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Can't reply or post, edit anything



New upgrade? I'm using my phone right now. it's okay for short post, but long post? Inconvenient, very annoying!

I sign in and it redirects me to a wp dashboard of soompi??? Cant edit anything bc it only show a blank box(cant click it), cant type anything. With my lap, only shows the submit button, save button(when edit my profile).

I cleared cache, cookie, everything, used different browsers but it didnt work.

Any help?

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Does this problem still exist? We do have a few times where the site does not seem to respond properly, but that only lasts for a few minutes. It might be that you tried to do something at a time the site wasn't responding. If the problem still exists, please let me know :)

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@cutie_let_let thanks for letting me know :)

@Latyno does this problem occur all the time or only sometimes?

If replying is somewhat troublesome (a.k.a. impossible ;) ) the first steps should be these (check if it works after each step):

- Try logging into a different Soompi account on your computer and phone to see if that works. You can create a temporary new one for testing. If that does work and your old account still doesn't, please let me know. In that case it's a problem on our end and going further would be useless.
- Try using CTRL+F5 to refresh your browser. It will fetch an entirely new version of the webpage instead of getting it from your cache.
- Remove the cookies from your browser. If you can find Soompi cookies, just remove those. If you're unable to locate the Soompi cookies, just delete all of them.
- Try a different webbrowser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari if need be). All are free downloadable from the Internet.
- Try disabling your anti-virus program. Do note that while you disable it, you're vulnerable so don't forget to turn it back on after testing! Sometimes an anti-virus program can block certain websites because it thinks it's a bad site. In the case of Soompi, that's ludicrous ofcourse, but it might not know the error in it's ways :)

Try these steps first and let me know how it goes. If this doesn't fix it, we'll take it a bit further :)

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Thank you guys so much :wub:

I tried to download Firfefox on my computer, went to soompi forum, logged in to my account and a miracle happened. Finally, I could add texts into the reply box. :tears:

Thanks @cutie_let_let for asking for me, and thanks @CamelKnight for answering us <3

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13 hours ago, dokyumswife said:

i'm having a problem that i can't creat a new post . how's that ?? help me anyone!!

Creating posts is only possible when you've made 5 or more posts. Since you've made 7 posts by now, you should be able to create your own thread (which is what I think you meant). If you're still unable to create a thread, or if I misunderstood, please let me know by tagging me or quoting me. Tagging can be done by typing the @-character followed by my username :)

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