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Hwayobi Records Video Apology for Fainting During Her Concert


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Hwayobi has made a video apology for fainting during the first of her two part year-end concert series on December 30. The video was released through Studio Curiosity’s various SNS sites and shows a visibly upset Hwayobi kneeling on the ground.

Crying, Hwayobi says, “It wasn’t something that anyone intended, but it was still my fault. To people who came to my December 30 concert, I am truly sorry. I can’t apologize to you all individually, so I’m doing it through this video. For people who will be attending my December 31 concert, I promise to do my best, but for those busy people who took the time to come see my concert today (December 30), I am truly sorry. Please forgive me. I’m sorry.” She pleaded, bowing her head.

According to her agency, Hwayobi recorded the video immediately after being released from the hospital. The agency was initially reluctant to release the video, saying, “After checking Hwayobi’s video, we fully understood her feelings (of regret), however we worried that it might have a negative impact on her image as an artist. After much internal discussion, we have therefore decided not to release the video to the public.”

But Hwayobi responded by saying that “a concert on the 31st without an apology would be meaningless,” requesting the release of the video once more. The agency relented in turn, saying, “At Hwayobi’s request, we have decided to release her apology video. Please watch it with an understanding heart and show her your support.”

Hwayobi’s year-end concert series, called “That Person; Hwayobi" is being held at the COEX Auditorium in Gangnam. The December 30 concert was halted when she lost consciousness on stage and fainted. Fans attending that concert are said to be receiving refunds. Hwayobi was moved to a hospital immediately following the incident where she recovered quickly.

The cause of the incident is under much speculation, but several theories are that she pushed herself too hard after such a long hiatus from performing and that her condition may have been poor after practicing too much for the concert. According to a report based on court documents, there is also reason to believe that a lawsuit regarding fake contracts between Hwayobi and her agency may have been the cause of the stress that led to the incident. That case is not yet under way, but cross-examination of the agency’s top representative occurred last week and is likely to have been a huge stressor for the artist.

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