong to congratulate his solo concert in 5 years.

Minjong is a warm-hearted man. When I held a charity concert, he donated $1,000,000won but nobody knows it. Though younger than me, he always give me an impetus. So I’ll like to come and celebrate without fail.

Guerilla Concert (2001)

This is not a regular concert but a show program of a TV station. Min Jong was invited to it end of year 2001. There was no advance commercials and the singer has to try all means to gather as many audience as possible(at least 5000 people) to the concert on the day itself. On that day, Min Jong’s close friends namely Kang Ta, Yun Da Hoon and Kim Bo Sung accompanied Min Jong, running across the streets to tell people about the concert which was held at a city outside Seoul. Some fans took the chance to run up to shake hands with Min Jong, some even hugged him. But Min Jong was not sure of the place of the concert and he got lost for 2 hours. When he reached there, he and his friends were blindfolded first. When Min Jong took off the blind-folders, he was impressed to see over 15,000 people came to his concert and they waited for him for 2 hours under the cold weather. He was so touched that he cried with his friends and the fans. Kim Bo Sung also read his poem titled "Kim Min Jong" and Min Jong was very touched. Not counting those who came late, the number was more than 12,000 and Min Jong succeeded in breaking the record, the last record was 11,000 people held by SES.

In guerilla concert, stars are not given advance time to prepare for the songs and it’s also not a regular concert, so most singers don’t sing live but Min Jong sang live even though he had a serious flu that day. He said: “I am a singer so I must sing live.” He sang 8 songs in all. Concert was over but people don’t want to leave, they shouted “Kim Min Jong Encore” repeatedly and so Min Jong sang two more songs. Fans who attended the concert said it’s great and wonderful.


Min Jong has the name of “Champion Machine” because every of his albums will take the top spot in all selling charts of the country in less than a month’s time after release. For example, the 6th album won the 1st place sales ranking when released and made “Ballade Emperor” Shin Seung Hoon(Min Jong’s good friend) ‘s album dropped to 2nd place. The release of his 7th album also saw him taking the 1st place immediately upon release and made “Big-seller” Cho Sung Mo’s album dropped to 2nd.

His slightly grainy and plaintive voice, along with a dynamic stage presence made him one of the first actors to have a flourishing career in music. He has a very special way of singing which is individual to himself, people called it the “acting style of singing” because he sings with so much feelings using every ounce of his strength that it seems every song lies behind a story.

He sings with no dance but with very natural and expressive hand movements which commands all the audience’s attention. Min Jong believes that love ballads should be sad, so when he writes the songs, he will try to write as sadly as possible. He has written more than 50 songs already, but sometimes he gave those songs to singer friends.

The way his hands moved while singing attracted many people’s attention so when Min Jong appeared in show programs, some singers tried to learn from him, but no matter how hard they tried, they learnt with no success. Because the way he moves his hands while singing attracted too much attention, it made Min Jong uneasy too, so he ever tried to stand straightly on the stage and sing but people find the sight looked strange, they still like and prefer him to sing with his hands moving.

He is also often invited to sing in many event stages for eg. department opening event shows. He is also the most invited person to sing the wedding song. Singing the wedding song is not just mere singing but it contains many meanings. One must have good relationships to get invited to sing on the most important and holly day of someone’s life. Min Jong sings well. Also, he is clean with no scandal and have good relationships with others. This is why he gets invited most to sing the wedding song and this tells us what a person he is.

End of year 2001, his 7th album sold well and Universal decided to release a new version specially for the christmas season. Min Jong opposed to that idea because he thought of his fans who may spend money again to buy the new version. But his objection wasn’t accepted and Universal released the new version.

*credit to MJnet

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Guest pure_joy

hoo hoo. Thanks alot ay_link fer starting up wif da thread. :D wharhar. I'll post up dat article of Min Jong oppa in Clubmed :lol: Its half way through translations.

Min Jong oppa in Clubmed :D


I like to drive around on my own sometimes.

To be exact, I will be bored to death if I can't go travelling on my own.

After completing my 5th album, I was so busy with the TV shooting and recording activities.

One Monday, I spent 2 days alone at the beach in Kangwon Province. It was great.

When I have the chance to indulge in deep thoughts for a long time, I feel that my life

has been fruitful.

I felt so bad about not being able to keep my promise to visit Club Med at Cherating,

so I created an opportunity for dinner with the Club Med Country Manager in order

to apologize.

