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Idols Denied Spot on "Real Men" after Refusing Buzz Cut

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Real Men” is going hard on its new rule which denies the participation of anyone who refuses to get a buzz cut. On the episode of MBC’s “Real Men” aired on March 8, the producers reveal a new policy that states anyone who refuses to receive a buzz cut will not be able to join the show. This episode, the members of “Real Men” go through the actual process of entering the army, starting with receiving a physical examination. Throughout the procedure, they also have to receive a buzz cut like any other solider. Most of the members seem indifferent to their new hair cut. Super Junior Kangin says, “A buzz cut is no big deal,” while Im Won Hee says, “I was planning to shave my head anyways.” Soon afterwards, an interview clip the producers had with idol members is revealed. Though they were strong candidates for the new season of the show, their refusal to receive a buzz cut is what cuts them off. This especially shows how the producers are emphasizing authenticity for the new season. While some idols may keep their haircut as their top priority, Boyfriend's Kwangmin and Youngmin courageously shave their heads, despite their roles in a boy band. However, they later reveal in an interview, "Once we saw our hair cut, we thought we might have made a mistake," but that they were optimistic about the change: "It's a good thing our new album concept is very masculine." gwangmin youngmin buzz cut

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