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[Updated With Giveaway!] Our 5 Favorite Moments from Epik High in San Francisco

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Epik High are legends - after debuting in 2001 members TabloMithra, and DJ Tukutz are still not only making amazing music but also having a lot of fun together. We were fortunate enough to attend the San Francisco stop on their "2015 North America Tour" and (while it is nearly impossible to choose only five) we tried to gather our most memorable moments from the stop. If you are in the U.S. and Canada, check to see if there are still tickets available at a city near you and if you aren't, check out our list and then comb Youtube for more great fancams!

1. Tablo is the worst (best?) translator ever.

epik-high-intro-sf With Tukutz showing off his fluent English (yes, he knows more than just "I love Instagram"), it was Mithra's job to be the "Korean ambassador" of the tour. This left Tablo to play translator and... let's just say that we're pretty sure the words "San Francisco women are very sexy, a little too sexy" probably did not come out of Mithra's mouth when he spoke in Korean.

2. Tukutz flaunts his English, knows word "moist."

epik-high-tukutz-just-djin In the middle of performing their hit "It's Cold," Tablo decided that the atmosphere had gotten too cold so Tukutz suggested a change in songs. More specifically he requested "a moist song." Lucky for the cringing audience, he was referring to "Umbrella."

3. The best intermission ever.

epik-high-sf-tablo-mithra-hamburger Sometimes intermissions are boring and everyone just runs to the bathroom in the jarring silence of the music hall. Not for Epik High, instead Tablo and the rest of the members read us a letter thanking us for being fans - though it quickly degenerated into a list of everything they were thankful for that's from America. Park Jaebum, Justin Bieber (he's Canadian though), Drake, hamburgers, In-N-Out, Starbucks, frappuccinos, Stanford (of course), Alcatraz, Chuck Norris, "do you know Psy?", "The Walking Dead," Geocities, the border, all borders, the Pulitzer Prize.... the (extremely random) list just got better and better. I mean, they listed things for almost a good ten minutes.

4. Tukutz forcing the group to play "genies."

epik-high-genies3 The group took a pause from going hard to turn the show into a mini fan-meeting and interact with the crowd. Despite the fact that Tablo thinks its really weird, Tukutz managed to bully the members (after 10 years of trying) into picking three fan-made wishes out of a hat and granting them! While the members were actually pretty choosy about their wishes (Tukutz put back all the ones that were too long in English), eventually they chose three. Tablo tried to video call his famous daughter, Haru (the call wouldn't connect), Tukutz took a selfie with a fan, and Mithra, oh Mithra:

5. Tablo reminds us all that he went to Stanford.

epik-high-tablo-went-2-stanford-nbd No big deal. Shout-out to the fan that brought the sweatshirt for Tablo!

Thanks to Epik High and YG Entertainment for inviting us to cover the event! Don't forget that you can check out our Instagram account for more clips. Let us know your favorite moments below!

-- Update (6/11):

YG Entertainment has graciously allowed us to give away two pairs of tickets to Epik High's show in NYC on 6/13! Check out our tweet below for more details!

RT to win a pair of tickets to #EpikHigh's 6/13 NYC concert! It's not too late to get tickets: http://t.co/vFzgxGUJBQ pic.twitter.com/5d3va3mdnw

— soompi (@soompi)

June 11, 2015

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