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Ha Ji Won Talks Fondly of Child Actors in Movie "Chronicle of a Blood Merchant"

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During an interview taken place on January 13 at a café in Seoul Samchung-dong, Ha Ji Won talked about her new movie “Chronicle of a Blood Merchant.” Throughout the interview she referred to the child actors, who played the roles of her children in the movie, as “her three sons,” and showed the affection she had for them. Ha Ji Won shared that she was very thankful to the child actors of the movie, saying, “I didn’t take care of the children, but rather, they [took care of me] by letting me play with them. I played games with them. They cracked sun flower seeds for me. During the hot [weather] they even gave me ice.” She then added, “If they pushed me away, it could have been hard [during the filming], but they approached me first, which made it easy for me to get along with them. If it wasn't for my three sons, I might have had a hard time.” Meanwhile, one of the child actors, Nam Da Reum, is well known for playing the child version of Lee Jong Suk’s character in the drama Pinocchio. Nam Da Reum was praised for his excellent acting in the first few episodes of the drama, and many are looking forward to how he worked with his co-stars Ha Ji Won and Ha Jung Woo. Nam Da ReumCronicles

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