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"Spy" Original Producers Praise Kim Jaejoong on His Looks


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The original producers of the TV show "The Gordin Cell," the source material for the upcoming drama "Spy," have greatly complimented Kim Jaejoong on his looks. The upcoming KBS drama "Spy" starring Kim Jaejoong in the leading role is based on the hit Israeli drama called "The Gordin Cell." This Israeli program has also been adapted in the United States, airing as a pilot titled "Allegiance." The Israeli producers who recently visited Korea to discuss the adaptation seemed extremely pleased with Kim Jaejoong's casting, as they said, "We were so surprised that Kim Jaejoong, a star with such a global fan base, has decided to appear in this drama. It is such an honor to have him star in this drama, with his sculpture-like face. We would love to meet him one day." "Spy," a family espionage drama starring Kim Jaejoong, Bae Jong Ok, Yoo Oh Sung, and Go Sung Hee, will premiere on January 9.

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