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"Oh! My Baby" Reveals Ra Hee and Ra Yool's Secret Twin Switch

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Earlier this month, Shoo took her whole family along with her when she went to throw the first pitch at a baseball game. Reports later showed Shoo winding up to throw the ball with one of her adorable twins in her arms, and since the back of the girl's jersey said Ra Yool, reporters naturally assumed that Ra Yool was the twin she was holding. However, on May 23's episode "Oh! My Baby," a behind-the-scenes look at the family's preparation for the event reveals that the daughter she was holding was actually Ra Hee! That day, as Shoo and her husband are getting their kids ready, putting them all in their personalized uniforms, Shoo realizes that she's mixed the twins' jerseys up. She quickly slips Ra Yool's off, but before she can take off Ra Hee's, the little girl scampers away. shoo ra hee 2 When they catch up with her and try to take off the jersey, she gets upset and begins to wail. So Shoo, probably realizing that most people would not be able to tell the two identical twins apart anyway, gives up and says to her "Okay, you'll be Ra Yool for today!" shoo ra hee 4 Later when they get to the stadium, Ra Hee refuses to be handed over to her dad when her mom's about to throw the first pitch, so Shoo carries her in her arms to the mound. However, since her jersey still says "Ra Yool," everyone assumed she was her twin! shoo ra hee 5 Source (1)

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