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YoonA Is Being Praised for How She Dealt with Mob of Fans and Manager at Guangzhou Airport

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Girls’ Generation’s YoonA is being praised for the way she handled what can be a very frustrating and even scary situation as she was besieged by a mob of fans at the Guangzhou Airport in China. In the wake of recent controversy surrounding the harsh treatment of fans by managers of label mates Red Velvet and EXO, videos of Girls’ Generation’s YoonA taken by fans at the Guangzhou Airport are garnering attention. The first video captures just how chaotic the situation was at the airport. As soon as she arrives, YoonA is met with screaming fans who bombard her gifts and cards. The fans swarm even closer to her with their phones as she leaves the airport. In the second video, YoonA can be seen with her manager in the airport parking lot struggling to get into her car, which has been completely besieged by fans. The fans shout in Korean “Unni hello,” and although YoonA seems a little irritated, she responds back with “Hello” and waves. When her manager shouts in frustration at the fans, “Stop taking [pictures/videos]!” YoonA lightly taps him on the back to try and calm him down. YoonA also follows up her Korean greeting to fans with a cute Chinese greeting, which leaves fans in an uproar. What do you think about the way YoonA handled the situation? Source (1) See also: SM Entertainment Offers Apology for Controversial Behavior of Red Velvet’s Manager Red Velvet’s Manager Criticized for Harsh Attitude + Cursing at Fans EXO Manager Fined for Physically Assaulting a Fan Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Wins Over Fans With Adorable Fan Service

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