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❤NCT/WayV (엔시티/威神V) Official Thread❤ / NCT 127 2nd Japan Mini Album "LOVEHOLIC" / NCT 2020 : RESONANCE Pt. 1 OUT NOW!

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Hello guys (: I've been a long-time lurker in the NCT thread but I've never dared to sign up in OH cause I don't know if I'm all too good at contributing to your discussions but I MISSED rea

MAMAs was amazing there's so much that happened it's hard to wrap it up in one post but I'll try my best I squealed when I saw all the airport photos but then I started crying because Jaemin wasn

from 4 replies fo 15 replies in a few minutes  OH ha impact



Fan: doyoung this is yuta hyung what was our comeback song title again? thanks for reminding me!
Doyoung: yuta hyung this is jaemin ㅎㅎ you sent it to the wrong number



F: *Taeyong's line on SuperM's drama* I have a crush on you, I like you.
DY: HHHHH Why is he so sentimental? HHH



“I’m going now. A lot of people asked for a spoiler about 2020 but. It’s still too early to give a great spoiler. I’m just going to say that it’s to the degree of it being crazy and us tearing and breaking apart the stage. Then, goodbye”



F: Doyoung, what happened to Digimon vs Naruto? In th3 end, you and Taeyong made a bet. Did you win? *Did you become the boss? Did you really decide not to get involved in each other's lives?*

D: I won, and I'm working hard.

(* are part of the bet!) 



give us a bit of a spoiler for nct 2020
doyoung: a whole new world~~^^



doyoung: you have to give this to mark



lately have you been wearing colored lenses often?
doyoung: heh heh... yes... hehehe



can i look forward to nct 2020???
doyoung: of course



are you subscribed to jeno’s bubble?
doyoung: kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekeke... oh... should i?



doyoung-ah, this is gongmyung hyung... what was the name of your nct 2020 song again?
doyoung: oh oh gongmyung hyung, what was the name of our song this time. “@@@@@@@@@“



doyoung this is gongmyung.... can u get married to @nctzen? 
dy: okay okay. but rn since the situation is like this let’s have our wedding and marriage life online ㅎㅎ



doyoung: kekekekekekeke i want to share that i personally saw this w it h my own eyes kekekeke (he) was really turned upside down



what is this, please tell us a secret
doyoung: just... i wrote 2020 for fun hehehehe

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#TAEYONG & #MARK participate in the lyrics of #TogetherAtHome from #SuperM’s 1st Album!

Inspired by their #WithYou video at ‘One World: Together At Home’, the song conveys a message to come together as one in a new way other than being physically there & spend a great time 



[TRANS] 200919 J-Wave News Interview with SuperM



[TRANS] 200918 J-Wave News Interview with SuperM - Part 2



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[WayVision] WayV의 스팟 광고! 채널 고정, 웨이비전~♥



SBS INKIGAYO MCs Naeun, Minhyuk and Jaehyun dancing to ICE CREAM!


왜 저한테 전화 안 했어요? | 어사즈 4기 재현, 지성 | 어색하지만 괜찮아 Ep.4-1


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NCT 2020 The 1st Album

〖 NCT 2020 : RESONANCE Pt. 1 〗
Pre-order ➫ 2020.09.21




NCT has revealed a release timeline and more information about their upcoming full-group album!





NCT has revealed a release timeline and more information about their upcoming full-group album!



NCT 2020 will include the 21 members of NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV, along with two new members Shotaro and Sungchan who will be joining a new NCT team that will be launched in the future. Through NCT U, the 23 members will team up in various combinations and pull off diverse concepts.


The NCT 2020 project will consist of two parts. The full album “NCT 2020: RESONANCE Pt. 1” is slated for release on October 12, and “NCT 2020: RESONANCE Pt. 2” will be released after that.


Taking their message of “empathy” from their 2018 album “EMPATHY” even further, “RESONANCE” conveys the meaning of connecting with others through music and creating great synergy and impact. The album will continue the story of NCT’s universe in which they empathize with one another through dreams and become one through music.


“NCT 2020: RESONANCE Pt. 1” will include a total of 12 songs including double title tracks “Make A Wish” and “From Home.” The album is available for pre-orders starting September 21.

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[INFO] 200921 @NCTsmtown, @NCTsmtown_127, @NCTsmtown_DREAM & @WayV_official changed their icon and header.



WayV's first  solo reality show "WayVision" will premiere tonight, September 21st at 6PM KST

WayVision will document the 7 members on their 3day-2night trip in Gangwon

"WayVision" will air on both Seenz in Korea and on TrueID in Thailand



[INFO] 200921 SuperM will have an online press con on September 25th at 11:00AM KST for the release of their first full album, ‘Super One’.



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The Past Ver.


The Future Ver. 


01 Make A Wish  
02 Misfit  
03 Volcano  
04 백열등 (Light Bulb) 
05 Dancing In The Rain 
06 Interlude: Past to Present 
07 무대로 (Déjà Vu; 舞代路) 
08 月之迷 (Nectar) 
09 Music, Dance 
10 피아노 (Faded In My Last Song) 
11 From Home 
12 From Home (Korean Ver.)  


- wide folded poster (random 1 out of 3 each version)
- lyrics book
- photocards (random 1 out of 23 each version)
- yearbook card


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[INFO] 200921 NCT 2020 Resonance Pt. 1 Timeline 


September 21
• Logo Symbol
• Prelude: Resonance
• Timeline Calendar

September 22
• YearParty Video

September 23
• ‘The Past’ Image
• Live Event ‘Wish 2020’

September 24
• ‘The Future’ Image

September 25
• ‘The Past & Future’ Video

September 28 - October 1
• Teaser Images

October 2
• Album Details

October 8
• ‘Dejavu’ Track Video

October 9
• ‘Misfit’ Track Video

October 10
• ‘Make A Wish’ MV Teaser

October 12
• Album Release
• ‘Make A Wish’ MV Release

October 18
• ‘From Home’ MV Teaser

October 19
• ‘From Home’ MV Release




200921 SuperM Twitter Update 


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200921 NCTsmtown _DREAM Twitter Update 


“Huhut our Czennies  it's been a while! I'm cozily eating chicken friends with Jisung!!”


Translated by huangsichengs - SM_NCT

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YEARPARTY video will be released at 6PM today (22 September). It is a visual content where we can see the various charms of the members and NCT’s unique identity


For NCT 2020 : RESONANCE LIVE EVENT “WISH 2020” on 23 Sept 6PM, they will give album spoilers & introduce new members 



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