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Girl's Day's Sojin Shares Her Thoughts on Being a Girl Group Member in Her 30s


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Girl’s Day’s Sojin, who recently confessed of turning 30 (Korean age) this year in TV show “Running Man,” shared her thoughts on being one of the older girls in the industry. During an interview, she showed confidence as a leader of Girl's Day saying, "It's a time that a lot of people will have to face eventually, and I am the same. It doesn't feel particularly weird being in a girl group as a thirty-year-old. I just think of myself as a member of six years old girl group." She then added, "Last year, I appeared on KBS2's 'Hello Counselor' and said I was worried about being 29 years old. At the time it seemed like a big issue. Now that I think about it, there is nothing so special about [being older]." When asked whether she was worried about her skin or physical strength, she laughed and said, "I've been exercising to be physically fit since years ago, and I inherited nice skin from my mom." The interviewer then asked Sojin how long she will be in a girl group. She responded, "It's not something I can answer easily. Not only do I have to consider my situations, I have to consider others around me. It'd be great to be loved and stay together with my fans and members for a long time." sojin

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