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Clara-Polaris Police Investigation Is Wrapping Up, Results Due Next Week

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Investigation into the claims involved in the ongoing dispute between actress Clara and Polaris Entertainment is wrapping up. On March 10, a spokesperson for the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency told Star News, “Investigation related to Clara is in its last stage. By next week, the results of the investigation should be released, as well as whether [the case] will be passed over to prosecution. There is no plan for a second investigation summons.” On December 23 of last year, Clara filed a lawsuit against her management agency Polaris Entertainment for full contract release, citing sexual harassment from the company’s CEO. Shortly after, it was revealed that Polaris Entertainment had also taken legal action, pressing criminal charges against Clara and her father as an accomplice for allegedly blackmailing the agency and making threats. According to the police, Clara and Clara’s father threatened to report the CEO’s alleged sexual harassment of Clara to the police if Polaris Entertainment didn’t release her from her contract. No date has yet been set for Clara and Polaris Entertainment’s hearing, but the results of the police investigation are anticipated to be a starting point for making heads or tails of what’s currently a he-said-she-said situation. Meanwhile, Clara has, aside from some prior commitments in Hong Kong, suspended all domestic and U.S. activities for the time being. Source (1) See also: Advertisers May Take Legal Action against Clara for Damaging Company Image with Ongoing Legal Dispute Full Text Conversation of Clara and Polaris CEO Revealed Clara Posts on Her Official Facebook Page Regarding the Current Legal Dispute Clara Reveals She Did Not Attend Ladies’ Code EunB and RiSe’s Funerals Because of Polaris Issues

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