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Lee Jung Jae Reportedly Used T.O.P's House to Discreetly Meet Up with Girlfriend

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Lee Jung Jae seems to have gotten some help from his close hoobae, T.O.P, in having discreet meetings with his girlfriend, Lim Se Ryung. Star Today revealed that a neighbor of BIGBANG’s T.O.P reported seeing Lee Jung Jae and his girlfriend enter the singer’s house together. Moreover, the house that Dispatch indicates as the one where the couple sometimes meets up, which they referred to as the home of Lee Jung Jae’s hoobae whom “he is very close with,” seems to be T.O.P’s. In the report, the same house was referred to as “a good place to have meetings with other famous celebrities.” According to a real estate dealer, T.O.P’s house, a villa in Hannam-dong, costs about 3 billion won (about 2.7 million USD), and has four rooms and three bathrooms. Celebrity friends of T.O.P may have favored this house as a meeting place because the villa is known to have a great security system. villa An anonymous person testified, “I heard that T.O.P’s house is sometimes used as a place to have meals and drinks together with celebrities [more privately]. I’m sure Lee Jung Jae and Lim Se Ryung were also invited [to T.O.P’s house] for that purpose.” Meanwhile, Lee Jung Jae revealed through an interview that he was friends with T.O.P by saying, “Because T.O.P and I have similar interests, I think of him as a friend.” He attended the VIP premiere of T.O.P’s movie “The Commitment” and was also spotted having coffee with T.O.P and his other celebrity friend Jung Woo Sung. Source (1)

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