Within an hour of meeting the Country Manager, I was so fascinated by Club Med that

I started to feel so disappointed about having missed the chance to visit Cherating the last time.

And I looked forward to going to Club Med again as we parted.

Then in the midst of my hectic schedule, I was fortunate to find 4 days of free time.

I quickly asked around to coordinate my travel plans with my senior and the Country Manager,

so we went to Kimpo Airport and put ourselves on the plane headed for Club Med Bali.


Nowdays everyone talks about ventures, techno, KOSDAQ, the internet, so if I don't

keep myself updated, I don't think I can keep up with the times. I need to be creative.

I need to do that with music too.

I have been stuck in my own mindsets on various issues. Therefore I felt frustrated

and perhaps that's why I realized the need for change due to influences from everything

else in the world, so I was caught in a dilemma.

Maybe that's why I made my Club Med Bali trip possible and also felt excited about it.


30 minutes before we arrived at the Denpasar airport, a glow began to form in the sky,

and when I looked outside the window, I saw the glorious sky in the water for the first time

in my life, and was so awed by this magnificent and beautiful sight. Looking at the

red glow in the sky, I kept listening to the melody to which I needed to write lyrics.

I felt that when I sing this song, I would always be able to remember the person I thought

of as I looked at that glow in the sky.

Bali had a really unique scent. The humid warm air that came rushing up, felt strange

and new as if it was evidence that I had arrived at another world. And the track that was

born at that time is "Beautiful Pain" from my 6th Album.




Club Med Bali was a very special and unique trip I made for the first time in my life,

and this also created the opportunity for me to get a VIP invitation to the opening

event of Club Med Maldives in Kani.

This event was a 2-day event organized by the events team of the Club Med Head Office

in Paris to celebrate the opening of Club Med Kani. 150 people consisting of VIP guests,

the Club Med President, employees of Club Med Paris, country managers from Asia,

and all the staff of the resort gathered to enjoy a party of music and dance surrounded by

the clear sea and the stars, under the moonlight.


... To be continued...

>나는 그 행사의 첫 날밤 자연의 아름다움에 완전하게 도취되었다.


>세계 각국에서 모인 마음이 젊은 많은 사람들과 함께 춤추며 웃고 마시며 노래를 들으며 새로운 세상을 발견하였고 새로운 세상을 만드는 Club Med의 주역들과 함께 손에 손을 잡고 하나되어 어울렸다. Club Med의 본래의 정신은 문명에서 탈출하여 자연으로 돌아가자 였다고 한다.


>그러나 지금은 문명과 자연을 가장 조화롭게 하고 끊임없이 새로운 것을 발견하고 있다고 한다.


>그것의 결실이 이번 파티에서 여실히 증명되었다고 나는 개인적으로 확신한다


><img src="http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/6136/clubmedpic9lj.jpg" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us" />


>이제 곧 7집을 준비해야 하는 시간이 내게 다가오고 있다.


>50년동안 전 세계인들에게 가장 가치있는 휴가를 선사하기 위해 끊임없이 새로움을 창조한 Club Med에서 얻은 소중한 깨달음을 나의 7집에 조금이라도 불어넣을 수 있기를 바란다.


>Club Med 의 문명과 자연을 조화하려는 개척정신이 전세계의 수많은 젊은이들에게 레져의 대명사가 되는 날이 가까워지기를 기원한다. 내가 지금 이 글을 쓰고 있는 카니의 수상방갈로는 쉽게 표현하자면 바다한 가운데 떠있 는 방이다.


>사방으로 바다가 보이고 리조트의 중심지역까지는 꽤 떨어져 있다.


>베란다로 나가 바닷물로 들어서면 여러 종류의 물고기 들을 수경이 없이도 볼 수 있을 만큼 바닷물이 수정처럼 깨끗하다.




>잠시 도시를 생각해 보았다. 도시의 화려함은 매력적이다. 그리고 나는 도시도 좋아한다.


>구조가 다른 객실의 종류가 17개나 된다고 하는데 그 중 내가 머문 카니 Club Med의 수상방갈로는 수정처럼 맓은 바다위에 문명의 이기를 가미한 문명과 자연을 조화롭게 하고져 노력하는 Club Med의 한 작품이다.


><b> 내 삶의 5박6일을 새롭게 하고 의미있게 만들어</b> 수상방갈로 앞의 펼쳐진 바다, 별들, 노을 , 일출과 일몰, 물고기들, 그리고 음악과 전 세계에서 모인 사람들과 함께 나눈 시간을 통해 나의 사랑의 폭과 깊이가 더욱 성숙해 짐을 느낀다.




