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Kim Gu Ra Distressed by Reporter Coming to His House Asking about His Health

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During the show “War of Words,” Kim Gu Ra talked about tactless reporters who gave him a hard time asking about his health during the break from his illness. The January 1 episode of “War of Words” was the first recording of Kim Gu Ra back in the studios since his short break from symptoms of panic disorder. In this episode, he says his illness was caused by his own faults, but adds, “Yesterday night I noticed someone was filming our house as I was heading back home. In the morning our doorbell rang so my son got up to get it and the person outside said, ‘I’m a reporter, is your father home?’ which took my son by surprise.” Kim Gu Ra added, “I went out to meet the reporter and he said, ‘I want to know the truth.’ I refused to say much about it because I didn’t want to talk about embarrassing family problems." Kim Gu Ra revealed that the person did not stop here and asked, "So how did you end up getting those panic attacks?" Kim Gu Ra said that the same reporter came to the “War of Words” recording studio today asking for forgiveness regarding the sudden visit, but still stubbornly told Kim Gu Ra that he “wanted to know the truth.”  At this, one of the MCs confessed that he also received many phone calls asking about how Kim Gu Ra was doing and added, “After a while I hung up on the phone calls but I also think that there is no ‘truth’ I’m supposed to reveal in the first place.” Meanwhile, Kim Gu Ra surprised those in the studio as he revealed that he got many phone calls from fellow celebrities confessing they too were suffering from panic disorder. Realizing that there were others around him also going through hard times, he was encouraged by their confessions.

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