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Arrest Warrants for B1A4 Muslim Fans Dropped

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JAWI (Federal Territories Islamic Department) decided to drop the arrest warrants against the Muslim fan girls who joined the stage with B1A4 during a performance in Malaysia. JAWI had told the fan girls they would be imprisoned and/or fined up to 1,000 RM if they failed to show up to the office and give statements about their behavior on stage. In the end, however, the department decided not to charge the girls with arrest warrants. B1A4 fan meeting “Rather than penalizing them, we must counsel these young fan girls,” advocated Ahmad Syaberi, Minister of Communications. “Followers of the Muslim faith are leaders, not judges to punish people.” The re-enactment of scenes from the drama, “The Heirs,” during a fan meeting with B1A4, showed fan girls being hugged and kissed on the forehead by the idol group. The fan meeting stirred a huge controversy among the Muslim faith because the kiss to the forehead was on her hijab, a sacred piece of their religion. An official from the WM Entertainment told Star News, “The fan girls were specifically told what would happen on stage, and they had agreed to those terms. We are sorry to see how events unfolded through this incident, and we will do our utmost to see that fans aren’t negatively affected by this incident.” Source (1)

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