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Waaa,, 263 pages!!!!!! Too fast haha,, SOTUS lovers here are great!! So happy to read all post here.   Btw i can't help to draw a short doujin about our boys,,, >///< i hope you'll like


The director had shared a very poignant uncut/expanded scene of Singto at the empty cheer room/gym... ฉากนี้เป็นอีกฉากที่ผมชอบ โปรดักชั่นไม่ได้ใหญ่โต มีเพียงนักแสดงคนเดียว กล้องนิ่งๆ ไม่

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On 12/9/2016 at 12:12 PM, Guest delightful said:

And who is P'Win? I don't remember giving anyone permission to upload it to google drive. I thought my request was pretty clear that it not be shared anywhere or uploaded in any shape or form?

Do NOT post/link/upload/share/translate my translation of the chapters in any shape or form. I say this very seriously, please don't. These translations are only for the members here at Soompi. Thanks for understanding.

.......... :dissapointed:

Hi, sorry, but can you share the link with me again? it is dead. I have the chapters like up to chapter 9 but is there more? thank you. and if I can ask you, where did you get it from like the website? thank you and sorry again.

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