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Top K-Drama Moments of the Week: November 23–29

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Some dramas continue to hook us as the romance and shipping wars intensify, while others have us glued to the screen because of their ballsy characters.

1. “Bubblegum” (Episode 9): In Good Company

When Ri Hwan learns the truth about his mother’s illness, he spends the night getting drunk. Ji Hoon later carries him home while Haeng Ah follows. When they get to his room, Ri Hwan stops Haeng Ah from leaving, pulling her down on the bed and holding her tightly to him.

He narrates about a truth he can’t deal with, hoping the darkness can hide what he feels.

It’s a heart-rending moment that the OTP shares. At least, Ri Hwan is not alone, as Haeng Ah’s presence makes the pain bearable.

2. “Reply 1988” (Episode 7): No Biggie

After Deok Sun’s date at McDonald’s with her girlfriends, Jung Hwan rides home with her. On the bus, Jung Hwan notices Deok Sun’s fingers drumming to the beat of a song. He looks at her and smiles adoringly, but he gets our giddy hearts prancing when he suddenly reaches across her and takes one of her earbuds to put in his ear. While Deok Sun is dumbfounded, Jung Hwan acts as though it is no big deal and closes his eyes. Oh yeah, he knows what he’s doing!

3. “All About My Mom” (Episode 31): Sleep Partner

With the trouble with her ex-husband resolved, Hye Joo is tracked down and persuaded by Hyeong Gyu to return to Seoul with him. On the bus ride back, Hye Joo falls asleep and her head tips towards Hyeong Gyu. He pushes her head away, but it’s just like a boomerang. And when her head rests on his shoulder, Hyeong Gyu’s heart thumps faster. He wonders, “Why is this happening?” He pounds on his chest as though that’ll slow down his quick-beating heart, but nervously, he indulges his feelings. As he pretends to sleep, he slyly holds her hand. That wakes her up, and while she’s initially taken aback, she closes her eyes and smiles. Hyeong Gyu, too, beams as he dozes off, and for the rest of the journey, the two continue to hold hands, their heads resting on each other as they sleep. It must be the most enjoyable and relaxing bus trip the two ever had!

4. “Six Flying Dragons” (Episode 16): Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

Still seething from the humiliation that the Haedong Gapjok Society handed him, Hong In Bang cooks up a plan in which he uses the group to implicate Lee Song Gye in criminal acts. Aware that Hong In Bang is threatening the Society to gain their compliance in his scheme, Bang Won comes up with his own plan.

Bang Won infiltrates the Society’s meeting, essentially blocking them from signing the document that condemns their father and implores them to do things his way. He advises them that instead of cowering at In Bang’s feet, they should sign Bang Won’s document; it details the crimes of which In Bang, Gil Tae Mi, and Lee In Gyeom are guilty. Hastening their decision to sign, Bang Won lights a bomb in the midst of the assembly.

Bang Won’s speech is the highlight of this entire scene as it is a foreshadowing of the great king he is meant to be. On the one hand, the use of the bomb, albeit fake, exemplifies the deterioration of Goryeo’s politics and first class; right or wrong, they only wish to do things that benefit them.

5. “The Village: Achiara’s Secret” (Episode 14): There Will Be Payback

It can be argued that the most scandalous sins and the most intolerable sufferings that have beset the village of Achiara all started with the depravity of one man.

So Yoon has quickly learned what Hye Jin found out about the Carpenter, and despite knowing the kind of monster he is, our heroine still confronts him. The Carpenter denies knowing Hye Jin, but So Yoon is persistent. When she tells him that his other daughter, Ga Young, is dying, he yells at her to leave. He may have been able to cover things up two years ago, but So Yoon warns him it won’t be easy this time. While her deceased sister, Hye Jin, couldn’t do it, So Yoon will not let the truth about him stay a secret.

The Carpenter may be a changed man now, but his past crimes against many women can’t remain unanswered. His legacy is not just a scourge to the lives of the women he raped, but also to the lives of their families.

6. “Oh My Venus” (Episode 3): Mental Workout

Kang Joo Eun has mistaken Kim Ji Woong as the elusive John Kim, a popular personal trainer to Hollywood’s elites, and set on being her old sexy self again, she imposes herself at Young Ho’s place. She wants a makeover, and she presents a number of circumstantial evidence to the guys that has led her to determine John Kim’s identity. Ji Woong insists on correcting her, but Young Ho and Joon Sung shut him down.

Later, while the men mull over taking her on as a makeover project, Joo Eun takes a call from her mom and her imagination gets a jumpstart on her transformation: Joo Eun is on “The Stella Show” to unveil her skinny and gorgeous look! The reborn queen works the stage, blowing dimple kisses to her bowled-over audience. Her family and friends cheer on while her ex-boyfriend, Woo Sik, whimpers over his loss. Most stung by her transformation is Oh Soo Jin, who walks off the show.

Whether it’s in real life or fantasy, Joo Eun has the attitude that stuns! LOL.

7. “Reply 1988” (Episode 8): This Fan Is the Boss

This one is for Team Taek!

Deok Sun has gone to the training center to pick up Taek. When he steps outside, he is followed by his baduk fans, who have lined up to shake his hand. When Taek reaches the end of the line, he smiles as Deok Sun is the final one to greet him. He gives her head a friendly rub while she yells at him for being forgetful. Everyone is shocked to hear someone scold Taek, but he happily obeys her orders and goes back inside the building.

Taek is so adorable, and we like seeing him smile often, so, we’re all right if Deok Sun’s the one to make it happen!

That’s all for this batch! Thanks for joining us and let’s do it again next time! And if you’re looking to be addicted, check out the shows above and more on VIKI!

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