>나의 마지막 밤은 몹시 아쉬웠고 밤에 평온하고 잔잔한 허리까지 찰랑이는 바다를 한참 걸어가서 파도를 향해 나의 느낌을 적은 메모를 넣어 콜크마개를 꼭 닫은 와인병을 멀리멀리 던지고 왔다. 이런 느낌이 바로 인생을 풍요롭게 만드는 것이 아닐까…


:lol:click here for original korean text

>>Credits: www.minjong.net [translation done by Splash]

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MJ @ MusicBank 11 Sept 2005













***Anybody has this show in their clubbox?

i wanna see ^_^

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Guest Queenie Leo

FINAL PART of the Story of Kim Min Jong...


Min Jong started out in the industry as a child actor, but soon became most recognizable for his rebellious and tough image in films. From martial arts to action flicks, Kim Min-jong has tried his hand at almost every genre on both TV and the movie screen. He debuted with ‘Don Quixote on asaphalt” in 1987, and starred in a total of 13 teen movies, solidifying his spot as a leading young actor.

Because of his sincerity and zealousness in his first movie, he was casted in a second movie “My Love, Don Quixote”, but most of all, it’s due to those deep eyes which after one saw, never forgets.

During that time, 23 movies in his filmography have raised his name. But there hasn't been a movie that makes both him and the public really satisfied yet. To him, that fact remains a hurtful pain.

"When I did my debut movie, I couldn't watch it again. Maybe that's why it didn't go smoothly. I think maybe movie is not my road.”

When asked which movie is the most significant work to him among all his acting works, he selected "Butterfly"(23rd work) without hesitation. He said: “With “Butterfly”, the actor Kim Min Jong was born again.”

"It's the work that I did my best , using my “body” and “heart” to dedicate my all to everyone. In the future, despite which work I will do, or which acting work I will take, I will remember "Butterfly" as my best work and the work in which I did my best". After the release of "Butterfly", Kim Min Jong did many stage-greetings in Seoul and other areas outside Seoul. Most of the visits to other regions were not requested by the production company, but he volunteered to go. And most of the times, he made the stage-greeting trips alone because his partner, Kim Jung Eun started filming her new movie. He said: “I want to thank and send my appreciation to the people who came to watch my movie. When I saw the theatres chock-full, I feel very good.”

(The movie attracted over 600,000 spectators in 2 weeks, it’s not top mark result but not a bad result either.)

In this movie, he acted as the character Min Jae, a youth who was dragged to "Samcheong school", one of the government's infamous correctional camps in the early 1980s. Kim Min Jong showed sheer fighting spirit, he is not afraid of injuries and suffered from the coldest weather that human being could endure. When he was dragged across the snow ground in one scene, his back was badly scratched. In the movie, he suffered real beatings to make the scenes more real-like and his body was broken for that reason. With hardship here and there in the movie, his acting emanated light.

His hard work did pay off when “Butterfly” was selected as one (among seven from around the world) of the selected features films in the International Critics' Week section of the 60th Venice International Film Festival. To him, this must be the greatest solace.

(His 24th work, “Romantic Assassin” attracted over a million spectators. It was the best result in Kim Min Jong’s movie history but still, it fails to raise his optimisms on seeing success in movie.)


People first knew him as a TV talent.

In the drama 'The days of passion', he became Han chang suk, a boy patriarch who brings a brother and sister threesome the bacon. Due to the features of that role,being poor but makes his living eagerly, Kim Min Jong took the girl's love. And then he was selected 'most loved talent by teenagers' by a magazine.

In the drama 'Feelings', he threw away his mystic gloomy image and showed cool and intellectual features.

With 1996 drama “Faraway Nation”, he became the idol of the korean males. In this drama, he played a devoted man who died tragically for his beloved woman in the end. Fans said they can never forget “Han-shu (MJ’s charcter) in “Faraway Nation”. The ending song of this drama “Endless Love” also became korean fans’ most loved song.

In 1998 drama “Mr Q”(achieved high ratings of 40%), he won great popularity acting as a free and easy guy 'Lee Kang To' and took SBS’s “Best Actor Award”.

In 1999 drama “Ghost”, he was double-casted a hero with Jang Dong Gun. Playing a character with supernatural powers who can connect with the dead and evil, he won the love of the TV audience.

