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Final Call: "The Legendary Witch"

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"The Legendary Witch" drew to a close this past weekend, and thankfully, all was well at the end of a 40-episode emotional investment.

1. All is well with justice.

LegendWitch final 5LegendWitch final 4 Three cheers for  Nam Woo Seok (Ha Seok Jin). Despite most people's desires to forget about the past and live for the future, Nam Woo Seok perseveres until the end in order to bring justice to everyone's tragic pasts. A big part of this can be attributed to the fact that he got his memories back, including his memories of how Ma Tae San killed his father. However, he also had some help. Cha Aeng Ran had given up on revenge. She was planning on taking Shinhwa as revenge for the fact that Ma Tae San was the reason Do Jin's real father and her fiance was killed in a car crash. However, when she finds out that Ma Tae San knew about Do Jin's real father the whole time and still had the desire to take care of him as a son, she realizes that she's done more wrongs than rights and folds her plans. Plot twist: Cha Aeng Ran (Jun In Hwa) is told this fact by none other than Ma Do Hyun, Ma Tae San's son and Moon Soo In's (Han Ji Hye) supposedly dead ex-husband. Turns out, he was never in the helicopter that everyone thought killed him, but Cha Aeng Ran was at the scene of his car crash and kept his body hidden while he was in a comatose state. He wakes up, throwing everyone into chaos, and then soon dies, leaving behind evidence of his father's wrongdoings and his shares of the Shinhwa company to Nam Woo Seok. This successfully leads to Ma Tae San's arrest. Ma Joo Hee (Kim Yoon Seo) makes a mistake in the heat of her emotions and blatantly copies a bread idea the Magic Bakery was getting nationwide publicity for. Eventually, the press gets to her and she resigns from her spot in the company, leaving Korea for a few years. In other news, Ma Joo Ran (Jung Su Pyeon) unwillingly donates a ridiculous amount of money and then ends up in jail for her illegal works (like hiring people to sabotage the food truck). Result: Ma Tae San and Ma Joo Ran end up paying for their deeds with jail time. Ma Joo Hee leaves the country.

2. All is well with love.

LegendWitch Final 2 Our main couple Nam Woo Seok and Moon Soo In definitely hit their rough patch when Soo In's husband comes back from the dead. Even after his death, Soo In couldn't just go running back to her boyfriend. It took a year of Woo Seok in Paris to give her space, but at the end of it all, these two come out on top. They're not the only happy couple, though. It takes a surprise trip to Jeju Island for the wedding to happen, but Shim Bok Nyeo (Go Doo Shim) and Park Yi Moon (Park In Hwan) finally seal the deal with a cute ceremony with just their family. (It also becomes the exciting moment when Nam Woo Seok makes his dramatic entrance for his return back from Paris.)  Meanwhile, Son Poong Geum (Oh Hyun Kyung) and Tak Wol Han (Lee Jong Won) get together because of one night, a resulting pregnancy, and Tak Wol Han's relentless love for Poong Geum. To be honest, she had been falling for him as well when she sees how responsible and caring he is for his many younger siblings, which is also the reason he's so poor at the moment. (The other man, the rich building owner, was actually married.) In the end, they get married without telling anyone and despite the never ending money problem - which they're hoping to overcome by opening a second store of the Magic Bakery - they live happily together.  Seo Mi O (Ha Yeon Soo) and Ma Do Jin have troubles starting their life together, especially because of money. However, they persevere together through their struggles and end up happy. Mi O is accepted by Cha Aeng Ran has a daughter-in-law, who actually really loves her grandson. Do Jin learns the preciousness of money through his hardships and works harder than ever when he gets a job at Shinhwa again.  Result: Everyone is happily in love with the person they are meant to be with, and Kim Young Ok deserves just the same. (We get a hint of this at the very end. I wish the best for her endeavors.)

3. All is well with family.

LegendWitch final 3 Families are finally reunited. Shim Bok Nyeo and Nam Woo Seok has the tearful, heart wrenching reunion that everyone was looking forward to. Nam Woo Seok vows to clear his mother's name from the crimes that put her in jail for over 30 years, and ultimately, he succeeds through Ma Tae San's confession. Ma Do Hyun gets the chance to say goodbye to his family again, as well as Moon Soo In. They're reunited for a brief time, just enough for Do Hyun to learn the truth about his family and act accordingly for the right things to be done. He also accepts Nam Woo Seok and Moon Soo In's relationship before he passes away. The rest of the Ma family is torn apart. Two of them are in jail, one left the country, and Ma Joo Ran's husband is holding the fort and keeping the family relatively put together. Bok Dan Shim is feeling lonely in the empty house though, so Cha Aeng Ran takes her into her own care. She claims it's her way of trying to make amends for the wrong acts she has committed. The four women are doing great. Each have their family (and children) to love and be loved by. Ultimately, they have each other. (And their bakery, which is doing super well.) Yes, I would recommend this drama, without a doubt, to anyone looking for a good, dramatic, family and romance drama with a hint of revenge. I say hint of revenge because while justice was served, it mostly was not by the main female characters. It was Nam Woo Seok who pursued it in the end. The women definitely played a part in the removal of the Ma family women, but the big head Ma Tae San was thwarted by Nam Woo Seok and his own son Ma Do Hyun. In fact, Moon Soo In was frustrating 99% of the time with her lack of action and inability to be properly angry. The other people do her part for her though, so the job gets done in the end. And that draws "The Legendary Witch" to a conclusion. A very happy, rather perfect ending to 40 episodes of drama, misfortunes, and evil intent. A little too perfect, but I'm not complaining. I'm rather unrealistic and hopeful like that. Plus, I had been so invested in everyone in this drama that I wanted nothing but the happy ending for all of them. One approval from me. What about the rest of you all? Approval or disapproval? Let us know in the comments. [tv]Watch the dramatic final fourth of the The Legendary Witch on SoompiTV![/tv] For all "The Legendary Witch" recaps, click here.

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