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Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week – May Week 5

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It's another week of great moments. We cried, we laughed, and we were filled with emotions. Here are our top ten scenes from the final week of May! 1. "Mask": He kills her

Although "Mask" just entered the weekly lineup, one of its compelling scenes has shot up to our top spot. We're already loving this new drama!

Our lead, Min Woo, is a tortured man with memory lapses, and one takes place when his fiancée is killed. Did he do it? He doesn't know and the security tape was curiously erased at that crucial moment, so he relies on hypnosis to regain his memory, and it's ugly. Do we really believe that our hero is a murderer? Not in a million years, but this scene of Min Woo strangling Eun Ha to death has us hooked: What really happened?

2. "Producer": Loose lips sink ships

After weeks of tension, Joon Mo learns the truth. Several episodes ago, alcohol made Ye Jin aware of her feelings when a drunken Joon Mo kissed her. Now, alcohol has loosened her tongue and Joon Mo not only becomes aware that he kissed her, but that she likes him.

We see the pitfalls of a platonic relationship possibly turning into something else when Ye Jin laments that now that she likes him, she has lost her friend; she doesn't have anyone to talk to about her crush. Our hearts ached at her pain. Where will all this angst lead?

w5mayom3. "Orange Marmalade": It has to be you

The lighthouse that brought them together has become a place of heartbreak for Jae Min and Ma Ri as she makes a jarring confession: She is a vampire, the very thing he hates. She tells him she's sorry, but Jae Min is taken aback at how easy her apology comes. It's a penetrating scene as he pleads for her to deny the truth, and he will still believe her. However, Ma Ri can't lie to him anymore, and again, she tells him she's sorry. The moment is poignant, but it escalates into a dangerous one: As Ma Ri steps away from him, she almost falls over the railing. When Jae Min swings her around to safety, he instantly finds himself dangling over the edge, clutching onto a chain. Lightning strikes the chain, rendering him unconscious and he crashes into the water. As he descends into the sea, we hear his thoughts: It doesn't matter if she's a vampire or not, but for him, Ma Ri is still the one. He likes her. Awww. Fortunately, Ma Ri is able to rescue him and we thought they would reconcile as he had a chance to give her his acceptance. All hope is dashed, though, as he wakes up with no memory of her! Worst break-up ever!

4. "Ex-Girlfriend Club": This is why we're just friends

Myeong Soo likes Soo Jin, and Soo Jin likes Myeong Soo. However, they've been unable to move forward in their relationship. Till now, that is. Giving up his writer role in the movie has rendered Myeong Soo jobless and with a lot of time to think about Soo Jin and their relationship. Meanwhile, the producer job on a movie that's now moving forward has kept Soo Jin swamped with work and little time for Myeong Soo. However, he expects that she will spend any free time she has with him, so he becomes angry when he sees her having dinner with another man. When she tries to placate him, he lets it all out: He's putting his all in into taking their relationship to the next level, but she puts none in and doesn't make him a priority. While we're a little annoyed with him for placing expectations on her all this time without informing her of his intentions, we do give him credit for finally expressing himself and letting her in on his feelings.

It will be smooth sailing from now, right? Not likely since this is a drama, but we've got our seat belts fastened on tightly.

5. "Heard It Through The Grapevine": Second lead for the win

Something rare happened recently, and it made us appreciate the drama's incredible writing even more. Usually, the second female lead resorts to lying and/or dirty tricks to win the male lead, but Hyeon Soo flipped our expectations and it was brilliant.

Both Hyeon Soo's mother and Choi Yeon Hee are trying to set her up to be the new daughter-in-law in the Han household since they've succeeded in getting Bom kicked out. However, Hyeon Soo puts an immediate halt to their plans when she tells Mrs. Han exactly what she thinks of her. She reveals she doesn't like her, and she knows the reason Yeon Hee doesn't understand the love between her son and Bom: It's because she has never experienced that type of love herself. BOOYAH!

Being dragged from the house, Hyeon Soo manages to stop and tell In Sang not to worry. She refuses to be a puppet, and she did it for him and Bom. Awww! We can't think of a more awesome second lead.


6. "Who Are You: School 2015": That is an OMG

Eun Byul's passing has radically changed the life of her younger sister Eun Bi as well as broken the hearts of some. However, the closing scene of episode 10 had us in for an exciting cliffhanger: Eun Byul visiting her ashes. She is alive like many of us have wished and anticipated! Needless to say, we couldn't wait to see what happened next!

7. "Warm and Cozy": Almost is not enough

Gun Woo uses Jung Joo and stages a fake kiss to make Ji Won jealous. Jung Joo actually closes her eyes, expecting to be kissed, and Ji Won, believing the scene, leaves in a snit. After a squabble, Jung Joo tells Gun Woo not to use her again or else, she might really fall for him! Eeeep! Is that a confession? Suddenly, she puts her hands on his shoulders, and he bites his lips shut as her face leans closer and closer to his, but … Ouch! Instead, she knees his thigh. Good for her! And Gun Woo better man up to his feelings for her soon or else, we'll be the ones to give him a kick!


8. "Let's Eat 2": The answer's in front of you

While having lunch with a friend, someone had scratched Dae Young's car. Bent on catching the culprit, Dae Young goes through his car's black box recordings, which are too many. He's amused when he watches some that have caught Soo Ji in both states of anger and happiness. However, one video grips his attention: Soo Ji, deep in thought, looking up at his apartment. He asks himself, "Why?" We know why, and if he'd figured it out by then we wouldn't have been on edge this week, wondering about the fate of their relationship!

9. "The Lover": How do I break this to you?

It is an age-old question: Do you tell the person you love that they have something stuck between their teeth? Or do you let it go because it might humiliate them?

Our hottie, Joon Jae from Apartment 609, faces this very dilemma when he cooks steamed kimchi for his crush, Takuya. He watches happily as Takuya gobbles it up but then recoils in horror when he sees a massive chunk of kimchi stuck between his front teeth. Joon Jae tries to figure out how to resolve this situation without hurting Takuya's feelings. First, he gives him bottled water, hoping it will wash it out, but when that doesn't work, he resorts to chewing gum (which we didn't realize would work). The kimchi is successfully pulled out of Takuya's front teeth, but it sticks to the gum, which he puts on the table. Ottoke?

The things we do for those we love!

10. "Queen's Flower": Undeniable

Although they've broken up and moved on to new relationships, Yi Sol and Jae Joon never stopped loving each other.

When they hear a report of an accident involving a car that matches the description of their own vehicles, Yi Sol and Jae Joon are left with the impression that the other is injured. They hurry to the hospital, the worry driving them crazy. It's only then when they see each other that they feel relief. Instinctively, they embrace and cry. They hold on to each other in front of their partners, who are dumbfounded by what they are witnessing.

No one present can deny the feelings that just manifested in this moment between the former lovers. Even if Jae Joon claims otherwise to ease his fiancee's anger, it's apt to say that actions speak louder than words.

That's all for this top ten! Share your thoughts below and please tune in for more next week!

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