In 2000 drama “Bimil” (Secret), he earned enormous popularity in his breakthrough role as "Yung Min". He played a cold-as-ice guy who completely changed into the most sweetest and kindest guy after meeting his dream girl.

In 2001 drama “Guardian Angel”, he truly shined his talent as audiences became in awe of how perfectly he fit into his role and took SBS’s “Best Performance Award”.

As an actor, it is not important what image he shows to people. The most important thing to him is to do a good job for whatever role.

Because of his friendliness, patience, hardworking attitude and good personality, Min Jong is many film directors’ top choice male lead.

1996-1999 was one of the busiest period of Min Jong’s career. He was so busy that it is usual that he got 3 to 4 schedules in a day and interviews which rushed like a tide. He had no time for a proper meal so he ate briefly in the car. He had such a hectic time that he lost a lot of weight and his face got thin, making his wearing-glasses nose look even higher.

He was the first choice male lead for "Winter Sonata" but he gave it up because he did not have time for it. Really, acting and singing at the same time is not easy for one, especially in Korea's entertainment scene.

In drama “Secret”(Bimil), the film director had funding problem, Ryu Si Won who is a good friend of this film director helped him to get his good brother Min Jong to act in it. Because it was a friend’s favour, Min Jong accepted the role and slashed his price by 50%.

He is also known as a friendly host although now, he doesn’t do it anymore.

And he is also a famous CF star modelling for MVIO, Ferre Jeans, United workers, Edwin, Intercrew, X/X, Cooldog etc. He has the ability to bring on the fashion trends and he also has the widest base of male fans in Korea. His office-suit image in “Secret”(Bimil) was widely followed by the office guys and the blue jacket which he wore in Guardian Angel was also a hit in Korea.

He also starred in CFs such as Picnic drink, Can Coffee, “To you” chocolate, World Corn ice-cream, OK cashbag, ISDN, Zic xq car-polisher etc.

About “To You” Chocolate CF, hongkong stars Andy Lau and Leslie Cheung(who has passed away) were also stars of this CF. Andy Lau is famous movie star and singer in Asia but he’s 10 years older than Min Jong. So, Andy Lau knew Min Jong and he invited Min Jong as guest to his concert. This was more than 10 years ago. That time, Min Jong was a very young star, just making his debut. When Andy Lau met Min Jong, he said: “I have never seen such a handsome young star.”

Singing, Acting, All-rounded man

It is rare to gain popularity as both singer and actor in Korea. It is totally different from other countries like Japan where even a comedian’s album can sell a million copies and it is unlike the entertainment scenes of Hongkong and Taiwan where stars naturally try to be both singer and actor. In korea, there is a strong taboo that “only singer can sing a song”. Those depending on popularity as an actor has released album but drank a bitter cup due to indifference of the public. Popular actors like Jang Dong Gun, Lee Byung Hyun and Ryu Si Won are just some examples who couldn’t make it as successful singers.

So, Kim Min Jong is unique in that fact. He is the only man who is given the thumbs-up for both acting and singing. He is also the first artiste to break the boundary between acting and singing and gaining huge success in both areas.

In korea, it’s hard for most artistes to remain popular for a long time but Min Jong enjoyed great popularity for more than 10 years now.

One reporter once said: When I saw Kim Min Jong, I can’t agree with the saying that God is fair, he is doing so well as an actor and talent and also as a singer. And he is so good-looking. But I can’t be jealous of him because he is so good-natured.

“Wueri” man

A man with top popularity as a singer and also as a talented artist. A man, to both the males and the females, is the only "humanbeing", who receives assurance. A man who is known as being so kind to his colleagues and being so modest in front of the public. Even the men sees him as a “manly” man. Those are the words people are always decorating to this very talented singer and actor Kim Min Jong.

With great and lively appearance, excellent song-power, also having "wueri" spirit, being a man who doesn't have to be envious with other men.

What does Mr. Kim Min Jong, who is recognized by the whole world as the "wueri man", think the true meaning of "wueri" is?

"Wueri is another word for the belief and providence. It's convenient and natural to emanate wueri. I think, that an wueri man is the one who follows his belief without any bit of suspicion. I'm the man who treats others with my willing heart.

An entertainer who gives hope to people

To him, among plentiful praises that accompany him, there're also the praises about his appearance, praises about his talents, also a lot of praises about his "deeply wueri" personality. So among the compliments he has heard so far, which one makes him the most pleased?

