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Lee Joon Making a Cameo Appearance In "Pinocchio" to Work with Same Director Of "Gap Dong"

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Actor Lee Joon will be making a cameo appearance in the drama “Pinocchio.” Jo Soo Won, the director of “Pinocchio,” had worked with Lee Joon through the drama “Gap Dong.” It is reported that Lee Joon gratefully accepted the director's request to appear as a cameo and went in filming on January 11. The stills of his cameo appearance show Lee Joon in a poker face, surrounded by many cameras and reporters. The story behind the character and his situation is yet unknown. Lee Joon Pinocchio Meanwhile, many cameos had appeared in “Pinocchio,” including Yoon Sang Hyun, and Jung Woong In. They had both worked with the director and writer of "Pinocchio" through the drama "I Can Hear Your Voice," which led them to appear as cameos for the drama "Pinocchio."  Moreover, Yoon Sang Hyun had continued working with director Jo Soo Won in “Gap Dong” along with Lee Joon. “Pinocchio” is airing two episodes on January 14, and Lee Joon is to appear on episode 19.

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