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Song Jae Rim Becomes a "Kingsman" During His Seoul Date With Kim So Eun

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On the episode of MBC’s “We Got Married” aired on May 23, Song Jae Rim takes his city-craving wife on a trip to Seoul, especially since they are now fully adjusted to their life in Gimpo. Kim So Eun, who is excited about their date, is bewildered at the sight of her husband in a sleek tuxedo, fit for the red carpet. Song Jae Rim sets up a special event for his wife in celebration of “Husband and Wife Day.” When visiting a clothing shop, Song Jae Rim picks out several outfits for his wife to try on. Whenever she changes and presents herself, he continuously says, “You’re beautiful.” kingsman song jae rim2 While he waits in-between her changing, he jokes around by acting as Colin Firth's character from “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” With his round glasses and suit, he is the perfect replication of the English actor. kingsman song jae rim Kim So Eun ultimately chooses a black mini dress to match Song Jae Rim’s tuxedo. The two then act as if they are walking down a red carpet, posing as true fashion icons. Source (1)

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