"Well, there hasn't been the best compliment, but there're words that make me feel very good when I hear. An example is "Because of you, my life gets better". Maybe there're not so nice words for my movies, but when the news comes to me, that with my songs, my acting, my features/personality, some painful or sad people can get a little hope, can receive a little energy, and can obtain a little courage, I feel so glad and so thankful.

*credit to MJnet

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Guest pure_joy

MJ @ MusicBank 11 Sept 2005

***Anybody has this show in their clubbox?

i wanna see ^_^

Eh. da clubbox of mine is soOo empty. arhahar. soOo i upload on YSI. :P

MJ @ Musicbank 11092005

Erm. banners lost? harhar.. :lol:



This one's new. hahar. just fer jojo omma. :D


if anyone of u need any URL of da other previous banners just ask ar. :lol: I'll just post this couple few and hopefully be back for more ;) cheers ppl~! :D

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Guest zhivago

I scurried across from mj.net immediately after I read Pure's HIGH ALERT message. My intentions were really to seal a stamp of *wueri* to hard working fans here and to see what rubble we can find to at least make this thread a semblance of the old.

I'd kick-start with a word of encouragement to fellow team mates, Queenie, Jojo, Pure Joy, Flossie, Fat cat, Beka-san, Splash and every significant other whom I've yet the privilege to meet.

Hello, I'm zhivago, and a great fan of KMJ. I've loved the artist for many years and together with that depth of love comes also, breath of love for many team members here, good folks from all over the world.

We have had many trying moments like these, mj.com and then, mj.net's recent crash but time and time again, like the artist, we have come back stronger, more creative, more inspired, our goal, to always celebrate KMJ's creative energies and to weave a KMJ tapestry that encompasses the spirit of wueri, of resilience, of peace and friendship and above all, of human kindness. In acknowledging KMJ's creative endeavours, we chronicle our own creative inspirations, here's looking at you, KMJ fans !!

*Wueri* to all, *Fighting* to all !!

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Guest Queenie Leo

Hello to all

Glad to see our KMJ's thread...going smooth and good...thanks so much !


To share some pix of Min Jong shii during the promotion of his

7th album - You Are My Life in 2001.

At the same time his drama 'Guardian Angel' is well receive

and gain him the Good Actor of

SBS Drama Award in that year.

This song have a chinese version sung by Andy Xu Zhi An (Hong Kong singer)

CLICK HERE - You Are My Life by KMJ

You are My Life

Lyrics by Kim Min Jong

You think my love change

or is your love that change

I still feel the happiness from our love

I believe is also same for you

You have another new love

It makes me feel so lonely

Now, finally I realize that

there is no more love between us

Oh you're my life

It is so hard to wish for your new happiness

It is so hard to pacify myself

My only love is you

It is raining outside

Yesterday, I walk in the street while raining

Is so comfortable for me

We used to stay like that

Oh you're my life

You are not just a passer-by to me

I can't forget our lovely time

Please keep our past in your heart

Oh you're my life

Now I don't have any tears

nor any strength to hold you

I lost all my love to you

And become pine away

It fills my heart with the sadness

Oh you're my life

It is so hard to wish for your new happiness

It is so hard to pacify myself

My only love... oh you're my life

Enjoy listening !

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Eh. da clubbox of mine is soOo empty. arhahar. soOo i upload on YSI. :P

MJ @ Musicbank 11092005

for some reason, the link doesn't work :( hiks...

but thanks for uploading it ...


Queenie_Leo, thanks for the songlyrics.... I just loooove the song too...

can't get enough of his voice :wub:

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Guest cynkawahara

Thanks you for reopening this thread.

I really enjoy KMJ. My first introduction to him was after watching his drama "Secrets". Just fell in love with him. I stumbled onto his thread and learned that he was a singer. It took me sometime to catch up with all the pages but I soon became a fan of his. He is such a kind and charitable, gentle soul. I have great respect for him.

I am so delighted that this thread is alive and back again. I hope you all don't mind if I drop by and and read. I would love to contribute to the thread but I don't know how to make caps etc..

BTW...since becomng his fan, I have enjoyed listening to several of his CD's. Especially the Historical collection.

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Guest cynkawahara

Eh. da clubbox of mine is soOo empty. arhahar. soOo i upload on YSI. :P

MJ @ Musicbank 11092005

thank you for the link pure_joy! I am listening to it now. It was pleasant surprise since I thought he stopped singing. Can you tell me the name of the song and was this one of his songs or from a drama?

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